Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2002

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The two of them no longer cared about the injuries inflicted on their bodies, and continued to engage each other fearlessly. The mountain-like bodies of the True Dragon as well as the illusory shadow of the Monarch never ceased to move and strike while also evading attacks at the same time. Much of Jiang Chen’s dragon scales were already detached from his body and flesh blood ceaselessly oozed out. On the other hand, as cracks continued to form on the body of the illusory shadow of the Monarch, Nanbei Chao’s true physical body was also full of scars and wounds. Obviously, he had also suffered serious injuries from the battle.

Even so, the intense battle continued on. Apparently, the two combatants were so engrossed to the point tha t they had forgotten themselves. Their minds were immersed only in the battle. 

Ethereal Immortal Wind! 

They seemed to have gained a tacit understanding of each other as both of them displayed the Ethereal Immortal Wind at the same moment. The violent wind current completely formed a different realm in the air. To be more accurate, the battlefield appeared to have two different spheres, which fiercely collided with each other.

“Jiang Chen, you don’t have techniques and that’s why you copied my Ethereal Immortal Wind?” Nanbei Chao sneered.

“Who said that this technique can only be used by you, Nanbei Chao? You better beware. My Immortal Wind is not any weaker than yours!”

Jiang Chen’s voice rumbled across the sky. The violent Immortal Wind which continuously erupted from his body was like a terrifyingly trenchant sword which shredded void into pieces. The whole scene made the onlookers feel like it was the end of the world.

“Gosh! Such an intense battle really is eye-opening!”

“It’s indeed ferocious and violent. They are really monstrous. It would be good if I can attain their level one day.”

“I think you should hurriedly piss on the ground and look at your own reflection. Don’t you realize your own moral conduct? *Tsk* And you wanna compete with Jiang Chen?”

“F**k off. Can’t I have my own aspirations? However, I might not be able to realize it.”

At this moment, be it the people of the Great Qian Empire or the members of Nanbei Family, all of their attention was completely drawn to the battle between Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao. To them, it was really unbelievably astonishing.

On the battle, even Jiang Chen had to admit that Nanbei Chao who was a First Grade Great Sovereign really made him feel pressured. During the clash of their Ethereal Immortal Wind, the injuries he suffered was more severe compared to Nanbei Chao’s. However, fortunately, Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation skill granted him an incredibly fast recovery. Therefore, on the surface, Jiang Chen’s condition was not any different from Nanbei Chao’s. 

That was the most extraordinary part of his dragon transformation skill. It was also the biggest advantage that Jiang Chen had. With such a rapid healing speed, it nearly made him invincible. 

Not only that, the current Jiang Chen was totally absorbed in the fierce battle. He had not felt such exhilaration in fighting for such a long time. Moreover, the pressure he felt from Nanbei Chao’s body had put him in a different state.

The rotation of his dragon transformation skill picked up even more speed throughout the battle, as if it was showing signs of evolving under such excellent battle condition and immense pressure. In fact, a few hundred new dragon marks were formed within his Qi Sea without him knowing. 

In other words, during his battle against Nanbei Chao, he was continuously improving.

To Nanbei Chao, although he had also felt the excitement from the intense battle, there was no way he could improve his cultivation level like Jiang Chen. It was because he had a different mindset from the latter.

Jiang Chen didn’t originate from the Immortal World, let alone attaining the Great Sovereign Realm. His current level was the most powerful level he had experienced in this life.

Nanbei Chao was different. In his previous life, he was the Great Sovereign Batian. Both his knowledge and experience were much higher compared to Jiang Chen’s. Therefore, it was difficult for him to understand Jiang Chen’s attitude of getting stronger when meeting stronger opponent. 

If the battle continued in such a manner, perhaps Jiang Chen might really be able to gain the upper hand as his power was still growing, while Nanbei Chao’s power remained unchanged. When the time comes, anyone could tell how the outcome of the battle would be.


Nanbei Chao grabbed ahold of his Monarch Sword, and it emitted an earthshaking whistle when it appeared in his hands. With the sword in his hand, his aura increased drastically within seconds, making him even more frightening than before.

“Jiang Chen, you should be proud that you, a peak Immortal Venerable, can fight me in such a manner. From this second onwards, I will never hold myself back anymore, and I will directly kill you.”

Nanbei Chao’s killing intent was heaven-soaring. His Monarch Sword had completely locked on to Jiang Chen’s qi.

“It’s bad. That guy is already using his Monarch Sword. It’s a peerless Great Sovereign Weapon which can greatly enhance the user’s combat power. Jiang Chen probably isn’t his match now as he doesn’t have a Great Sovereign Weapon that can resist the Monarch Sword!”

“The legendary Monarch Sword is truly formidable. I wonder how Jiang Chen will deal with it…”

“Don’t worry. I believe that Jiang Chen must have a stronger trump card that he has yet to display. Since he was daring enough to come and fight as promised, he must have prepared well.”

Upon seeing the Monarch Sword in Nanbei Chao’s hands, the people of Great Qian Empire became restless. Their expressions were filled with worries.

There was no way that they could remain calm. All of them clearly understood how helpful a Great Sovereign Weapon was to the wielder. Jiang Chen might be able neck-and-neck against Nanbei Chao, but with the Monarch Sword in Nanbei Chao’s hands, the whole situation would immediately be overturned. Jiang Chen could not match Nanbei Chao at all.

“Haha. So Young Master Chao’s Monarch Sword is his final trump card. This time, even if Jiang Chen has three heads and six arms, he will still be cut down by the Monarch Sword.”

“Precisely. After all, Young Master Chao is destined to be the ultimate winner of this battle. This is an undeniable fact.”

The members of Nanbei Family were on cloud nine. After all, this battle concerned the life and death of their entire family. 

However, just when most of the people thought that Nanbei Chao was going to win due to the Monarch Sword he wield, Jiang Chen unsheathed a peerless sword of his own. 

It glittered brightly with immortal light. Its sword qi was as ferocious as a dragon that rose up high in the sky. Judging by its aura, this sword was not any weaker than Nanbei Chao’s Monarch Sword.

“Immortal Execution Sword? How did you get this sword?!”

When Nanbei Chao caught sight of the Immortal Execution Sword, his expression had a slight change. Comparing the grades of the two swords, the Immortal Execution was actually a grade higher compared to the Monarch Sword.

Even though the Monarch Sword was also a powerful Great Sovereign Weapon, there was a difference in power when compared to the Immortal Execution Sword, which was regarded as one of the best swords in the Immortal World along with the Immortal Burying Coffin.

It was true that Nanbei Chao’s Monarch Sword could resist Yan Chenyu’s Immortal Burying Coffin. However, it did not mean that the Monarch Sword was at the same grade as the Immortal Burying Coffin. After all, Yan Chenyu was not the true owner of the weapon. She might be able to wield it, but she could not unleash the true potential of the weapon. 

As for the Monarch Sword, Nanbei Chao was the original master of the weapon. Therefore, his ability to perfectly wield the power of the Monarch Sword offset the gap of power between his weapon and Yan Chenyu’s. 

“It’s none of your business. Now, you have the Monarch Sword, and I have the Immortal Execution Sword. I believe it will be hard to decide who will live and who will die at the end of this battle by now!” Jiang Chen shouted loudly.

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