Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2057

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“Little Chen, it just so happens that you’re planning to go to the Barbarian World to save Ling’er. The Golden Clan is deemed to be the biggest bane of the Barbarian Race, now that the Golden Clan has reappeared, you could go visit them first. Probably even get some help on your trip to the Barbarian World.” Nangong Wentian said. 

The whole Immortal Court knew about the contribution of the Golden Clan during the last catastrophe. Truthfully speaking, the Immortal Court may have fallen if it weren’t for the Golden Clan’s contribution. 

As the bane of the Barbarian Race, they must have something that could suppress the Barbarian Race. Jiang Chen must drop by the Golden Clan before proceeding to the Barbarian World. 

When he was in Golden Horizon, Jiang Chen once helped the Golden Clan and received the Sun Divine Feather as the reward. His body contained the Fire of the Golden Crow, and had obtained the approval of the Golden Clan. 

The Golden Clan owed Jiang Chen, he contributed tremendously in the clan’s re-emergence. Furthermore, his wife is also the saintess of the Golden Clan. Hence, he and the Golden Clan were close to one another. 

In addition to Jiang Chen’s abnormal talent and his title of being the unrivalled genius under the heavens, the Golden Clan will definitely regard him highly. Furthermore, in the eyes of the Golden Clan, Jiang Chen was a solid powerhouse to fight against the Barbarian Race in the future. 

“You want to go to the Barbarian World to save Ling’er? That’s too dangerous.”

When Wu Ningzhu heard of Jiang Chen’s plan, she immediately showed a worried expression. She became quite knowledgeable about the Barbarian World after she became the saintess of the Golden Clan, it was precisely so that she could feel the degree of terrifyingness of the place. Jiang Chen’s decision to go to the Barbarian World alone to save Zuo Ling’er was much more dangerous than scaling a bladed mountain, and crossing a sea of flame. The possibility and chance for success were extremely small. Possibly, Jiang Chen may not even walk out of the Barbarian World alive. 

“Big Sis Ning, Ling’er is on the verge of dying. I must go. We may not have been able to walk out of Desolate Ancient Land if it weren’t for Ling’er risking her life to assist us. Therefore,  I will still dive into it, even if the Barbarian World is a den of monsters and devils.” Jiang Chen’s aura spiked. 

*Haih!* Wu Ningzhu couldn’t help but sigh. 

She knew of Jiang Chen’s character: a person who values affection and loyalty highly. Jiang Chen would surely not stay quiet if Ling’er was in danger. Just like how when Nangong Wentian was in trouble, without hesitation, Jiang Chen came to Fengchi Immortal Court for him. No one would be able to change his mind after he had made his decision. 

Furthermore, if Zuo Ling’er was really in danger, Wu Ningzhu had no reason to stop Jiang Chen, because she was also worried about her. 

“Since you’re determined to go, follow me to the Golden Clan. Perhaps, you could gain some help from them.” Wu Ningzhu said. 

“Alright. Let’s not waste time and depart now.” Jiang Chen said.

“Then, I’ll also temporarily return to the Demonic Immortal Island, and prepare for the upcoming catastrophe. Leave Big Yellow here to assist Ah Nan on the matters of the Immortal Court. Little Chen, be careful when you go to the Barbarian World. Though, I believe that the person that is capable of killing you has yet to appear in this world. I hope you’ll create a miracle once more.” Dragon Shisan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. 

“Relax. It’s not easy for me to die.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Some things are needed to be done, Jiang Chen was experienced in facing the people of the Barbarian World. 

After awhile, Jiang Chen followed Wu Ningzhu to the Golden Clan, and Dragon Shisan returned to the Demonic Immortal Island. Whereas Big Yellow was left behind to assist Heaven Sovereign re-organize the Immortal Court. 

The Heavens and Earth were calm, however it gave off a feeling that dark clouds were on the horizon. If a catastrophe really were to descend, this beautiful Immortal Court shall once again become purgatory on earth.  

After they exited the Immortal Court, Wu Ningzhu took out a reddish-gold talisman that has a golden crow dancing, looking extremely mysterious. 

Wu Ningzhu unleashed a golden energy into the talisman and it immediately became an illusory gateway. Behind the gateway was a void passage connected to the Golden Clan. 

Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu’s body disappeared into the illusory gateway in a flash. Afterwards, the gateway vanished and the void became calm once again as if nothing had happened. 

The Golden Clan was situated in the original Golden Horizon. But the current Golden Horizon had become different from the past.

The Golden Horizon of the past was filled with murderous qi and the smell of death was thick, where various demons and monsters run amok. 

With the reappearance of the Golden Clan, the entire Golden Horizon environment had a massive immediate change. The entire space was filled with sacred energy, an ardent sun filled the sky, where it shall never set. No matter if it’s day or night.  

Golden mountains filled the lands, rainbow-coloured divine birds could be seen flying in the skies and blazing hot immortal qi filled the air. There wasn’t a shadow of the previous Golden Horizon. 

“After the Golden Clan reappeared, the entire Golden Horizon was filled with the light of the clan. All existing demons were completely wiped out in an instant. Now, the entire Golden Horizon had become the sacred ground of the Golden Clan. There will be no more opening of the Golden Horizon in the future.” Wu Ningzhu said with a smile. 

“This clan is certainly frightening.” Jiang Chen commended. 

“In the past, Golden Sovereign used a supreme technique to seal the Golden Clan away. After countless years, the Golden Clan has finally reappeared, with its strength retained from the past.” Wu Ningzhu said. 

“How many Great Sovereigns does the Golden Clan possess now?” Jiang Chen curiously asked. 

“I’m not too clear about it, but there should be at least a few hundred Great Sovereigns. Now, the Golden Clan is controlled by Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign. He has reached the peak of Eighth Grade Great Sovereign realm, just a step away from the Ninth Grade, terrifyingly powerful.” Wu Ningzhu said. 


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but gasp after hearing Wu Ningzhu’s words. A peak Eighth Grade Great Sovereign and with the unique bloodline of the Golden Clan, he could be on-par with a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign. Looks like the Golden Clan had really retained the strength it had in the past. The Golden Clan will take on the most important role in the forthcoming catastrophe. 

“At the moment, nobody was aware that the Golden Clan had reappeared once again, not even the experts of the Sovereign Domain. Otherwise, the Golden Clan would’ve been filled by those supreme level sovereigns of the Sovereign Domain.” Wu Ningzhu said while laughing. 

Jiang Chen nodded in agreement. She wasn’t boasting, the fame of the Golden Clan wasn’t something to scoff at. The ruler of the Sovereign Domain may even personally come to congratulate them if he knew about the reappearance of the Golden Clan. 

However, the first thing the Golden Clan did was to invite Jiang Chen, a nameless guy, to the clan. This made Jiang Chen really proud. 

“Let’s go and meet the patriarch.” Wu Ningzhu said. 

She then led Jiang Chen towards the gateway of the Golden Clan. 

It wasn’t Jiang Chen’s first-time seeing this doorway. In the past, on his last moments in the Golden Horizon, Jiang Chen had to go through a fierce battle of life-and-death with the prodigies of several major powers to protect this gateway. But the gateway in front of him was much grander compared to the old relic of the past. 

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