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Violent air wave started boiling up above the entire sky of the Genius Prefecture. On the other side, the three Sovereign Lords’ faces showed ruthlessness. Each of them gave off a unique kind of imposing manner that only Sixth Grade Sovereign Lords possessed. One could see that they would not let Jiang Chen go even if they had to fight against Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.

Numerous people’s facial expression turned green, especially the people of the Great Qian Empire. They were aware that the degree of lethality and destruction caused by the confrontation between these Sovereign Lords and Heavenly Peng would be incomparable to the fight between Feng Jing Yang and others.

“Are they really going to fight? There’s no leeway of alleviating the tension.”  

Some people sighed heavily, as the situation had become worse and worse. At this particular moment of time, perhaps there was no one that could control the situation anymore.

“Guys, listen. Kill Jiang Chen and the dog at all cost!”

Ethereal Sovereign Lord gave an order. Apparently, this order was for Wu Yuanyang. The three Sovereign Lords would keep a firm hand on entangling and controlling Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, keeping him away from any opportunity of helping Jiang Chen. If this was the case, it would be a piece of cake for Wu Yuanyang to kill Jiang Chen.


At this moment, there was an incomparably solemn sound that rang out from afar. Everyone fixed their gazes on the direction where the sound came from, seeing thousands of rays of diffused golden light radiating rapidly towards them.

These golden lights were pure Buddha Radiance. They swept away the gloomy clouds, turning all the air in the sky of Genius Prefecture auspicious.

Under the shower of the golden radiance, the figure of two eminent monks appeared. These two eminent monks seemed to have incredible roles. One of them looked like over twenty years old with a solemn face. However, the people of Great Qian Empire were not unfamiliar with this monk because this little monk was no stranger. He was exactly Tyrant.

“Look! Isn’t that Tyrant? How come this guy has become a Great Sovereign?”

“Yea, it’s Monk Tyrant. It’s unbelievable that his cultivation realm has improved rapidly.” 

“Who is that eminent monk beside him? Such a formidable and imposing manner! He doesn't look like any weaker than the three Sovereign Lords. Won't he be the abbot of White Dragon Temple?” 


All of sudden, the arrival of the two eminent monks immediately drew everyone’s attention. One would know without thinking that only eminent monks with the cultivation realm of Great Sovereign came from White Dragon Temple.

“Green Lotus!”

Jiang Chen, Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow exclaimed right away after seeing the eminent monk with the cultivation realm of Sixth Grade Great Sovereign.

The three of them stared at the monks with wide eyes and couldn’t utter a word in shock.

Startling! This is indeed very startling. Wearing a set of golden Kasaya, the 40-year-old monk who radiated pure Buddha Radiance all over his body must be the Old Ancestor Green Lotus. Or else who could he be?

Back then, after leaving Saint Origin World, Old Ancestor Green Lotus vanished and lived in seclusion. There had been no news about him, and no one expected to see him here today.

What startled Jiang Chen and the others more was the massive shock brought by his emergence. A Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, it was extremely incredible. 

No one could deny that this was a miracle: a monk could cultivate to reach First Grade Great Sovereign.

Without thinking, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could guess that Old Ancestor Green Lotus must be the reincarnation of a supreme Buddha, or else he wouldn’t be so incredible. Needless to say, it is obvious that Old Ancestor Green Lotus was related to how the other monk became a Great Sovereign within such a short period of time.

As soon as Tyrant saw Jiang Chen, his facial expression immediately showed how pleasantly surprised he was. He shook his body in a flash, appearing at the side of Jiang Chen.

“Monk, what’s happened?”

Jiang Chen lost his patience and couldn’t wait to find out the answer. Today had been too surprising.

“There are too many details to tell. Let’s solve this problem first, then I will tell you.”

The monk grinned, leaving Jiang Chen in suspense. However, facing the current situation, it’s indeed not the time to talk about it in detail.

Jiang Chen heaved a long sigh. He would definitely seek the answer after solving the current situation.

“Don't tell me that the eminent monks of the White Dragon Temple are here to meddle in?”

Radiance Sovereign Lord looked at Old Ancestor Green Lotus and said with a frown on his face.

The Ethereal Sovereign Lord and Mi Luo Sovereign Lord also had a grave face. They could foresee that the reason why these eminent monks were here was apparently because of Jiang Chen. It’s the exact same reason as why Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign was here.

They would not care if there was only Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. However, if the White Dragon Temple was also involved, they had no choice not to be cautious.

White Dragon Temple was a unique influence in the Immortal World. The glorious existence of Buddhism had made enormous contribution in fighting against the Barbarian Race and Golden Race.

Since then, the existence of White Dragon Temple was honored with respect from the rest of the world. Moreover, the Buddhism of White Dragon Temple was ingrained and Buddhism Divine Art was also incomparably formidable with the existence of many eminent monks. There were even powerful Buddhas in the Sovereign Domain. Even for the Immortal Courts, they would avoid any unpleasant conflicts with the White Dragon Temple.

“Amitabha. Here is the poor monk Green Lotus, coming here to see the Sovereign Lords.”

Old Ancestor Green Lotus held his palms together, and his face was filled with awe-inspiring righteousness. 

“Green Lotus? You are the Old Ancestor Green Lotus?”

Ethereal Sovereign Lord’s face turned white with shock.

“Exactly. It’s this poor monk,” Green Lotus replied. 

“Didn’t the Old Ancestor pass away in meditation? His existence in the world was far beyond our existence.”

Radiance Sovereign Lord also expressed his shock.

“That’s right. He wasn’t lying. He is indeed the abbot of White Dragon Temple, Old Ancestor Green Lotus. I have an impression on him as I had met him once in the past, but I was still a nobody at that time. He had been an eminent monk who had reached Dao. I never thought that he hadn’t passed away, or I should say that he has returned,” Mi Luo Sovereign Lord said, sensing the aura of the Old Ancestor Green Lotus.

As the abbot of the White Dragon Temple, Old Ancestor Green Lotus had a great reputation in the past. However, after the great catastrophe in the era when Old Ancestor Green Lotus existed, even Big Yellow had never seen him again.

In the three Sovereign Lords’ point of view, Old Ancestor Green Lotus was greatly honored and prestigious to the point that no one was ignorant of his role as the abbot of White Dragon Temple.

“Why are you here, master?”

Ethereal Sovereign Lord opened his mouth and asked. 

“I, the old Buddhist monk, is here today for an old friend. Jiang Chen is one of my intimate friends. Please do me a favor and spare your mercy not to kill Jiang Chen. There is no benefit to everyone if the previous grudges between you remain.”

Old Ancestor Green Lotus clearly indicated his reason for being here.

“Brother, awesome. Since when have you befriended the abbot of the White Dragon Temple.” 

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign gave a thumbs up to Jiang Chen. With his own Demonic Immortal Island, adding White Dragon Temple, and Fengchi Immortal Domain as backup, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign knew that the three Sovereign Lords might have to reconsider their actions and the consequences of fighting. One should know that none from the nine main Immortal Courts in the Immortal World had the courage to create any conflicts with White Dragon Temple.

Standing aside, Feng Jingyang couldn’t help shaking his head. In his eyes, his disciple’s divine power was greater than his. Two of the most powerful individuals in the Immortal World, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and Old Ancestor Green Lotus, had come to protect him. In front of these powerful figures, Feng Jingyang looked much inferior.

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