Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1995

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Qin Xuanbing was dumbfounded. He hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen could reach such a terrifying extent in such a short period of time. Jiang Chen hadn’t even reached the Immortal Emperor realm yet and still needed the protection of Xiao Wangqing when he first saw him.

At that time, he could easily crush Jiang Chen, who was still as weak as an ant, with a finger. The situation had changed too quickly. Jiang Chen had now become too strong for him to cope up with. Even Li Wangye and the rest died in his hands. Even a First Grade Great Sovereign was killed by him in an instant. No one would be able to believe it without seeing it with their own eyes.

“He has grown even stronger than the time in the birthday ceremony. How abnormal! We are no longer a match for him.”

“Son of b*tch! How can he grow so quickly? He must have gotten some great gifts from Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have grown so fast.”

“It’s too late to say anything now.”


The geniuses of Mi Luo Immortal Court seemed incredibly depressed. A crisis befell them just as they were heading back to their Immortal Court.

“I hate myself so much for not killing this little beast sooner!”

Qin Xuanbing tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear. He was currently full of regrets. This disaster would’ve never happened if they went to the most extreme lengths to eliminate Jiang Chen. Underestimating Jiang Chen was a huge mistake. Anything he says now would make no difference as Jiang Chen had already surpassed all of them.

“Elder Qin, what should we do now?”

A man asked, his face brimming with fright. He was merely a half-step Sovereign. He had no doubt that he would be killed if Jiang Chen lunged straight at him.

“Run! While there’s life, there’s hope!”

Qin Xuanbing gritted his teeth. Immediately, all of them tore the void and fled. Nothing was more important than staying alive. Given the gap in their strength, they wouldn’t be able to cope with Jiang Chen even if they join forces.

*Hua La……*

Just as they were about to leave, waves of water rose around, forming curtains of liquid, and sealing the entire void. An enormous cage was created by the most solid barriers. It was impossible for Qin Xuanbing and the rest to break past these barriers.

“Qin Xuanbing, are you still thinking about escaping at this time?” said Jiang Chen coolly. 

Since he had decided to eliminate them, he would never give his enemies the slightest bit of chance of escaping. He had sealed the entire battlefield using water.

“Jiang Chen, are you going to spare none of our lives?” shouted Qin Xuanbing.

“Of course. I won’t show the slightest bit of mercy in killing you all.” Jiang Chen’s killing intent soared. The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand and was slashed at Qin Xuanbing.

*Pu Chi!*

The void was split into two. The same went to Qin Xuanbing’s body. His body was cut in half after he let out his final wail and fell into the ocean, completely dead.

“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!”

Jiang Chen swung his sword like a life-seizing scythe and three wails were heard. They were all half-step Sovereign geniuses. They were utterly powerless before Jiang Chen’s sword.

He made a clean sweep of the four enemies. It was a slaughter. The enemies couldn’t even put up a resistance.

Counting the First Grade Great Sovereign who died previously, and Tan Jinye who was killed by Dragon Shisan, six out of eight of them had already died. Now, there were only two experts from the Mi Luo Immortal Court left, both of whom were First Grade Great Sovereigns. 

They were young geniuses, known for their pride and arrogance, but now they were shivering in fear, their faces pale.

The sword in Jiang Chen’s hand was stained with blood, light of slaughter emitting from the surface of the sword.


The combat sword turned into a dragon, and rushed at one of them in lightning speed. Jiang Chen wouldn’t give them a moment to gasp.


Both of them clenched their teeth. They knew very well that Jiang Chen would never show them compassion even if they fell to their knees and beg for mercy. So, they might as well make a last stand before their death.

*Chi La!*

Even by combining their strength, they appeared to be so powerless; it didn’t change anything at all. One of their arms was severed by the sword. Jiang Chen made another slash, severing the head of the genius who had lost his arm before he had the chance to react.

Blood shot out from the opening like a fountain, giving the night a hue of cruelty.

The other genius was shocked upon seeing that his comrade was killed so easily. He could now feel the shadow of death enshrouding him, or it should be said that Jiang Chen’s might had destroyed his will to live. He just stood there, completely forgetting that he had to defend himself.

*Pu Chi!*

The sword was swung once more, killing the last person.

The sky returned to its peaceful state. Despite killing seven people, Jiang Chen’s face remained emotionless. The corpses of the seven had been washed away by the torrents of water. It wouldn’t take long for the creatures in the ocean to devour the remains.

On the other side, Big Yellow was also dominating the situation, and was almost done when Jiang Chen finished his battle.


Big Yellow’s body grew to a few dozen meters in size. With his barbaric form, he rammed his indestructible head onto the head of the last First Grade Great Sovereign.

There was no way that the Great Sovereign could withstand this collision. The consequence was undoubtedly a miserable sight.

“Can’t even withstand a blow. It isn’t challenging at all.”

Big Yellow sniffed and swaggered away. All the experts of the Radiance Immortal Court were killed by him.

This time, including the elders, there were twenty four of them from the three Immortal Courts, but none of them survived.

Apart from Lan Xian and the other two who died in Dragon Shisan’s hands, the others were exterminated by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. One could tell how this event would intensify the grudges between Jiang Chen and those three great Immortal Courts. 

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