Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2063

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Two days later! 

The martial arena of the Golden Clan was extremely spacious. There was a total of nine golden battle platforms in the arena. Each battle platform was a hundred zhang tall, reaching the clouds with powerful restrictions placed upon them, enabling them to withstand the attacks of Great Sovereigns. 

Today was the most important day after the re-emergence of the Golden Clan.  Early in the morning, the martial arena was filled with people. Especially those youngsters, their eyes were stuck on the battle platform with extreme passion. 

The geniuses of the Golden Clan would compete on those battle platforms. The strongest one would receive the inheritance of the Golden Feather Fan. Of course, that’s only the qualification to obtain it. Whether he/she obtains the approval of the Golden Feather Fan was a different matter altogether. 

Of course, this battle was unnecessary if it’s just to seek out the successor of the Golden Feather Fan. Everyone knew that no one was Jin Tianyuan’s match amongst the numerous geniuses of the clan if he were to get serious. This competition was pointless. 

Therefore, this competition has another deeper meaning, and it was to stimulate the other geniuses’ fighting spirit. The top ten competitors will also obtain great benefits from the clan. This was the reason why the geniuses were so excited about. 

“I shall become famous after today’s battle.”

“I dare not proclaim being famous, but I must perform my best. As for the successor of the Golden Feather Fan, we don’t have a chance for it. It’ll be Brother Tianyuan who obtains it.”

“It’s hard to say, there’s a strong competitor this time.”

“You're talking about that Jiang Chen right? He possessed enormous talent but his cultivation level is just at the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm. It's impossible for him to beat Brother Tianyuan.”

“Not necessarily, it’s too early to conclude. Jiang Chen has already kindled the bloodline power in the Golden Pagoda, his luck is stronger than Brother Tianyuan. Furthermore, we’ve already witnessed how he fights. He was able to kill opponents that were three realms higher than him, he could be Brother Tianyuan’s strongest competitor.”


Discussions could be heard everywhere before the competition began. Jin Tianyuan and Jiang Chen were in the limelight for being the possible successor of the Golden Feather Fan. Before Jiang Chen’s appearance, Jin Tianyuan was basically considered the successor of the Golden Feather Fan by the public. But now, it’s not a foregone conclusion anymore, and the people were paying close attention to it. 

Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign and the high ranking officials of the Golden Clan appeared. Chixiao then explained the rules of the competition: the winner takes all with the individual’s strengths as a gauge. 

The competition started, the geniuses of the Golden Clan enthusiastically participated and intense battle unfolded on each platform. 

Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu stood below, observing the splendid battles that were happening above. Even Jiang Chen couldn’t help but nod silently. 

“I have to say… the Golden Clan is truly strong. Their geniuses are not something that those ‘average’ geniuses could compare,” commented Jiang Chen. 

“Of course. The number one clan in the ancient era is not an unearned title.”

Wu Ningzhu smiled, her words filled with pride. Being the saintess of the Golden Clan, she was naturally happy when she sees the clan being strong. 

“Little Chen, today’s highlight shall be your battle against Jin Tianyuan. How confident are you?” Wu Ningzhu looked at Jiang Chen. 

“Hundred percent confident.” Jiang Chen smiled with thick confidence surging out from his body.

In this world, Jiang Chen had never met anyone who’s two levels higher than him that he couldn’t beat. Not even geniuses like Jin Tianyuan. Moreover, having already understood the bloodline power of the Golden Clan, he was absolutely sure that he could beat Jin Tianyuan, unless Jin Tianyuan’s at the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm.  

The clan was powerful because of their bloodline. Each clan members had the same bloodline power. Hence, their overall strength was strong. Furthermore, their bloodline have a strong suppressive effect against the Barbarians, which resulted in the enormous prestige of the Golden Clan. 

But if one were to compare, the bloodline of the Golden Clan was much weaker compared to Dragon Shisan’s bloodline. 

The morning passed in an instant and most competition had ended. At this moment, the one standing on the battle platform was a youngster named Jin Tiangang. He was a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign that managed to defeat most of the competitors, by far the strongest competitor right now. 


A figure flew up to the stage. It was Jin Tianyuan. 

Jin Tiangang smiled after seeing Jin Tianyuan arriving on the stage. 

“Brother Tianyuan, I’m not your match. I will not compete with you for the place of being the successor of the Golden Feather Fan.”

Jin Tiangang jumped down from the stage right after.

Although they were both Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns, Jin Tianyuan was much too powerful. Jin Tiangang had fought against Jin Tianyuan before and was absolutely defeat. Hence, he didn’t want to embarass himself once more in such a crowd. 

The Golden Feather Fan will choose its successor by itself and would choose the strongest one. In other words, there’s only one person that could get the fan and that’s Jin Tianyuan. 

“Is there anyone that wants to challenge Jin Tianyuan? If there’s none, then I shall bring Jin Tianyuan to receive the inheritance of the Golden Feather Fan.” Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign said loudly.

After he finished speaking, countless gazes landed on Jiang Chen. Even Jin Tianyuan looked towards him. Everyone knew that only Jiang Chen could contend with Jin Tianyuan. 

Furthermore, many of them knew the reason Jiang Chen came to the Golden Clan. It could be said that he’s here for the fan. Hence, Jiang Chen will certainly not back down. 

“I’ll challenge him.”

Jiang Chen said aloud, and his body appeared on the stage opposite of Jin Tianyuan. As predicted by everyone. 

Jiang Chen gave up two days of his time before going to the Barbarian World to compete for the Golden Feather Fan. Thus, his battle with Jin Tianyuan was inevitable. 

“Jiang Chen, I’ve heard of your name. Moreover, I’m impressed that you could absorb the essence of the bloodline power from the Golden Pagoda. Just by this alone, you're definitely stronger than me. I, Jin Tianyuan, am rarely impressed by someone, but you, Jiang Chen, are one of them. However, I will not be merciful in today’s battle. Because I do not wish for the Golden Feather Fan to fall into the hands of an outsider.” Jin Tianyuan said to Jiang Chen. 

“Brother Jin’s word is wrong. I am no outsider. I have officially joined the Golden Clan, and the bloodline of the Golden Crow also flowed in my body.”

Jiang Chen smiled. His impression of Jin Tianyuan wasn’t bad. Jin Tianyuan speaking such words also meant that he’s a guy with attitude and Jiang Chen likes to befriend this kind of people. 

“Haha. Good. Such being the case, let me see what you are made of. People say that you’re able to defeat enemies that are three levels higher than you. I’ll be the one to judge that.”

Jin Tianyuan laughed and a terrifying aura gushed out from his body. 

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