Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1959

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The whole process escalated too quickly. Everyone knew that the battle had just started, but none of them had expected that this dog would be so powerful. A First Grade Great Sovereign was killed by this dog.

Lan Xian and the other geniuses imagined that Big Yellow wasn’t a match for a First Grade Great Sovereign genius even though Big Yellow was a First Grade Demon Sovereign. In their plan, Lan Xian would handle Yu Huafan, one First Grade Great Sovereign would go to kill Jiang Chen, and the rest would deal with Big Yellow. It was a foolproof plan.

The scenario, however, didn’t go the way they expected. Jiang Chen’s scariness was far from their imagination.

After the fall of the First Grade Great Sovereign, Big Yellow went directly to the other First Grade Great Sovereign that was chasing after Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen on the other hand was heading to the three half-step Sovereigns.

The situation was completely reversed. The prey had suddenly become the predator.

“Don’t be afraid. We will fight Jiang Chen together.”

One of the half-step Sovereigns summoned a dazzling sword, a mighty Venerable Weapon. The three of them simultaneously unleashed their qi. In the face of the terrifying opponent, they couldn’t afford any carelessness, and must go all out.

Although the opponent was merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable, he killed Li Wangye, a First Grade Great Sovereign, with nothing but a single blow. Although the three of them were proud and confident half-step Sovereign geniuses, they knew their strength pretty well. It was true that they were stronger than ordinary experts, but they were only as powerful as Li Wangye. The fact that Jiang Chen could kill Li Wangye with ease also meant that he could kill them easily.

Therefore, they didn’t feel secure even though the three of them had joined forces.

*Hua La……*

Jiang Chen’s qi fluctuated. Waves of water surged upwards once more, forming three water dragons that charged at the three half-step Sovereigns respectively.

“Not good, run!”

Their confident look changed drastically the moment they saw the water dragons. A feeling of extreme danger rose from the bottom of their hearts. They suddenly recalled how Li Wangye died helplessly under such attack.

Therefore, they had lost all the courage to fight. Face was no longer important when their lives were at risk. If they didn’t flee now, they would end up just like Li Wangye.

As a matter of fact, they didn’t even have much of a chance in escaping.

“Haha! The entire Ocean Domain is under my control. Where do you think you can run to?”

Jiang Chen’s laughter echoed across the void. He already had the advantage over them, and had never put these opponents in his eyes. 

Under Jiang Chen’s control, the three water dragons moved with tremendous speed, catching up with their targets in the blink of an eye. Just like earlier, the water dragons opened their mouths and engulfed the three half-step Sovereigns.


Three screams were heard, signifying that all three of them were killed by the water dragons. Jiang Chen withdrew the seal. The water dragons turned into pools of water and fell back into the ocean, bringing the three corpses with it.


Lan Xian who was fighting Yu Huafan cursed in his heart, his eyes were blazing with fury. Three half-step Sovereigns had died. Of the seven people that he had brought along this time, only one was left. It seemed like the last one was going to die soon as he had seen how powerful Big Yellow was.


Big Yellow laughed heartily. Under the suppression of Big Yellow, the First Grade Great Sovereign had no room to resist. There were wounds all over his body. He seemed to be on the brink of death.


Lan Xian clamoured. He wasn’t a fool. The situation was already crystal clear to him. Underestimating their opponents was the biggest mistake they had made, which led to the present situation. The loss that the Immortal Court suffered this time was just too great. It was no longer possible to kill Jiang Chen. The dog was hard enough to deal with even in the absence of Yu Huafan.

“Lan Xian, you can’t command us.”

Yu Huafan spoke firmly. He was equally shocked by Big Yellow’s power, but anyhow, it was the enemy’s side that suffered the casualties so he had nothing to worry about.

“Let him go. We’ll forget about everything that happened today.”

Lan Xian said, then rushed towards the severely injured First Grade Great Sovereign.


Yu Huafan wouldn’t give him the chance. He hadn’t forgotten how badly Lan Xian and the other geniuses wanted to kill them before this.

As the Big Senior Brother of the Dragon Hall, he was very clear of what needed to be done to the enemies. Since the conflict between them and the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain had been established, it wouldn’t make much difference even if they killed another genius. So, he had no reason to let the First Grade Great Sovereign go.

“Yu Huafan, I have already compromised. Don’t you all go too far. It will do you no good.” Lan Xian threatened.


On the other side, Jiang Chen’s face turned into a cold smile the moment he heard Lan Xian’s words. He appeared next to the injured First Grade Great Sovereign with a swoosh, the Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand was swung decisively.

*Pu Chi!*


The First Grade Great Sovereign was already on the brink of death. He had no chance of escaping in the face of Jiang Chen’s slash. He was cut in half on the spot, his blood staining the ocean below.


Lan Xian bellowed. Gritting his teeth, he thrust a powerful energy at Jiang Chen.


Although he wasn’t slow, Big Yellow was faster. Big Yellow’s indestructible head hit the light beam of Lan Xian and destroyed it.

“Big Yellow, Senior Brother Yu, kill him. I’ll control the waters.”

Jiang Chen spoke in an icy tone. The conflict between him and the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain was irreconcilable. There was only life-or-death battle whenever they met. It would undoubtedly be a great blow to the Immortal Court if they could kill Lan Xian as well.


Yu Huafan responded, launching a seal at Lan Xian at once. On the other side, Big Yellow’s body enlarged by twofold, turning into a golden barbaric elephant, charging ahead.

*Hua La……*

By using the water spirit, Jiang Chen summoned curtains of water to seal the entire battlefield.

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