Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1989

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The whole battlefield had fallen into chaos from the infinite numbers of shockwaves unceasingly tumbling everywhere as if waves of tsunami wiping across the field. 

Dragon Shisan turned into an unparalleled ferocious ape. The apocalyptic aura he emitted caused his enemy to tremble in fear. At the moment, Tan Jinye and his group knew that they stood no chance against him even with the three of them collaborating with each other, causing them to have thoughts of regret in stepping into the battlefield. 


The fierce clash between the attacks of the trio and the Exterminating Symbol Art brought forth numerous tumbling shockwaves. Tan Jinye and Liu He’s attacks were the first ones to be shattered and was followed by Luo Wanjian’s. The innumerable sword qi that was released from the Myriad Swords Return Art was said to be indestructible. Even so, it was completely destroyed under the fearsome attack of the Exterminating Symbol Art.

With the destruction of the sword qi, Luo Wanjian was knocked back just like the other two by Dragon Shisan’s attack. The trio’s expressions were extremely ugly as their qi was in utter chaos; Tan Jinye and Liu He even had blood overflowing from the corners of their mouths. 

The trio were all injured after the clash. To have a wee bit of injury under such an intense battle would be extremely fatal, causing the gap between the both parties to widen.


Dragon Shisan’s wrath was boundless. The resentment emitted from his body became much more condensed, and congealed into a strong murderous intent. The Exterminating Symbol Art was once again cast with the face of the king of hell, materializing above his head. Tan Jinye was the first to be locked onto and the attack dashed towards him. 

“Shit! This person is far too much for me to handle, I'm bailing out!”

Luo Wanjian exclaimed. He then retreated from the battlefield in a flash. He was an extremely intelligent man. After witnessing  how terrifying Dragon Shisan was, he had to admit that there was a huge gap between Dragon Shisan and himself even though he was reluctant to do so.

The three of them collaborated with each other, yet they felt like they were fighting the battle individually. Luo Wanjian believed that if they continued to fight, they would end up just like Lan Xian. In fact, he could already smell death by now. 

Even though it was a disgrace to retreat, he couldn't care less with the situation at hand. It was better to preserve one's own life. Furthermore, he and Dragon Shisan did not bear any deep grudges against one another. 

As a matter of fact, even Tan Jinye and Liu He who harbored a deep grudge against Dragon Shisan were preparing to retreat after seeing Luo Wanjian retreating. Only tragedy that awaits them if they still continue to fight an unbeatable enemy. 

The two of them looked at each other, and then simultaneously turned towards their back to flee. They were trying to imitate Luo Wanjian who had already retreated. However, they found out that the Exterminating Symbol Art had completely locked onto their qi, making it impossible for the two of them to get away. The pressure that was emanated by the Battle Saint Technique had the whole battleground on lock down. In other words, Dragon Shisan did not plan to let them go from the beginning.

Jiang Chen understood Dragon Shisan the most, especially his way of doing things. The trio were geniuses, and they could certainly get away with their life even if they lost the fight. It would be almost impossible for Dragon Shisan torestrain all of them. Hence, he allowed Luo Wanjian to retreat and put all his effort on facing Tan Jinye and Liu He.

Since these two fellows were his nemesis, Dragon Shisan had no reason to let them go. 

“Damn it! Let’s go against him together.”  

Tan Jinye’s facial expression changed drastically, because he could already feel death knocking strongly on his door. He was certain that he had no chance in resisting Dragon Shisan’s Exterminating Symbol Art even if he gave everything he had. 

However, Tan Jinye had no choice but to face it head on. He cast a strong and violent energy and smashed it against the Exterminating Symbol Art.



But this time, it was not so easy. The power of the Exterminating Symbol Art was as strong as the one before. Tan Jinye stood no chance as his strength was weakened from the severe injuries he suffered. 

A blood-curdling scream was heard from Tan Jinye as one of his arms was crushed and blood gushed out like a fountain. His eyes were filled with terror. He never wanted to die, and he had never thought that death would one day approach him like this. 

“Go to hell!”

Dragon Shisan’s brutality was boundless. With the iron cudgel in his hand, he then swiftly smashed onto Tan Jinye’s skull. This time, Tan Jinye did not have the chance to evade, and his skull was shattered into pieces in a single hit, causing him to tragically die on the spot, just like Lan Xian. 


After killing Tan Jinye, Dragon Shisan’s sharp gaze fell upon Liu He’s pale face. Liu He was literally overwhelmed by fear. When Tan Jinye was murdered by Dragon Shisan, all he could do was watch. There wasn’t a single chance for him to help.

“Dragon Shisan, please don’t kill me. I surrender. Our battle allows one to surrender,” Liu He said in terror. 

Whatever pride he used to possess had become useless in a situation like this. After all, there was nothing more important than one’s own life. 


However, Dragon Shisan ignored him, and the terrifying iron club was smashed onto him. The void was even smashed into pieces from this strike, causing boundless shockwaves to spread across the field from the club, which caused a region of shockwaves to completely envelope Liu He. 

Liu He had no choice but to take the attack head on. It was impossible for him to evade it as his qi had been completely locked on by the opponent’s attack.

Are you kidding me, Surrender?! 

Dragon Shisan refused give him the chance to surrender, as he was already feeling depressed from having to let go of Luo Wanjian. Since Liu He was a member of the Radiance Immortal Court, there was no reason not to kill him after meeting him.


Dragon Shisan consecutively smashed the club three times. The strength of each smash was as heavy as millions of gwan*. The present iron cudgel was at least at the level of a Sovereign weapon. Its destructive power was immeasurable with the combination of Dragon Shisan’s strength.

Liu He barely took on the first two consecutive strikes, but his body gave up on the third strike. He let out a blood-curdling scream and died under Dragon Shisan’s cudgel. 

Tan Jinye and Liu He both died in the hands of Dragon Shisan in a flash. Amongst the trio, only Luo Wanjian managed to walk away with his life.

Luo Wanjian wore an extremely ugly expression. There was only fear rousing in his heart, as he witnessed the tragic death of Tan Jinye and Liu He. On the other hand, he rejoiced that he retreated on time. Otherwise, he would certainly be dead under the violent ape’s iron cudgel. 

The crowd was in an uproar once again.  The facial expressions of many became extremely ugly. They suddenly realized that the first generation saintess was using Dragon Shisan to slaughter others. The geniuses on site had no chance against the Battle Dragon Ape as an opponent.  

The people of Mi Luo Immortal Court and Radiance Immortal Court was the most depressed as the geniuses whom they had high expectations on died. 

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1 Gwan(钧) = 30 catties or jin(斤) = 18 kilogram 

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