Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2026

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The intense dark killing intent diffused across the enormous valley. Taking the volume and intensity into consideration, the dark killing intent here could be counted as one of the most lethal in existence, posing a serious threat to the masters in Immortal Court.

However, the higher the grade of the dark killing intent, the more Jiang Chen liked it because the greater the benefits he could get from it. This was like how the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda devoured the corpses of the demons. The higher the level of the demons, the greater the nourishment the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda would get. This was an unquestionable fact.

Following the indication of the talisman, the Ancient Desolate Elephant Bloodline was left in the valley. Jiang Chen did not care too much, simply absorbing all of the dark killing intent into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and helping the pagoda to upgrade its level. If the bloodline was hidden within the dark killing intent and was directly absorbed by the pagoda, that would be the best because it would save Jiang Chen a lot of effort and time.

Of course, Jiang Chen would realize at the earliest possible moment if the bloodline was really absorbed into the pagoda.


Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen immediately opened the entrance of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The entrance turned into a black hole with the size of around thousands of square feet. A dreadful devouring strength was spewed out from the pagoda. A massive influx of dark killing intent that moved restlessly originally surged forwards to the pagoda suddenly.

Madly absorbing the dark killing intent was actually a deadly method. Perhaps Jiang Chen was the only one who would dare to do something like this in the entire Immortal World.

Such a scene was too grand. If somebody were to witness this scene, they might be panic-stricken, or even get scared out of their wits.

It was an incomparably extensive process to absorb all the dark killing intent within the valley. However, with the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, the process did not take up too much time.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, it would only take around twenty minutes to completely absorb all the dark killing intent here with the pagoda’s speed of absorption.  The fifty-ninth floor of the pagoda was almost completely formed up while the energy conversion of the dark killing intent was taking place inside. Jiang Chen himself could also gain greater benefits from this. 


While madly devouring the dark killing intent, sounds of rolling thunder came out from the pagoda.

Twenty minutes later, all of the dark killing intent within the valley was completely absorbed into the pagoda for cultivation. All of the dark killing intent turned into pure energy.

Exactly like what Jiang Chen had expected. The fifty-eighth floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was fully formed, and even the fifty-ninth floor was formed as well. Next, it would directly hit the sixtieth floor.

It was not far from the second transformation of the pagoda to happen. During the first transformation, when the thirtieth floor was fully formed up, Jiang Chen gained a time space. The time space provided an excellent cultivation place for him with its power of altering the speed of time.

According to the information from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, once the sixty-sixth floor was formed up, the pagoda would experience a second transformation that would bring greater benefits to Jiang Chen.

He had been looking forward to the benefits provided by this sixty-sixth floor.

“Awesome. The fifty-ninth floor of the pagoda has been completely formed. The pure energy I’ve absorbed from the pagoda has also helped me form up another twenty thousand dragon marks more that will further strengthen my combat strength. I am just one step away from becoming a Sovereign Lord. Once the Ancient Desolate Elephant is found, I will think of a way to advance to Sovereign realm in this miniature world.”

Jiang Chen’s face was wearing a smile. The more powerful the rival he met, the more difficulties he would face. The second catastrophe was almost upon them and he wished eagerly that he could improve his cultivation realm as soon as possible. He intended to improve himself at all cost because that was the only way to withstand everything that was going to happen soon.

Regardless of Star Sovereign, the three major Immortal Courts that were against him, or the coming second catastrophe, Jiang Chen must be well prepared to face any of them.

Feeling his strength increasing continuously, he felt that he had more confidence now.

The full view of the valley was revealed completely after the dark killing intent covering it disappeared. Looking into the landscape, the valley was really barren and there was a lake underneath, which had run dry for countless days. There were black barren mountains all around. The rock walls above the valley were all corroded by the dark killing intent, which looked like the erosion of ages, giving a sense of desolation and oppression.

Jiang Chen was searching around to see if there was any trace of the Ancient Desolate Elephant Bloodline, but he discovered nothing.

However, he found out there were a lot of caves on the rock walls surrounding the valley.

“Could it be hidden in those caves? It’s probably not. Star Sovereign should have looked through everything in the Miniature Fengchi World. Although the valley was covered fully with dark killing intent, Star Sovereign would not miss out anything here. Seems like I have to use the talisman.”

Jiang Chen said in his heart.

He flipped his palm and the talisman reappeared. He then instilled his divine sense into talisman once again.


The talisman buzzed once again while beating fiercely.

The red line that had disappeared had now reappeared and it spun fiercely. Its speed of spinning was much faster than before. Jiang Chen could sense that each spin of the red line pointed to a cave.

He saw hope from this discovery. He had enough reason to believe that the Ancient Desolate Elephant Bloodline must be hidden inside one of the caves here.

The reason why Star Sovereign couldn't find it might be because he doesn’t have the talisman. It was undeniable that one must depend on the talisman to search for the Ancient Desolate Elephant Bloodline.

This was also Heaven Sovereign’s trick of hiding the bloodline. How could Heaven Sovereign be Heaven Sovereign if he did not have any tricks like this.

Moreover, Star Sovereign could not guarantee that Heaven Sovereign have left something behind in the Miniature Fengchi World. He would not even believe that Heaven Sovereign had kept the important Ancient Desolate Elephant Bloodline in such  good condition, leaving himself a great room to maneuver.


All of a sudden, the red line stopped, pointing directly to one of the caves. He raised his bright eyes up to that direction, turning his body in a flash and appeared near the cave.


The talisman shook even more fiercely when he stood close to the place. The red line almost jumped out from the talisman.

“It’s here.”

Jiang Chen showed a surprised facial expression because this indicated that the talisman would never go wrong. This cave looked exactly the same from the other caves. The cave was overly ordinary and it was difficult to catch people’s eye. If there was no talisman in his hand, he would not be able to discover this place.

As soon as he prepared to step into the cave, a slight fluctuation happened once again at the void behind him.  The fluctuation was so subtle. It was almost impossible to notice the fluctuation in the valley where the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had just raged through. Still, Jiang Chen caught this fluctuation precisely.

Jiang Chen turned his back immediately, yet he caught nothing. Jiang Chen was sure that there must be someone hiding behind and following him. He had once sensed this subtle kind of fluctuation previously. He believed that this was not an accident.

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