Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2044

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Jiang Chen and Feng Jingyang stopped talking and looked at Ling Liqun calmly. They had said what they needed to say, Ling Liqun was a smart man, he should make the most beneficial decision for himself. 

Ling Liqun contemplated, and finally said with a solemn expression, “Alright, I promise you that I’ll support Heaven Sovereign.” 

He had obviously made a firm decision. It’s just like what Jiang Chen had said, Ling Liqun was not a fool, he could judge the situation and thought that following Star Sovereign would end up bad for him, and maintaining neutrality was impossible. 

“Great, looks like Senior Ling has grasped the situation. With you supporting Heaven Sovereign, the situation would definitely change. At that time, you will be the hero of the Immortal Court.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes became bright, gaining the support of Ling Liqun caused him to feel relaxed deep down. Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang joining him also meant that Star Sovereign was no longer popular. 

“Jiang Chen. What measures do you have for tomorrow’s assembly?” Ling Liqun asked. 

“The real objective for tomorrow’s assembly called by Star Sovereign is only to get everyone’s approval on ousting Heaven Sovereign. We’ll just follow him tomorrow; after that, I’ll buy some time for Heaven Sovereign. What we need now is time, the decision to oust Heaven Sovereign is inevitable. He may act immediately if we were to object, only if we agree to him on the surface could we buy time for Heaven Sovereign .” Jiang Chen said.    

“Alright, we’ll listen to you.” Ling Liqun nodded. Since he had already made a decision, he shouldn’t be coy and must make his stand. 

At this moment, no matter Ling Liqun or Feng Jingyang, they had already regarded Jiang Chen as the core of this operation. Since Jiang Chen came here for the sake of Heaven Sovereign, he must’ve put a lot of thought and planning for his sake. 

Most importantly, the two of them had an inexplicable trust and confidence towards Jiang Chen. As he was a man who could easily create miracles, the stuff he does must not be wrong. 

“Hence, it is decided.”

Feng Jingyang and Jiang Chen left after saying what was needed, leaving the slightly stunned Ling Liqun. Even though he was a top-ranking Supreme Elder of the Immortal Court, he had never thought that the peaceful Immortal Court would be swept away by a dark tide, and the real chaos would descend on the court. 

Jiang Chen returned to his residence, Big Yellow also finished his mission and had also returned. 

“Big Yellow, how was it?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“I’ve already delivered the Ancient Elephant Bloodline to Ah Nan and he said that he needed seven days.” Big Yellow said.

“Seven days. No problem.”

Jiang Chen nodded. Seven days, he could delay it for Nangong Wentian.

“Little Chen, you did  great this time, immediately rising towards the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm, and easily killing off a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign… Could you fight a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign with your current strength?” Big Yellow curiously asked. 

“It is still difficult for me to fight against a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, but I could still hold my ground against them. But a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign like Star Sovereign is extremely hard to fight against, as a Sovereign Lord of an Immortal Court, his strength must not be graded the same as an average Sixth Grade.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He was clear about his own combat strength, he could easily kill a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign and stand his ground against a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign without using his transformation technique. While he could easily kill off a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign and stand his ground against an average Sixth Grade Great Sovereign under the Dragon Transformation technique. But for a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign like Star Sovereign… he does not have any chance against him.

“You’re already monstrous enough.” Big Yellow said sincerely. 

“Oh right. I’ve gained much more than this after advancing, the sixty-sixth level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda has been completed. From what I can surmise from the pagoda, there should something good inside the sixty-sixth floor.” Jiang Chen said.

“For Heaven’s sake, whatcha waiting for, hurry up, open it up and check it.”

Big Yellow’s eyes were about to pop out, he had never forgotten how mysterious the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was. The thirty-third floor of the pagoda has the terrifying temporal law that could slow the normal flow of time by thirty times. Even if the sixty-sixth floor was not related to time, it should contain some juicy stuff, which was already certain. 

“Come, let’s go and check it out together.”

Jiang Chen immediately opened up the gateway of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and went towards the sixty-sixth floor with Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen was extremely eager to find out what’s in the sixty-sixth floor, but he only had the chance to check it now. 


Under the control of Jiang Chen’s divine sense, the door of the sixty-sixth floor opened up, an ancient qi poured out from within immediately, causing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow to instinctively shudder. 

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow entered the small-sized space. 

It was only as big as a palace, there wasn’t any law to be found on the void and there wasn’t a strong fluctuation to be found, there was only a red coloured armour floating on top. 

It was an ancient battle armour with dragon mark carvings, it was surrounded with thick dragon qi, no one knew how long the ancient qi had existed there. 

“Such a fierce-looking battle armour. ”

Big Yellow’s eye shone brightly. Even with his keen eyes, he couldn’t help but commend the armour’s extraordinary quality. 

“It should be a defensive type battle armour. But we do not know how well its defensive capability is. ”

Jiang Chen’s expression was filled with disappointment, seeing that there’s only a battle armour on this floor. He thought that there’s a heaven-defying item kept on this floor, and not just a battle armour. 

“You’ll know everything about the battle armour once you’ve refined it.” Big Yellow said. 

“Alright.” Jiang Chen nodded, even though he was disappointed. This armour was an item of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, so it must be an extraordinary item. 

Jiang Chen reached out his palm and summoned the battle armour and it immediately flew towards Jiang Chen palm. Under Jiang Chen’s divine sense, the battle armour quickly disappeared and immediately covered Jiang Chen’s body.

The moment when the armour covered Jiang Chen’s body, an intense sense of security filled him in an instant. He could feel that he was surrounded by walls, any attacks coming from the outside couldn’t harm him. 

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, defending against all under the Heavens……” 

Information regarding the battle armour poured into Jiang Chen’s mind like a flood, making him to instantly understand the armour. 

After receiving the information completely, Jiang Chen’s previous disappointment evaporated and was replaced by extreme excitement. 

“The ancient Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour is said to have been smelt by the skin of a Divine Dragon, its defensive capabilities are extremely astonishing. I could take on a single attack from an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign when I wear this battle armour.”

Jiang Chen was excited. 

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