Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2051

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Jiang Chen did not unleash his full strength during his clash with Huang Tianbao. However, the situation today was pressing and he didn’t have any room to hold back. He was fated to slaughter everyone who stood in his way with the Heavenly Dragon Sword right after its transformation. 


The Heavenly Dragon Sword let out an ear-splitting dragon roar. In the hands of Jiang Chen, the sword had become a blood coloured battle dragon, violent sword qi instantly engulfed the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign like a typhoon. 


The Fifth Grade Great Sovereign shouted. A single technique had caused him to feel an imminent threat to his life. At this moment, he knew that Jiang Chen didn’t use his full strength during his fight against Huang Tianbao. This sword strike had utterly scared him. 

One must know that this Fifth Grade Great Sovereign was weaker than Huang Tianbao. He couldn’t block Jiang Chen’s terrifying sword strike even if he used everything he had. 

“Let’s act together.”

The other four had also felt how terrifying Jiang Chen was. Their expression changing drastically, not daring not to be careless and was clear that none of them was Jiang Chen’s match if they were to go against him alone. Without a doubt, only death awaited them. 

At this moment, the five of them could only cooperate, only then could they have a fighting chance against Jiang Chen. 

Yet pitifully, they still looked down on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t bat an eye after facing four attacks from four different directions. He locked onto one person and unleashed a sure-kill technique, giving a massive mental beatdown on the others. 

Moreover, Jiang Chen had already mastered the Great Void Technique, he could easily avoid these attacks. 



The Heavenly Dragon Sword was very powerful, it had thoroughly transformed after the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation. It looked like it had become the strongest sword under the Heavens. That Fifth Grade Great Sovereign was unexpectedly split into two, even his Great Sovereign Law was shattered. The blood of a Great Sovereign violently scattered, the entire scene had become extremely bloody. 


At this moment, the other four Fifth Grade Great Sovereign’s attack reached Jiang Chen. But pitifully, their violent attacks amounted to nothing in front of Jiang Chen. 

“Haha, you guys are too weak. ”

Jiang Chen violently laughed. He then transformed into a true dragon, uniting with his dragon sword. He then unleashed a sure-kill technique again. What happened next was that each sword strike would lock onto one person and each strike would take one life. 

“Oh my god. How monstrous could he be?! A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign couldn’t even take on a single technique of his!”

“He’s  too terrifying. If this continues, he alone could change the whole situation and there’s also that dog and yellow-robed young man. Though they’re just Third Grade Great Sovereigns, each of them was as monstrous as the another.”

“This is too heaven-defying! It’s like the end of the world had descended on the Immortal Court.”


Those disciples and elders that were observing the battle were speechlessly shocked. They knew of Jiang Chen’s monstrosity since he had killed Huang Tianbao, but they’ve never thought that he was THIS monstrous. Five Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns cooperated with each other to fight against him and yet they still couldn't put a scratch on him, he even instantly killed one of them in the process. 

That terrifying combat sword had reached the realm of unbreakable. 

On the other side of the battlefield, the battle between Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign was locked without a result in sight. Both of them were the strongest entity in the Immortal Court, both at the peak of Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. It would be impossible to reach a conclusion in such a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, Hu Yong and Li Yanghu who were fighting Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang, respectively, were also in the same situation, unable to deal a decisive blow on their opponent. 

From the looks of it, the deciding factor to victory fell on the laps of Jiang Chen and his friends. 


Another blood-curdling scream was heard, another Fifth Grade Great Sovereign has died under Jiang Chen’s sword. 

The scene was extremely bloody and too shocking, one Fifth Grade Great Sovereign fell after another, each death also meant a massive loss for the Immortal Court. 

But these losses were inevitable, the Immortal Court needed to go through a great turmoil, a great revolution, they must go through a baptism of blood, only then could it go through a qualitative transformation and be able to truly grow rapidly. 

Most importantly, Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian did not think too much, they were fighting for their lives, those that tried to kill them are all enemies, life and death foes. It was always a matter of life and death when it comes to enemies. 

Two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns tragically died one after another, the whole battlefield was  engulfed with unimaginable shock. Under such an effect, the morale on Star Sovereign’s side started to dwindle. The way they looked at Jiang Chen was like seeing Hades himself, instinctively feeling fear. 

“Star Sovereign, have you seen it? Jiang Chen alone could kill an army. Let's be true, no matter how many Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns you have, they’re still no match against Jiang Chen.”

Heaven Sovereign was smiling. Jiang Chen had always been a miracle worker, from the moment he arrived in the Immortal Court. He knew that Jiang Chen would save him. Only Jiang Chen could change the whole situation of Fengchi Immortal Court. He had even asked Han Feng to do whatever it takes to find Jiang Chen. 


Star Sovereign’s expression was extremely ugly. He could see Jiang Chen’s overbearing strength. Besides anger, he also felt pity. An unrivalled genius such as Jiang Chen. If he could use such a genius, no one would be able to move his position as the Sovereign Lord.

What a pity… this person wasn’t his for the taking but became his enemy. Star Sovereign didn’t want this to happen. 


Another blood-curdling scream came from another Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign had died tragically yet again in the hands of Jiang Chen. 

The remaining two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns were already scared sh*tless. They were standing not too far from Jiang Chen, feeling extremely nervous, they had forgotten how to attack. 

*Fwoosh! Fwoosh!*

They stood blankly on the spot, but Jiang Chen wasn’t feeling generous. Two sword strikes were given in an instant and one of their arms was cut off.  

Their expression had become pale-white, but deep down in their heart, they felt relieved. Since Jiang Chen only cut off one of their arms and did not split them into two. 

In fact, after killing three Fifth Grades, the remaining two had lost all courage to continue fighting. They felt that if they continued, they will surely die tragically in the hands of Jiang Chen. 

“You two. You have one chance to surrender to Heaven Sovereign, just this once, make your decision now.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was chillingly cold. These experts were the Immortal Court’s strength, they were needed to fight against the Barbarian World in the future. It would be great if these assets could be used, since they’re still powerful Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns. 

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