Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2046

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Star Sovereign’s words had showed his intention clearly. As long as you’re not an idiot, you know what he wanted to do today. Whether the young man was the incarnation of Heaven Sovereign or not was not important. What mattered was Star Sovereign had already been prepared to take action against Heaven Sovereign Palace. So, Heaven Sovereign was doomed to be eliminated.

“You are absolutely right, Sovereign Lord. Heaven Sovereign had become history. Under Star Sovereign’s leadership in these years, the Immortal Court has been prosperous, and none of the other Immortal Courts could compete with us. Because of Star Sovereign’s mercy and generosity, Heaven Sovereign Palace continued to exist until today, safe and sound. However, as far as I can see, Heaven Sovereign Palace should not exist anymore. We, as one Immortal Court, could not accommodate two Sovereign Lords. Am I right?” 

Being the first one who stood up to support Star Sovereign, Hu Yong said it loudly after Star Sovereign's words.

“I only recognize Star Sovereign as the Sovereign Lord of the Immortal Court. Heaven Sovereign had fallen long ago. We don’t know if the one at Heaven Sovereign Palace right now is the real Heaven Sovereign. Even if he is, he is just an incarnation. How can he be qualified to be our Sovereign Lord? I think it is time to eradicate Heaven Sovereign Palace and eliminate that man together at the same time,” said a middle-aged man loudly. His face was fierce and the words he had spoken out was forged ahead with the vigor and vitality of a tiger.

More importantly, his cultivation realm was extremely powerful. He was a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. Looking at his appearance, it seemed like his cultivation realm was the same with Feng Jingyang. 

His name was Li Yanghu. He was the master of Tiger Hall, having supreme ranking in the Immortal Court. Huang Tianbao and him were the henchmen of Star Sovereign. 

There were still more than ten Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns and many of them were elders who rarely showed up. All of them were here today because of this important issue. 

Being the henchman of Star Sovereign, Li Yanghu must stand up to express his stance at this critical moment. 

“Eliminate Heaven Sovereign, support Star Sovereign.”

People started going along with the majority voice and more and more people did so.

Jiang Chen had seen all of these in his eyes, but he sneered in his heart. It was also indisputable because each lord had his own henchmen. Star Sovereign of course had his own era. However, Jiang Chen also saw that there were still a few elders frowning their foreheads. They looked like they did not really agree with Star Sovereign to eliminate Heaven Sovereign because Heaven Sovereign had treated them well in the past.

Unfortunately, supporting Star Sovereign was the consistent trend right now and the only thing they could do was to stand in silence without expressing their opinion. 

Actually, Nangong Wentian did not want to take back his title as Sovereign Lord. After being reincarnated, these kinds of things were not his priorities anymore. Even though he did not care about this, Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian still had to fight against Star Sovereign in order to survive, but not for the title of Sovereign Lord.

Star Sovereign would definitely not let Heaven Sovereign off. Even if Heaven Sovereign gave up everything and left the Immortal Court, Star Sovereign would still rip him out in the dark, root and stem.

If this was the case, it would be better for him to fight Star Sovereign and take back what belonged to him.

Star Sovereign raised his hand, signaling them to keep quiet. Then, he looked at Jiang Chen and asked, “ Jiang Chen, how about you?”

“I will definitely support Sovereign Lord. I will do whatever you willed.”

Jiang Chen said and expressed his stance in an affirmative way.

“Great. Jiang Chen is the number-one genius in our Immortal Court right now. He might even be the most talented genius in the whole Immortal World. His future achievement is boundless.”

Star Sovereign nodded and was very satisfied as Jiang Chen had showed his support in front of the crowd. This was what he wanted to see the most.

“Elder Ling, Jingyang, what do you two think?”

Star Sovereign’s gaze fell on Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang.

Everyone in the hall turned their eyes upon the two of them. They knew that the two of them played important roles in the Immortal Court. Once they show their support to Star Sovereign, there would no longer be an opposing voice in the hall. That also meant Heaven Sovereign’s days were numbered.

“I stand by Star Sovereign.”

“Me too”

Both Feng Jingang and Ling Liqun expressed their stance simultaneously.

“Hahaha… Well done. Everyone is with Star Sovereign. I am afraid no one will be in opposition.”

Hu Yong laughed loudly.

“Perfect. Do we have anyone against the matter of eliminating Heaven Sovereign? If yes, let’s be frank and speak out now.”

Star Sovereign looked around the hall and said.

Everyone kept quiet and nodded,  agreeing with Star Sovereign. Despite having any dissatisfaction, they would not dare show that since even Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun had already showed their support. If they stand up and opposed at this moment, they would only create trouble for themselves.

“Alright. Since there’s no opposing voice, I have decided to eliminate Heaven Sovereign. I would reward Jiang Chen the Heaven Sovereign Palace as his mansion,” said Star Sovereign loudly.

“What? Star Sovereign is gonna give Jiang Chen the Heaven Sovereign palace as reward. This guy is too lucky.”

“Actually, this is already expected. Star Sovereign is trying to win over Jiang Chen’s heart. Everyone can see that Jiang Chen has great potential. He is only a Second Grade Great Sovereign but had managed to kill Huang Tianbao, a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. Of course, Star Sovereign sees his value.”

“Yes, of course. Jiang Chen deserves this.”

Many were in great shock as Star Sovereign offered Jiang Chen such a valuable reward. Despite feeling shocked, they actually understood why Star Sovereign would do this as Jiang Chen’s performance was outstanding. A young man with such potential would definitely be valued by the Immortal Court. 

“Many thanks to Sovereign Lord.”

Jiang Chen palmed up his fist to show respect. He looked incredibly excited.

“In this case, Jiang Chen, I am going to send you to Heaven Sovereign Palace to eliminate Heaven Sovereign”

Star Sovereign looked at Jiang Chen and said.

“Sovereign Lord, although Heaven Sovereign is doomed to become history, he was still Heaven Sovereign of the past. If we eliminate him without any sensible reason, others will think that we are cold-blooded. How about I go to Heaven Sovereign Palace and give him seven days to destroy his Great Sovereign Law? And, he should also not step into the Immortal Court again. Doing this will definitely show your generosity, Sovereign Lord.”

Jiang Chen said this loudly, trying to lift up Star Sovereign’s reputation and morals to the highest level.

Ling Liqun and Feng Jing gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up inwardly after hearing  what he said. This was indeed a good way to gain more time for Heaven Sovereign.

Since Jiang Chen had said something like this in front of the crowd, it’s hard for Star Sovereign to reject his idea. Star Sovereign’s cruelty on the matter of Huang Tianbao had already frightened many of them. This was the time for him to rebuild his trust among the people.

Moreover, Jiang Chen’s idea created no harm to Star Sovereign at all. Although they would not kill Heaven Sovereign directly, eliminating his Great Sovereign Law would turn Heaven Sovereign into an Immortal Venerable. What could an Immortal Venerable do in the Immortal Court?

“Jiang Chen’s right, Sovereign Lord. Let’s give him seven days to leave. That will show your generosity.”

Someone said. The people who spoke up at this moment were probably unwilling to eliminate Heaven Sovereign as they had received his favours in the past.

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