Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1984

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“He’s right. Monkey has already gotten the inheritance of the saintess, but she has her own ulterior motive. She wants to use Dragon Shisan to vent her anger, which means Dragon Shisan will kill anyone who unluckily chooses to confront him,” said Big Yellow. Jiang Chen noticed that Big Yellow’s eyes had never left the saintess ever since her appearance.

“It seems like a bloodshed is really destined today. Regardless of whether this is the saintess’ personal motive, Monkey shouldn’t have a problem facing these geniuses given his present strength,” commented Jiang Chen. 

He was incredibly confident in Dragon Shisan’s Battle Saint Technique, which was virtually invincible in the world. The strongest amongst the geniuses here was a peak Second Grade Great Sovereign; there wasn’t a Third Grade Great Sovereign. As Dragon Shisan was already at the peak of First Grade Demon Sovereign and in a frenzied state, he wouldn’t have any difficulties dealing with them. At least, his life wouldn’t be in danger.

Even so, Jiang Chen still felt incomparably worried. It wasn’t the strength of Dragon Shisan or those genius disciples that concerned him, but the saintess.

There was a reason why Dragon Shisan was given the inheritance, and was able to advance so rapidly. To put it bluntly, he was merely an instrument for the saintess to vent her anger.

What concerned Jiang Chen the most was that the resentment that had accumulated eons ago would possibly harm Dragon Shisan, or even erode his consciousness if it couldn’t be fully released from his body.

But given the situation, there was nothing he could do aside from worrying. Even the mighty Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign could do nothing about it as she was his progenitor. Although she was merely formed by a trace of resentment, he must still show his respect to her.

“Big Yellow, do you know this saintess?” Jiang Chen asked Big Yellow curiously via divine sense.

However, Big Yellow didn’t answer. He had been acting secretively ever since he arrived at the Demonic Immortal Island, and hadn’t been replying Jiang Chen’s to queries.

“Ai! Why would the saintess of the first generation choose Monkey? I don’t know if this is good or bad for him.” 

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. He couldn’t even find a moment to use the Great Divination Art at this moment.

“It’s because of that wondrous rock. She was the one who discovered it first,” said Big Yellow.


Jiang Chen almost exclaimed, his eyes widened. Only now did he remember where the wondrous rock that gave birth to Dragon Shisan was found. It was also the place where the Immortal Execution Order and Immortal Burying Coffin were discovered. This indicated that the rock had existed for a very long time, he didn’t think that the saintess of the first generation was the first person who discovered it.

He finally understood why the saintess’ resentment erupted when Dragon Shisan appeared in the Ocean Domain.

“This dog must know lots of secrets. This bastard and the saintess must know each other and he just didn’t want to tell me.” Jiang Chen had the impulse to leap over to Big Yellow and gave him a heavy bite.

However, there was no use forcing Big Yellow when he was unwilling to speak. All Jiang Chen could do for now was to wait, and watch the show.

At least, Dragon Shisan was a First Grade Demon Sovereign now. Such major improvement was really a good thing to him. As for the outcome, it could only be resigned to fate.

Heavenly Peng turned and announced in a clear and loud voice: “Geniuses of the Immortal World, according to the progenitor, you all are allowed to confront the violent ape. As long as you can defeat or kill the violent ape, not only will you be given the inheritance of the saintess, but will also be rewarded tremendously by me. The winner is allowed to take home any of the gifts that I have received today.”


As soon as Heavenly Peng’s words dropped, the crowd made a commotion. Powerful combat intent began to radiate from them.

Those hesitant geniuses were now itching for a try. The inheritance of an Eighth Grade Demon Sovereign and the gifts of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign were too tempting. Although they were clueless about the inheritance of the saintess, they knew the gifts that Heavenly Peng received all too well. Any one of those gifts could benefit them tremendously; they might even advance to the Third Grade Great Sovereign immediately.

Jiang Chen was feeling incredibly helpless. Apparently, Heavenly Peng was pushing Dragon Shisan to the teeth of the storm, but he understood why Heavenly Peng did so – he wanted to clear away all the resentment of the saintess, which was the most important of all.

Heavenly Peng wouldn’t hesitate for a bit even if that would offend the Immortal Courts.

“But once you are on the battlefield, your life or death are decreed by fate. You can only blame your incompetence if you are killed by the violent ape,” Heavenly Peng spoke aloud once more. 

Judging from the frenzied look of Dragoon Shisan, the battles would certainly be life-and-death. Given Dragon Shisan’s strength, those peerless geniuses of the Immortal Courts might possibly be killed. In order to avoid affronting the Immortal Courts, the geniuses had to be willing to take the risk. 

“Big Brother, don’t let the geniuses of your island fight.”

Jiang Chen reminded Heavenly Peng for the sake of their geniuses. It would be foolish for them to have a life-and-death battle with Dragon Shisan.

“Alright. Blue Wolf, give the orders: let all of our geniuses stay put.”

Heavenly Peng’s order was necessary because being the geniuses of the Demonic Immortal Island, every one of them would fight for the inheritance of the saintess of the first generation without hesitation.

“Who’s going to fight me?”

Dragon Shisan was standing in the sky, his black and white hair fluttering in the air, his face steadfast and resolute, however his iron staff was nowhere to be found. Despite the control of the saintess, Jiang Chen knew that Dragon Shisan still hadn’t lost his senses.

“I’m coming to kill you, Dragon Shisan.”

A loud voice was heard. A ray of blue light rushed out and stopped in front of Dragon Shisan. The person was Lan Xian.

The Ethereal Immortal Court had suffered a major loss this time. Now, the only one left in their group was, Lan Xian. Initially, he thought that Jiang Chen would be killed in the Myriad Wind Grand Formation but in the end, it helped Jiang Chen achieve what he wished for instead, and gave him the chance to become Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s sworn brother.

There was a tremendous fury burning inside Lan Xian right now. He wanted to vent all of them out on Dragon Shisan. He was certain that he could defeat and kill his opponent. 

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