Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2028

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In Jiang Chen’s mind, the appearance of the black-clothed man was akin to a gift walking towards his lap, as if the man knew that he’s preparing to break through to the Great Sovereign realm and took the risk to give it to him. 

“Hehe……. A mere Half-step Great Sovereign dares to shamelessly boast before this sovereign. Such being the case, this sovereign shall kill you first and retrieve the bloodline of the ancient elephant later. I might as well tell you that it will be the end of the Immortal World the moment the bloodline reached the Barbarian World.” The black-clothed man laughed sinisterly. 

He completely looked down upon Jiang Chen. But it was normal for a Third Grade Sovereign to look down on a mere half-step Great Sovereign. 

“Pity. You’ll never be able to take the bloodline away. As a matter of fact, you yourself shall not be able to leave,” Jiang Chen said.

A violent energy gushed out from Jiang Chen and he instantly used his battle form. 

The black-clothed man was right, the bloodline of the Desolate Ancient Elephant was the same with Zuo Ling’er’s bloodline. It was extremely important for the Barbarian Race, but the difference was that Zuo Ling’er’s Barbarian God bloodline needed to be cultivated continuously to be of use, whereas the  Desolate Ancient Elephant bloodline could be used directly. 

As long as the black-clothed man retrieves the bloodline back to the Barbarian World, a true peak existence shall truly appear in the Barbarian Race, possibly even surpassing the realm of the Immortals. By that time, the Evil Barbarians would invade and the Immortal Courts would have no chance to resist them. 

“No matter how strong your transformation technique is, it could never fill the gap between our cultivation level. You’re just awaiting death before me,” sneered the black-clothed man.

A violent evil barbaric energy gushed out from his body and formed a storm, sweeping towards Jiang Chen. In an instant, the whole space was filled with an evil qi, as if it became a scene from the Asura Hell. 

Faced with the evil black energy storm, Jiang Chen’s mouth slightly curved into a smile. The opponent’s attack was certainly imposing and scary, even a human at the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm would find it hard to withstand the attack. 

Yet, regretfully the black-clothed man’s opponent was Jiang Chen, an existence that was deemed as a calamity for the whole evil barbarians. 


Facing the opponent’s attack, Jiang Chen’s response was simple, he just used a single Fire Dragon Seal.

Now that his fire dragon was fused with five types of supreme flame and with the addition of the thirty thousand dragon marks that he had recently added after coming into the Miniature Fengchi World, increasing his battle strength by a large margin, it was easier for him to face the black-clothed man. 


The fire dragon roared ferociously, instantly filling the space with a sea of fire. 

The instant the fire dragon appeared, the vast energy storm that was casted by the black-clothed man felt like it had met its natural predator, its qi instantly dwindled, its attacking power dropped to half as if it was a ferocious beast drowning in a flood, starting to become docile.

In just a matter of seconds, the black-clothed man’s energy attack was utterly destroyed by Jiang Chen’s Fire Dragon Seal, completely disappearing without a trace. 

“What?!” The black-clothed man shouted in surprise. 

He lost his initial calmness; his eyes were filled with shock. He clearly saw the terrifying flame and understood that it could heavily suppress him. It was his natural enemy, one that could suppress the core of the evil barbarians. 

Under such extreme suppression, the black-clothed man couldn't display his full strength, he could only display half of his combat strength. 

This form of battle was extremely frustrating, even those unparalleled experts would be troubled by it. It’s fatal for one to be mentally disturbed during a fight. 

“Don’t be surprised, my flame could utterly suppress all of you, evil barbarians. My existence is the bane of the whole Barbarian World. I’ve said it before, you won’t be able to take the bloodline of the Ancient Elephant back, not even your life.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

The energy of the Five Elemental Domain suddenly burst out from his body, completely engulfing the whole space, including the black-clothed man. 

The black-clothed man was adept in hiding and must be good at running away, too. 

Since the opponent had realized the superiority Jiang Chen possessed, he naturally had to prepare carefully, so as to not let the opponent have the chance to run away. 

The current Jiang Chen was able to completely regard the opponent as a prey waiting to be slaughtered.

“Boy, this is not enough for you to be cocky. So what if you could suppress me? You’re just a half-step Great Sovereign, the disparity between our cultivation level could not be filled. Even if I were to display only half of my original strength, I could still easily kill you effortlessly.” The black-clothed man said indifferently. 

After being startled for a short while, he once again displayed his cruel side. He had reason to believe that even though he could only display half of his full strength, it was still enough to easily kill a half-step Great Sovereign. 

“You talk too much.” Jiang Chen called out. 

Jiang Chen casted three Fire Dragon Seal this time, each fire dragon was a dozen zhang big. Roaring in the space, all three attacked the black-clothed man from three different directions. 

There’s nothing more useful than the Fire Dragon Seal when facing an Evil Barbarian. 

“Divine Barbaric Sovereign Punch.”

The black-clothed man also realized how terrifying the Fire Dragon Seal was. That terror was not just from the fact that it could suppress him, the seal was also filled with powerful energy, energy so terrifying that it could go against him. Therefore, he dared not to be arrogant and used his most powerful technique he had from the get-go.


A giant fist filled with barbaric energy emerged, it was like a giant black mountain, crashing upon the black dragon. 


The three fire dragons roared continuously, their tails and head interlocking, forming a massive ring, completely enclosing the giant fist. Endless flame filled the air, causing the giant fist to succumb into the sea of fire. 


The three fire dragons simultaneously exploded under Jiang Chen’s control, causing a chain reaction between the flame and the energies. The destructive force created was on an unimaginable scale. 

The Divine Barbaric Sovereign Punch couldn’t withstand the Fire Dragon Seal even though it could destroy the Heaven and Earth. It was just burnt into nothingness. 


The Divine Barbaric Sovereign Punch was destroyed and the black-clothed man was heavily injured. His expression became extremely ugly and he was only able to steady his posture after moving a dozen steps back. 

“Impossible, how could a half-step Great Sovereign possess such a powerful combat strength.”

As a Third Grade Barbaric Sovereign, he was unable to accept it. How could he lose against a half-step Great Sovereign, it was something that he hadn’t dreamt of. 

The current black-clothed man’s qi had begun to dwindle, returning back to the initial level. 

“I’ve said it before, you’re not getting away.”

Jiang Chen did not give the opponent an opportunity to rest, the terrifying Fire Dragon Seal crazily exploded upon the black-clothed man once again. 

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