Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1974

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On the high platform, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s expression became more and more dignified, his eyes glittering with slight fascination. Jiang Chen’s movement technique seemed to have brought him back to his past.

Despite his resentment towards Xiao Wangqing, he was eager to know the outcome. What he wanted wasn’t a miracle, but a proof. He always admired the Great Void Technique vehemently. Although the speed of his Myriad Wind Grand Formation was close to the peak speed of the Heavens and Earth, he was sure that this was nothing to the master of Great Void Technique.

What he saw from Jiang Chen was an unparalleled shadow, which was sufficient to convince him that Jiang Chen was truly the descendant of Void Sovereign, otherwise, it would be impossible for an intermediate Immortal Venerable to be able to use the Great Void Technique so well.

Even Heavenly Peng himself was unable to detect a single flaw from Jiang Chen’s movement technique, because it was already near perfection.

All eyes were upon the grand formation. The two agile figures had already travelled half of the distance, though it was still unknown if Jiang Chen could successfully bring Xiao Wangqing past the formation. Despite that, the onlookers no longer had the thought that Jiang Chen and Xiao Wangqing would die for sure.

As the miracle was happening right before their very eyes, they couldn’t help gaping at it.

Within the grand formation, Jiang Chen showed no sign of nervousness despite the terrifying waves and violent roars of the wind dragons. Xiao Wangqing, on the other hand, seemed pretty pale.

The composure and confidence on Jiang Chen’s face greatly impressed him.

Everyone knew that the deeper one went into the grand formation, the scarier, denser and stronger the waves would become.

But in Jiang Chen’s point of view, the depths of the grand formation was no different than the edge of the formation. As he had already memorized all the trajectories of the waves, he could easily get past the gales through the smallest gaps between the winds. Therefore, the strength and density of the gales wouldn’t affect him.


With a slight shake of his body, he and Xiao Wangqing moved 7 or 8 miles away from where they stood just a moment ago. The process seemed as easy and casual as before. Neither of the dense wind was able to touch them.

The onlookers exclaimed once again. Moments ago, Jiang Chen was travelling roughly three miles with his every move. Supposedly, his abilities should be weakened due to the density and intensity of the winds. The way he travelled so nonchalantly was too astonishing. No one would dare believe it if they didn’t witness it with their own eyes.


However, before they could regain their senses, Jiang Chen and Xiao Wangqing moved another seven or eight miles again.

Currently, the two of them could already see the interior of the Myriad Wind Platform clearly. It was a towering platform the size of several dozen meters. On top of the platform was a huge green rock. Above the rock sat a beautiful woman in light blue feather clothes.

She seemed to be in her twenties. Despite being imprisoned for three hundred years and fatigued, her beauty was still unparalleled.

She was a country-toppling beauty. The melancholy on her face was pitiful. Although she wore no make-up, there wasn’t a flaw on her impeccable appearance.

“Yu Er...”

Xiao Wangqing called out to her with a shivering and hoarse voice. It had been more than 300 years and at last, they met again. Despite the composure of Xiao Wangqing, he was unable to control his overwhelming emotions.

When the woman heard his voice, her body shook as she turned her head quickly. She froze when she saw Xiao Wangqing through the gales.

She was gaping at them with disbelief. Seconds later, two drops of tears fell from her eyes.


She choked. Her body was shaking violently as this was like a dream to her.

Numerous onlookers rose to their feet when they saw the scene. No one had thought that Jiang Chen could really reach there. Now, there were only three or four miles left to the destination. It would only take a twist of Jiang Chen’s body to get there, but the winds within this distance was the strongest. 

“My goodness! This kid is about to get past the grand formation by just using the Great Void Technique!”

“This is absolutely a miracle, however do you all think that he can really get to the destination in the end?”

“I’m afraid that he has already mastered the Great Void Technique. I guess that he will have no problem getting past the last distance.”


Everyone was shocked, their faces brimming with excitement, especially the experts of Demonic Immortal Island. They had been feeling sorry for the pain and suffering Xiao Wangqing and the saintess had to endure over the past three hundred years. They all hoped to see the two get together again and live happily.

Hence, they were no doubt delighted when Jiang Chen took Xiao Wangqing across the grand formation to meet the saintess.

“Senior, remain calm. I’ll bring you over.”

Sensing the emotional fluctuation of Xiao Wangqing, Jiang Chen feared that he would do something stupid like leaping across the gales, which would surely get himself killed instantly.


Xiao Wangqing regained his composure, knowing that it was critical to remain calm at this crucial juncture. Although they had reached the final step, it was the most dangerous step of all. Any accident that occurred at this stage would be fatal.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen’s qi shook, and in a matter of just a few blinks, they went past the final obstacle and arrived on the platform safely.

This tall platform was the safe zone surrounded by the myriad winds. Such a prison was undoubtedly one of the most terrifying in the Heavens and Earth.  


The atmosphere outside the formation was filled with commotion. Everyone was now on their feet as they had just witnessed the birth of a miracle. 

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