Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2045

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Jiang Chen couldn't help being excited since the amour could defend him from a powerful attack of an Eight Grade Great Sovereign. This was exactly a formidable trump card that could protect him.

More importantly, the level of defence of the armor would increase continuously along with his combat strength. In other words, having the battle amour and Great Void Technique, he could go anywhere between the heavens and earth. He could even handle any kind of situation easily in the Barbarian World.

Having this formidable trump card, Jiang Chen was very confident in taking action against Star Sovereign. He had the confidence to fight Star Sovereign with its protection. By the time he and Heaven Sovereign joined hands, Star Sovereign most probably would not be a match for them even if he was strong.

“God damn it! The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda is already so heaven-defying with its Thirtyfold Temporal Law. It is terrifying enough. Now, a battle armor that does not belong in the Immortal World has appeared. Awesome!” said Big Yellow in astonishment, having not seen such a heaven-defying thing.

It was not enough to describe Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as heaven defying. 

“Big Yellow, you said this thing does not belong in the Immortal World. Does that mean there is another world above the Immortal World?” 

Jiang Chen asked and expressed his curiosity. Actually, he knew that the Immortal World was not the end of cultivation because he had not discovered the secrets of the dragon transformation skill yet. The sixth-sixth floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was just condensed and there was still a long way to reach the ninth-ninth floor. That’s why Jiang Chen concluded that there must be a higher world above the Immortal World.

“That’s right. The Immortal World is not the end. There is still the Divine World, a world where divine spirits exist and dominate the myriad of worlds. In the ancient era, numerous excellent Immortal Sovereigns from the various major Immortal Courts were summoned to a mysterious place to participate in a selection. Those who were selected can directly ascend to the Divine World,” said Big Yellow.

“Having a selection in order to ascend the Divine World was really rare. Is there a selection like this in this era?”

Jiang Chen was curious.

“This had disappeared a long time ago. Messengers from the Divine World has not appeared in the Immortal Courts since a long time ago. Since the attack of the Barbarian World, the Immortal Courts seemed to be completely disconnected from the Divine World. It’s said that the Heavenly Dao has been defective. I don’t know the actual situation. However, I think that Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian might have already entered the Divine World in a certain mystical way,” answered Big Yellow.

“Ohh, never heard of such anecdotes”

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh, feeling ignorant about many things regarding the Immortal Court. 

“You don't need to think too much right now. Just be prepared for the upcoming matters. You are not qualified for the Divine World or even the selection yet. Let’s be ready to deal with the Barbarian World.” Big Yellow said.


Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He thought that what Big Yellow said really had a point. Since his present strength was still too weak, it is pointless for him to think so much. He has still a long way to reach the highest realm.

“Let’s go! It’s better if we don't stay inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Star Sovereign might suspect us anytime. Since we have the battle armour now, I am more confident. Once Heaven Sovereign recovers his cultivation realm, let’s fight Star Sovereign,” said Jiang Chen. 

He then turned his body in a flash, and came out of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda with Big Yellow. The Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour was still kept in the sixty-sixth floor of the pagoda as Jiang Chen and the pagoda had become one together. Whenever Jiang Chen wanted to use the armour, he could cast his divine sense and the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour would immediately be worn on his body.

The next day!

* Dong Dong Dong… *

In the early morning, the bell in the Immortal Court rang out. It had been a long time since the bell last rang. The ring alarmed all the elders and disciples of the Immortal Court because this indicated that there would be a serious thing happening soon.

* Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh … *

Soon, there were figueres coming from different location of the Immortal Court, heading towards Star Sovereign Palace. This was the summon from Star Sovereign. Only Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns and above were qualified to enter Star Sovereign Palace.

All of a sudden, more than a hundred people gathered in the huge Star Sovereign Palace. Obviously, these people were at least Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns. From this scene, one could imagine how enormous the Immortal Court was. There were just so many cultivators who were Fourth Grade Great Sovereign and above.

“Do you know why did Star Sovereign summon us here so early in the morning?”

“I am afraid that the only thing that Star Sovereign cares now is the Heaven Sovereign Palace.”

“You are right. It seems like Star Sovereign wants to take action now. If Star Sovereign wants to eliminate Heaven Sovereign, what do we do?”

“Of course we are supporting Star Sovereign. The era of Heaven Sovereign has been over. Star Sovereign is the current power, and the Immortal Court has been in his hand since long ago. Most of the elders are Star Sovereign’s henchmen. We must stand by Star Sovereign.”


As cultivators of Fourth Grade Great Sovereign and above, none of them are fools. They all could already guess why Star Sovereign summoned them today, and they had made up their mind about their stance.

Jiang Chen, Feng Jingyang and Elder Ling also entered the Star Sovereign Palace at this moment. As soon as they saw Ling Liqun, everyone stood up immediately and bowed to show respect. There were three Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns in the Immortal Court and Ling Liqun was one of them. He held a supreme status in the Immortal Court, that’s why no one dared to be disrespectful.

Jiang Chen was actually the only one whose cultivation realm that was not at the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm yet in the assembly. However, no one doubted his arrival and everyone was convinced by his presence.

Jiang Chen was the most popular guy in the Immortal Court now. No one at the scene dared to look down on him. Although he was only a Second Grade Great Sovereign, he had killed Huang Tianbao.

Right after that, there were another two figures that appeared. One of them was a middle-aged guy who had a blue robe and blue hair. He was Star Sovereign. Beside him, there was an elder who had a majestic figure. He looked like he was about the same age as Ling Liqun. He had a pair of gleaming eyes and his forehead was filled with imposing Qi that frightened others to look at his eyes.

This elder was another Sixth Grade Great Sovereign in the Immortal Court, Hu Yong.

Everyone knew that he was Star Sovereign’s loyal supporter. When Heaven Sovereign returned to the Immortal Court, he was the one who suggested Star Sovereign to eliminate Heaven Sovereign.

“Greetings, Sovereign Lord.”

Everyone bowed to Star Sovereign. As the helmsman of the Immortal Court, he has the supreme rights.

“Hmmm... Today I summoned everyone here because I have a very important issue that I would like to discuss. As you guys know, the one who is staying in the Heaven Sovereign Palace is only a Third Grade Great Sovereign. Who knows if he is the real Heaven Sovereign. Heaven Sovereign had vanished in the past, and it has been so many years since that time. Now, suddenly someone came here and pretended to be Heaven Sovereign. His identity is very suspicious. Other than that, in my perspective, the fall of Heaven Sovereign represented the passing of an era. The era of Heaven Sovereign had become history, and we cannot always live in the past,” said Star Sovereign. He was being straightforward without wasting any time. 

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