Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1968

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“The origin of the rule dates back to the ancient times. It’s said that the first generation saintess who fell in love with a man was left to suffer alone for several hundred years when the man disappeared all of a sudden. Eventually, the saintess died. Since then, such a rule was established. All the females in the island, particularly the saintess, must not fall in love with the males from the outside world.”

The black-armoured guard continued, “Of course. This is just a legend and it has been too long. I don’t know the specific details.”

After listening to the guard’s explanation, Jiang Chen finally had a clue as to why such a rule was created. He couldn’t help but sigh. He also couldn’t imagine how much the saintess had suffered before her passing.

“So, I hope that young master can talk to him again, and tell him to let it go. As he has already advanced to the Great Sovereign realm, he can easily establish a foothold wherever he goes,” added the black-armoured guard.

“Thank you, my friend.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists. In any case, the guard was saying this for the sake of Xiao Wangqing. Moreover, he didn’t display any hostility towards Xiao Wangqing, or chase Xiao Wangqing away. 

Jiang Chen walked to Xiao Wangqing’s side, temporarily at a loss for words.

“You know now,” Xiao Wangqing said in a plain tone without looking at Jiang Chen, his eyes still gazing at the ocean ahead.

“En,” responded Jiang Chen.

“That year, after I was forcibly separated from the saintess, I was downhearted. I vowed to forget my feelings which led me to take the Dao of Apathy, the path I had muddled along for over three hundred years. Do you still remember what you said to me back in Genius Prefecture? You told me that as feelings are a part of the natural law, we’ll let it take its course. Since I’m destined not to forget her, why should I force myself to forget her? This is what helped me break through the barrier in cultivation. Today, I have come to the Demonic Immortal Island, not hoping to be with her again, but only to see her once more.”

Xiao Wangqing said with incomparable firmness. Such determination was unstoppable and contained an indomitable will.

“Let’s go, Senior. I’ll bring you to meet Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.” Jiang Chen said, his tone had also turned resolute.

There were some things in life that had to be resolved. Jiang Chen knew very well that this matter needed to be resolved even after another 300 years. As Xiao Wangqing wouldn’t be able to forget it, he might as well choose to settle it now.

Jiang Chen had always wanted to do something for Xiao Wangqing, and now was the time.

He knew that he would only know the outcome after making the move. He wouldn’t be stopped by difficulties. Whenever he decided on certain things, he would charge forward even if it was full of immense dangers and difficulties ahead.

You would never know if you are able to do it until you try.

Jiang Chen was touched by Xiao Wangqing’s story. He didn’t wish to see Xiao Wangqing continue to suffer for another 300 years.

“Jiang Chen, I understand your intention, but I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to help me.”

Xiao Wangqing patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, and spoke with gratitude. He felt that it was already sufficient that Jiang Chen had such an intention.

“By the way, I should return the Sun Divine Feather to you. I’ve only kept it to protect you. Now that you already have the ability to protect yourself and joined the Fengchi Immortal Court, you should take it back.” Xiao Wangqing took out the divine feather and gave it to Jiang Chen.

This weapon was related to the Golden Clan. The Fire of Sun in Jiang Chen’s body allowed him to control the immense energy in the weapon. This would become another ace of Jiang Chen.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you in. We must have a conclusion for this,” insisted Jiang Chen. And without giving Xiao Wangqing the chance to decline, he pulled Xiao Wangqing’s arm and strode towards the Demonic Immortal Island.

Seeing the awkward face of the guard, Jiang Chen said, “Fellow friend, I’ll bear all the consequences. If Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign wants an explanation, say that I forcefully brought Xiao Wangqing in. My name is Jiang Chen, a disciple of the Dragon Hall of Fengchi Immortal Court.”

Finished speaking, Jiang Chen and Xiao Wangqing went straight to the gates. This time, the few black guards stepped aside and let them enter.

Firstly, they had to give face to the genius of the Immortal Court. Secondly, they respected Xiao Wangqing. As Jiang Chen was the one to bear the consequences, they had nothing to worry about.

Back on the Demonic Immortal Square, it was filled with beautiful singing, and music, and graceful dancing. The face of each spectator was filled with the smile of enjoyment. At this moment, Jiang Chen, bringing Xiao Wangqing along, stopped at the spot in front of the seats allocated for Fengchi Immortal Court.

“Xiao Wangqing, who allowed you to come in?”

Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign’s facial expression darkened when he saw Xiao Wangqing. Jiang Chen knew that if it wasn’t for the saintess’ determination to protect Xiao Wangqing, Xiao Wangqing would be killed as soon as he laid a step onto the Demonic Immortal Island.

“Sir, I am the one who brought Xiao Wangqing in.” Jiang Chen clasped his fists and spoke in a clear voice.

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s smiling face turned gloomy after seeing Xiao Wangqing. He waved in the air, gesturing the girls to stop. They saluted respectfully and retreated.

“What is this Jiang Chen doing? Can’t he see that Xiao Wangqing isn’t welcome in the Demonic Immortal Island? How dare he bring Xiao Wangqing in on his own? Isn’t this an act of courting death?”

“I heard that a lot of things had happened between Xiao Wangqing and Demonic Immortal Island. The daughter of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign is still imprisoned even now because of Xiao Wangqing. Everyone knew that today is the auspicious day of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. Isn’t Jiang Chen trying to spoil the atmosphere by bringing Xiao Wangqing here?”

“Humph! This Jiang Chen is truly idiotic. Can’t believe that he would pick this time to meddle with other people’s business. Infuriating Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign won’t be favourable to him.”

“Jiang Chen and Xiao Wangqing have an excellent relationship. That day when Jiang Chen offended the three great Immortal Courts, it was Xiao Wangqing who rescued him from the crisis. Now that Xiao Wangqing is in a predicament, it’s only reasonable that Jiang Chen will stand up for him. Unfortunately, his opinion of himself is too high. He should know that he’s not qualified yet to interfere in the business of Xiao Wangqing.”


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