Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2064

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Golden qi waves splurge out like tidal waves, covering the whole stage. Jin Tianyuan’s body disappeared and flew up towards the sky, opening up a battlefield. For people like him and Jiang Chen, their fights were extremely violent, those powerful restrictions placed on the stage weren’t enough to withstand their attacks. 

“Come! Jiang Chen.” Jin Tianyuan shouted. 

Jin Tianyuan’s body was filled with unparalleled battle intent. He and Jiang Chen were people who liked to fight. Their goal was no longer the Golden Feather Fan, but to seek for a good opponent to fight with, wanting a truly exciting fight. 

The appearance of Jiang Chen really made Jin Tianyuan excited. It would be boring if he were to get the Golden Feather Fan without a fight. 


Jiang Chen let out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering dragon roar and immediately used his dragon form and flew up towards the battlefield in the sky. 

“Such a terrifying transformation skill.”

Numerous people gasped in awe. But they weren’t surprised with Jiang Chen’s transformation as the previous records had already shown that Jiang Chen could instantly increase his combat strength by ten-fold, extremely terrifying. 

Jin Tianyuan moved, both of his hand gestured a powerful seal and in an instant, the seal was unleashed. It immediately changed into a giant divine bird with a fierce flame covering its body. Following a shout from Jin Tianyuan, the divine bird attacked Jiang Chen.  

“Water Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen also moved, and unleashed the Water Dragon Seal. 


A giant water dragon flew out and roared, instantly clashing with Jin Tianyuan’s divine bird. 


The two powerful attacks clashed against each other, completely shredding the void, tearing up a big hole. 

Water Dragon, Fire Bird! 

Fire and water are incompatible against each other, but in such an intense battlefield, the water dragon had the upper hand. The attribute it possessed was much better against the opponent, and Jiang Chen’s Third Grade Great Sovereign realm combat strength was more than enough to suppress Jin Tianyuan, causing Jin Tianyuan to feel immense pressure. 


Under the strong attacks of the water dragon, the firebird was utterly destroyed. Jin Tianyuan showed a shocked expression. 

Obviously, Jin Tianyuan hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would be this powerful. 

However, Jin Tianyuan did not feel discouraged nor afraid. He got even more excited, and his hair stood on end like he was preparing for a strong attack. 

“Look. Brother Tianyuan is unleashing the Nine Changes of the Golden Crow. This is our Golden Clan’s strongest attack. Brother Tianyuan could already unleash it up to the eighth change. I wonder if Jiang Chen could take it.”

“I have no issue with it. Jiang Chen is too powerful. Even though he’s just a Third Grade Great Sovereign, his combat strength is extremely powerful. Brother Tianyuan already lost their first clash.”

“Truly. Such an intense competition! Making people’s blood pump just from watching them. Jiang Chen is also part of the Golden Clan now. I’ve no qualms in any one of them winning.”


All of them were extremely excited. Such a fierce battle could only seen it a battle between the strongest geniuses of the younger generation.

Furthermore, in the hearts of many, they had already subconsciously accepted Jiang Chen. A genius like Jiang Chen joining the Golden Clan was an extremely good thing for them. This was without a doubt. 

Therefore, no matter if it was Jiang Chen or Jin Tianyuan who wins and obtain the Golden Feather Fan, the others would still be happy nonetheless. Because it would be used against the Barbarian Race in the end. 

On top of the battlefield, eight giant golden crows could be seen circling above Jin Tianyuan. Those crows were extremely lifelike as if they were real divine birds. Each of them contained strength that could move mountains, its power would certainly be unimaginable if it were to attack simultaneously. 

“Jiang Chen, this Nine Changes of the Golden Crow is my strongest technique. I’ve already cultivated it towards the eight change, its strength it’s terrifying and lethal, be careful.” Jing Tianyuan said loudly. 

“Come. Let me see how powerful it is.”

Jiang Chen’s fighting intent was unparalleled, he had to admit that Jin Tianyuan was a good opponent. He was strong and this kind of person really made Jiang Chen feel excited. 

The Nine Changes of the Golden Crow was a unique battle skill of the Golden Clan. Jiang Chen held great anticipation towards this battle kill. 


The eight golden crows continuously sent out a heaven-shaking cries. Afterwards, the eight golden crows formed a straight line and rammed towards Jiang Chen. But before reaching Jiang Chen, the eight crows merged into one, increasing its power by eight-folds. 

This technique was extremely destructive. An average Sixth Grade Great Sovereign would either be dead or crippled if he/she were to face this technique. 

Facing such a powerful technique, Jiang Chen also shouted. He let out a heaven-shaking dragon roar. A terrifying Qi of slaughter flowed out from his body with a hint of the Great Dao. 


A terrifying blood-coloured dragon appeared. That dragon’s eyes were entirely blood-red without a shred of compassion, and a had a will to slaughter everything, clashing straight towards the Golden Divine Crow. 

“Such a powerful fellow. Tianyuan has lost.” A Seventh Grade Great Sovereign couldn’t help but say. 

“You’re right. This Jiang Chen is something else. Look at his attacks, there’s a hint of the Great Dao from it. It’s a type of powerful Dao of slaughter, akin to the Dao of destruction. Unless Tianyuan managed to use the Ninth Change of the Nine Changes of the Golden Crow, he doesn’t stand a chance against Jiang Chen.” Another Seventh Grade Great Sovereign said. 

Jin Chixiao’s eyes lit up with splendour and with a hint of shock. Obviously, Jiang Chen’s performance also gave him a surprise. 


A terrifying qi wave engulfed the sky, the slaughter dragon was much too powerful, the will of slaughter was truly capable of destroying everything in the Heavens and earth. 

The eight change golden crow was almost instantly eradicated upon clashing with the dragon, completely overpowered by the latter. 


Jin Tianyuan suffered an enormous backlash, he was only able to steady his body after retreating a dozen steps back. His face had become extremely pale and his qi was in disorder. His strength was reduced to half his original strength from just the previous clash. 

In other words, if this was a battle of life and death, there’s only death awaiting him in his current condition.

“Brother Jiang. I lost. ”

Jin Tianyuan said to Jiang Chen with his fist clasped. Even though he was reluctant, he had to admit that he wasn’t Jiang Chen’s match. The Eight Changes of the Golden Crow couldn’t do anything to Jiang Chen. The result was clear and further attempts would only be futile, and it would only show that Jin Tianyuan wasn’t magnanimous and couldn’t take a lost. 

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