Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1973

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Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s eyes brightened when he saw Jiang Chen’s movement technique. He was finally convinced that Jiang Chen had mastered the Great Void Technique. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen was a descendant of Void Sovereign.

“What’s that movement technique? How could he move so fast?”

“What an incredible technique! It seems as though he could find the tracks of the gales. His movement was so light and nonchalant. Despite being only an intermediate Immortal Venerable, he was able to travel three miles within the grand formation in an instant. I wouldn’t have believed this if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

“That’s the Great Void Technique acquired by that bastard when he was in Golden Horizon.” 


Numerous people were astonished by Jiang Chen’s movement technique. Each of them was an expert. Even though they were unable to identify the technique, they couldn’t deny its amazing speed. Plus, it was unbelievable that Jiang Chen was able to remain intact within the myriad of winds.

“Great Void Technique! Can’t believe that’s actually the Great Void Technique of Void Sovereign. No wonder this kid is confident in venturing into the Myriad Wind Grand Formation.”

“Incredible. The Great Void Technique is an unmatched technique. Void Sovereign had left an incredible legacy by relying solely on the Great Void Technique. He was almost on par with Immortal Execution King, Great Sovereign Zang Xian, and Golden Sovereign. This Jiang Chen is truly lucky to have gotten the inheritance of Void Sovereign.”

“Humph! So what even if he knows the Great Void Technique? The deeper they go into the formation, the more dangerous it is. Plus, it’s several dozen miles long. One should know that Jiang Chen is merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable. Even if he has obtained the Great Void Technique, he won’t be able to grasp the true essence of the Great Void Technique. I don’t think there’s anyone in this world that can easily master the technique created by Void Sovereign.”

“Yes. Even if Jiang Chen is able to use the technique, I’m afraid that he has only exerted less than a tenth of it. His current condition is still very far away from the actual Great Void Technique, however I would like to see how he’s going to get through this grand formation.”


Everyone was shocked except for the experts of the three Immortal Courts, who had known about this long ago.

Acquiring the Great Void Technique and mastering it were two different concepts. As the Myriad Wind Grand Formation was too terrifying, no one believed that Jiang Chen could get through it. He might not move as freely the moment he reached the center of the formation.

“Amazing! Never thought that Junior Brother Jiang has such means. He has actually obtained the inheritance of Void Sovereign.”

A hint of a smile appeared on Yu Huafan’s face. Most of the concerns on his face were relieved the moment he saw Jiang Chen’s movement technique.

Across the entire Immortal World, there was no one who didn’t know who Void Sovereign was. He was an ancient Great Sovereign that could venture anywhere in the Immortal World at will, left an extraordinary legend and was as famous as those ancient overlords. Many people said that only the lucky one could acquire the inheritance of Void Sovereign. Therefore, most of the youngsters seemed pretty envious of Jiang Chen right now. Despite being rare geniuses in their domains, they hadn’t obtained the recognition of Void Sovereign.

In the grand formation, Xiao Wangqing was following Jiang Chen from behind carefully.

“Senior Xiao, I might as well tell you this, I have already memorized all the traces of the gales in the formation. You only need to be patient. Soon, you and the saintess will meet again.” Jiang Chen turned his head and said with a smile.

“Jiang Chen, you are undoubtedly a miracle.”

A smile appeared on Xiao Wangqing’s face. His despairing heart was now filled with brilliant hope. He knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t lying to him as Jiang Chen wasn’t a liar. Jiang Chen’s previous performance was already sufficient to prove his words.

However, he had no idea how Jiang Chen was able to memorize the trails of the gales so quickly. To him, Jiang Chen had created yet another miracle. What he needed to do now was to follow Jiang Chen’s words– stay close to Jiang Chen and remain motionless.

At this point, the energy and density of the gales intensified. This would be the furthest Xiao Wangqing could go if he was alone. Every step he took was going to be incomparably hard.

“Senior Xiao, let’s go.”

Jiang Chen smiled confidently. With a twist of his body, they travelled another three miles. And with another three twists of his body, they appeared a dozen miles away from their original position.

Jiang Chen seemed incredibly relaxed in the entire process. His clothes seemed unaffected by the strong gales as though none of the wind had touched him.

Moreover, he wasn’t travelling alone. He was bringing Xiao Wangqing with him, otherwise he would have reached his destination long ago.

“Impossible. This is absolutely impossible. How is he able to get through it so easily?”

“This is truly a miracle. Despite the fact that the grand formation was personally deployed by Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, Jiang Chen seemed so relaxed and nonchalant while moving within the gales. More importantly, he is bringing along Xiao Wangqing. Did you all see that Xiao Wangqing has remained motionless from the start until now? He was entirely carried by Jiang Chen.”

“Sure enough, the Great Void Technique is truly the number one movement technique in the Heavens and Earth. It seems Jiang Chen has already mastered it. It’s rare to see an intermediate Immortal Venerable reaching such a level.”

“Now, it seems that Jiang Chen is very likely to get past the grand formation. Today, I’m going to witness the birth of a miracle.”

“Humph! Don’t conclude too early. He hasn’t even traversed half of the formation yet. You are only looking down on Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign if you speak in such manner.”


Everyone was startled by the unbelievable scene. This time, Jiang Chen’s performance would spread his name to the entire Immortal World and Demonic Immortal Island. Everyone would know who he is after this.

Each and every one of them were focused on the scene, eager to know the outcome—if Jiang Chen could really bring Xiao Wangqing past the Myriad Wind Grand Formation. 

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