Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2006

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One trouble after another. This ‘trouble’ was much more formidable than the last one. Jiang Chen could kill Nanbei Chao, yet he definitely could not face the Immortal Court. With the emergence of a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign, the people of Great Qian Empire now understood that the feud between Jiang Chen and the Immortal Court had gone way past the point of no return. 

The Immortal Court wanted Jiang Chen dead for a long time but couldn’t find an opportunity to do so. Now that Jiang Chen had finally shown himself, the Immortal Court would not give him the opportunity to run away. So, this time they sent out a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign to eliminate him. 

“Big Yellow, I’ll leave this to you, do not disturb me and Little Yu on our cultivation,” Jiang Chen said towards Big Yellow. 

“Relax, just a few small fries.”

Big Yellow’s face spelled ‘I don’t give a damn about them’, he might have been slightly worried if he met a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign in the past. But now, a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign was nothing to him, let alone this Fourth Grade Great Sovereign who had just advanced, whereas Big Yellow’s cultivation has already reached the peak of the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm and could’ve advanced to Third Grade Great Sovereign anytime he wants. 

Therefore, although it might take some effort for Big Yellow to kill a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign, he had more than enough strength to suppress him. Unless a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign like Feng Yangjing appears, no one could really suppress Big Yellow. 

“Little Yu, let’s go.”

Jiang Chen ripped open a portal on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, and took Yan Chenyu into the 33rd level in a flash. They only needed an hour or so to complete their advancement in their current condition. 

The expressions of the Great Sovereigns of the Immortal Court drastically changed after they saw Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu suddenly disappearing. The Third Grade Great Sovereign amongst them even stretched out his big hand and grabbed onto the space where Jiang Chen had just disappeared. 

They had already prepared for the scenario of Jiang Chen trying to escape. They came very prepared with the end goal of killing Jiang Chen. They would not give him the opportunity to run away again. 

Hence, the swift action of the Third Grade Great Sovereign to have all the void and space of this area on lockdown.  

Big Yellow moved, his skull shone a bright golden light, and rammed towards the big palm that the Third Grade Great Sovereign had conjured. 


The heavens and the earth shook, causing the void in that area to instantly break apart, with the giant palm that was conjured by the Third Grade Great Sovereign broken apart simultaneously. The powerful attack of that Great Sovereign was easily taken down by Big Yellow, surprising everyone. 

“Wow, Big Yellow is getting more and more terrifying, looks like it is unnecessary for us to worry.”

“Yeah, previously we were worried of Jiang Chen not being able to beat Nanbei Chao. We had neglected how terrifying Big Yellow is, perhaps Nanbei Chao may not even be his match.”

“Why don’t you look at it, Jiang Chen should’ve went into seclusion. Hmm… just that… I wonder… could Big Yellow fend off the Great Sovereigns of the Immortal Court?”


“What a powerful dog.”

Big Yellow’s action had immediately captured the attention of the Immortal Court experts. 

“This dog’s hand is also stained with the blood of our Immortal Court, kill him first. I have completely locked down this area, Jiang Chen won’t be able to get away.”

The Fourth Grade Great Sovereign confidently said, as if he was sure that he could win against Jiang Chen and Big Yellow since he thought that he had made sufficient preparation and arrangement before coming here. 

“This dog is already a Second Grade Demon Sovereign, I’ll go and kill him.”

The Third Grade Great Sovereign’s aura shook and once again, he charged towards Big Yellow. 

Big Yellow’s back grew a pair of wings and he changed into a flash of lightning, flying towards the skies. An unparalleled prestige of a Great Sovereign was released. His pupil glittered with golden rays of light.. His presence was mighty. He completely looked down upon the Third Grade Great Sovereign. 

“Fucking dog, you are bold to dare to go against the Immortal Court and kill our talented people and elders. Today, this debt shall be repaid with your blood!”

The Third Grade Great Sovereign said dominantly, his killing intent soaring up towards the sky as if he was sure in defeating Big Yellow. 

After all, he was a Third Grade Great Sovereign. The powerful cultivation he possessed gave him extreme confidence, causing him to look down upon Big Yellow. 

Pitifully, those that had looked down upon Big Yellow in the past faced a miserable fate. This Third Grade Great Sovereign would undoubtedly be the same.

“Screw you.”

Big Yellow did not intend to waste any time. The wings on his back vibrated, the sturdy body of his was engulfed in a bright golden light in an instant, with electricity zapping above his skull. A dragon horn grew out from his glabella, and then he proceeded to ram towards the Third Grade Great Sovereign. 

Big Yellow was too fast. He appeared in front of his opponent in a flash. 

“A reckless fool.”

The Third Grade Great Sovereign stretched out one of his arms and slapped Big Yellow’s skull. 

The Third Grade Great Sovereign obviously did not know how terrifying Big Yellow was. He had the same thought as the others, whereby they thought that Big Yellow was stupid to use his skull to attack. 

No matter humans or demon beasts, their skull was the weakest part of the body. To choose to attack the enemy with their skull was akin to suicide. 


The Third Grade Great Sovereign’s palm violently slapped Big Yellow’s skull, or rather, the skull of Big Yellow rammed towards the Third Grade Great Sovereign palm, and the result was miserable.

The void was cracked due to the violent energy emitted from the clash. One of the Third Grade Great Sovereign’s arms were shattered into pieces and became a mist of blood from the tackle of Big Yellow.


The Third Grade Great Sovereign exclaimed and his expression drastically changed. The extreme pain from the shattered arm could be clearly felt by the spectators. Now, the way he looked at Big Yellow was filled with total shock, as if  he had just seen a ghost. 

Losing an arm or two was not a grave injury for Great Sovereigns as it was easy for them to regrow an arm. 

But the shock received wasn’t so easy to recover from.  

Too shocking! I’ve never seen such an overwhelmingly powerful skull.

To the Third Grade Great Sovereign, it was too astonishing. He had never once seen such an overwhelmingly powerful skull.

The most important things is, I’m a Third Grade Great Sovereign! A proud Third Grade Great Sovereign! Not just an average joe that could be beaten by a Second Grade Demon Sovereign! 

The most important thing was that he was a Third Grade Great Sovereign! A mighty Third Grade Great Sovereign! How could it be possible that a Third Grade Great Sovereign was not a match for a mere Second Grade Great Sovereign?!

Not to mention being his match, it now looked like it was a crushing defeat to the Third Grade Great Sovereign. He did not even have the strength to go against Big Yellow as the latter was completely on a higher level compared to him.

“Oh my god, this dog’s skull is seriously heaven-defying.”

“You guys have forgotten that Big Yellow’s skull is his strongest arsenal. It is absolutely at the same level of a divine weapon. But what really surprised me was that not even a Third Grade Great Sovereign is a match against him.”

“Big Yellow is getting stronger. With him here, it’ll be hard for the people of the Immortal Court to kill Jiang Chen today.”


The people of Great Qian Empire exclaimed, but their expression was different from the people of the Immortal Court, as they were filled with extreme excitement, feeling truly exhilarated. 


Big Yellow let out a wild laugh after his technique made an impact. He then once again took action in a flash, not giving the opponent a chance to react. His skull was engulfed in a bright light and he once again rammed towards the opponent like a rocket. 

“This sovereign refuses to believe!”

The Third Grade Great Sovereign was extremely furious. A combat sword materialized in his hand. Without a second thought, he slashed towards the skull of the dog. 

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