Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1999

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“Oh really? Yang Yu, do you really think Jiang Chen will come? He is not a fool, you know? I’m guessing that Jiang Chen already thought that it’s pointless to come as only death awaits him here.” 

Nanbei Taisheng teased with a playful expression.

“Death? Apparently, the person who can send him to hell has yet to appear in this world. Isn’t he still living well even though three massive Immortal Courts have been trying to hunt him down?” Yang Yu replied. 

Jiang Chen’s influence to Great Qian Empire was indeed too much. In fact, Jiang Chen was already treated as a deity by the people of the empire, including the emperor of the empire. Inwardly, for them, Jiang Chen was an all-powerful being. The members of the three immortal courts were unable to kill him, let alone Young Master Chao, who would be facing him alone.

“We’ll just wait and see! There are only three more hours before the deadline. If Jiang Chen doesn’t appear, all of you will be doomed. When the time comes, I will never go easy on you.”

Nanbei Taisheng let out a cold harrumph. He flung his sleeves and turned around to leave. 

From his viewpoint, Jiang Chen would never appear. After all, the situation before him was already too obvious. Since coming here was equivalent to getting oneself killed, no fool would possibly come. 

“Emperor, do you think Young Master Jiang Chen will come and save us?”

Someone asked.

“Don’t worry. Little Chen will never cast us aside. I know he won’t.”

Yang Bufan confidently replied. Jiang Chen and him were brothers who had been through thick and thin. He was a person who understood Jiang Chen’s personality well enough. As long as Jiang Chen received the letter of challenge, and knew that the Great Qian Empire was in peril, he would definitely come even if he had to climb a mountain of swords, or plunge into a sea of flames.

“My only concern now is that Jiang Chen may not be Nanbei Chao’s match. I heard that Young Master Chao was the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian. Currently, he has already advanced into the Great Sovereign realm before Jiang Chen. Even Miss Yan isn’t his opponent now. It hasn’t been long since Jiang Chen left our empire. No matter how miraculous he may be, he will, at the very most, advanced only a realm. How can he possibly fight Young Master Chao?”

“Yeah. If Jiang Chen can’t win against Nanbei Chao, not only we have to die in the end but also him.”

“Hai! Let’s resign ourselves to fate. It is the most crucial point which concerns the life and death of our Great Qian Empire. I wonder if Young Master Jiang can still create a miracle this time.”

As their conversations spread, despair began to fill the hearts of the other prisoners. According to Nanbei Taisheng, there were only three hours left. If Jiang Chen still doesn’t appear, it will be their end.

Besides, even if Jiang Chen did come, perhaps he would not be able to defeat Young Master Chao. After all, the difference in cultivation realms between the two was worlds apart.

However, since they were all prisoners now, the fate of Great Qian Empire lied in Jiang Chen’s hands. The only thing they could do was to pray, and follow their destinies. 

“Miss Yan, are you alright?”

Yang Bufan’s gaze shifted towards Yan Chenyu who was beside him, and anxiously asked. During her battle with Nanbei Chao, she suffered quite a serious injury.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. Brother Chen will surely return.”

Yan Chenyu spoke. Her tone was even firmer than anyone else. In her heart, Jiang Chen had never once disappointed them. No matter how dangerous the situation turned out to be, Jiang Chen would always be able to emerge at the most critical juncture, and turn the table around.

Besides, Yan Chenyu knew him all too well. If somebody else sent the letter of challenge to him, he might not take the matter to his heart. However, since it was sent by Nanbei Chao, Jiang Chen would, without a doubt, show himself. In this entire world, the only person that Jiang Chen could never submit to was Nanbei Chao. It was just like how Nanbei Chao would not yield to Jiang Chen. 

In the blink of an eye, two hours passed by. To the people of the Great Qian Empire, it was literally a painful wait. Every second that slipped by was tormenting. They were already standing at the place of execution, and it was only a matter of time before they were executed.  

Up until this point, many of them had already completely lost all hope. Some of them thought that Jiang Chen was not going to come because if he really wanted to, he would’ve already appeared long ago. After all, it had been nearly three days since the letter of challenge was sent to him.

When there was only an hour left before the agreed time, the prisoners in the martial arena began to feel agitated, and commotion filled the atmosphere.

It was at this moment that a silhouette of a man appeared in the vast sky. He wore a yellow robe, and his thick hair was in golden color. From head to toe, his presence emanated an immense dominating aura.

This golden-haired, golden-robed man was none other than the person who had just advanced into the First Grade Great Sovereign realm – Nanbei Chao.

As Jiang Chen expected, even though Nanbei Chao just advanced into the First Grade Great Sovereign realm, his mastery of the Great Sovereign Law was nearly flawless. In fact, not even Li Wangye, and Qin Xuanbing could rival him.

“Young Master Chao, in my opinion, I think that Jiang Chen won’t show himself.”

One of the elders of Nanbei Family uttered.

“No. He will come no matter what.”

Nanbei Chao spoke in a cold tone.

A person could be understood the most not only by their friends, but also by their enemies. Even to the last second, Nanbei Chao still believed that his arch nemesis, Jiang Chen, would surely appear.

“Young Master Chao, what if Jiang Chen really doesn’t appear? What should we do then?” Nanbei Taisheng asked.

“If he doesn’t come, then just kill everyone here and spare no one.”

Nanbei Chao’s tone was as indifferent as usual. However, the viciousness of his words was already capable of causing them to be frightened from the tips of their hair to the marrow of their very bones. 

None of them dared to doubt Nanbei Chao. His tone itself was already beyond all doubts. To them, it was an absolute judgement from a superior being.

As his words fell, everyone was clear that if Jiang Chen still doesn’t appear, this place would definitely be turned into a slaughterhouse, where blood flows over the ground like a stream.

The people of Great Qian Empire began to tremble in fear. Countless faces turned pale as utter hopelessness invaded their hearts. It was their first time feeling death so imminent.

All of a sudden, a hole was created somewhere in the distant part of the sky. A man and a dog-like human emerged. Their emergence caused a tempestuous storm. The dark, glossy hair of the white-robed man was blowing in the wind. He looked exactly like a matchless god of war. The radiance emitted from his body was so dazzling that no one dared to stare at him straight in the eyes.

“It’s Jiang Chen. He came after all!”

“Yes. He has come! He hasn’t cast us, the Great Qian Empire, aside! He has finally come to our rescue!”

“Great! We are saved now. As long as Jiang Chen is here, everything will be alright.”

The face of the prisoners who were in total despair just a moment ago lit up with hope and excitement as soon as they caught sight of Jiang Chen. Their hearts were instantly filled with an indescribable exhilaration. 

Although they did not know how great Jiang Chen’s current power was, let alone whether Jiang Chen could defeat Nanbei Chao, they all had one single belief – the moment Jiang Chen appeared, they would definitely be saved. It was an undeniable fact that Jiang Chen would never watch them die. 

That was their belief, a blind belief.

“He never disappoints anyone.”

Yang Yu’s lips curved into a smile. He knew he would never misjudge Jiang Chen. Furthermore, all this while, Jiang Chen had really never let anyone down. He had proven it countless times in the past.

“His cultivation level has already reached the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm. Apparently, he is just a hair’s breadth away from the half-step Great Sovereign realm. With his current power, if he used his dragon form, he would definitely be able to put up a fight with Nanbei Chao.”

Yang Bufan spoke with a smile on his face.

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