Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2069

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The sound of intense fighting accompanied by blood-curdling screams could be heard. The people from Wuke Family had lost half of their members in just mere minutes after the other two parties joined hands together and the surviving half had also suffered injuries. 

“Haha, Wuke Hong. You guys are dead meat.”

An expert of the Wuzi Family said with a big laugh as if they were prey ready to be butchered. 

The youngster named Wuke Hong was the leader of the Wuke Family. He’s a peak half-step Barbaric Sovereign. However, his expression was extremely ugly, and he’s now out of breath after fighting two experts alone. 

Jiang Chen who was observing near the site prepared to act after he saw the Wuke Family losing half of their men. 

“Wuzi Family, Wuhuang Family. You guys are fearless! You dared to gang up on my Wuke Family?! ”

At this moment, a shout was heard within the vicinity. Everyone then looked at the direction where the sound came from, they saw the black-clothed Wuke Shan rushing towards them with killing intent. 

“Brother Shan!”

The people from the Wuke Family immediately showed relief when they saw Wuke Shan. No matter what, Wuke Shan was a half-step Barbaric  Sovereign. It brought hope to those who were in despair when he appeared at such a critical moment. 

“Great! Another one has come to seek death.”

“Wuke Shan, today is the day we settle our score!”

The two half-step Sovereigns from the Wuzi and Wuhuang family coldly said after seeing Wuke Shan. Jiang Chen didn’t recognise the prodigy of the Wuhuang Family. But from the looks of it, Wuke Shan and him must have been enemies in the past. 

“Hmmph! You guys are fearless! Thinking that you could kill me with just the two of you!”

Jiang Chen harrumphed and attacked preemptively. He unleashed a terrifying black wave that engulfed the prodigy of the Wuhuang Family instantly. 

At the same time, Jiang Chen appeared in front of his opponent in a blink of an eye. 

An extremely intense sense of danger immediately engulfed Jiang Chen’s opponent’s heart, fearing for his life. Jiang Chen’s opponent immediately felt something was wrong, as he had never thought that Wuke Shan who was on-par with him would suddenly become so powerful.

However, it was already too late because Jiang Chen’s attack had already reached him. A black palm struck his skull and a shattering sound was heard. That person’s skull was instantly shattered into pieces, and he died a horrible death. 


The expert of the Wuzi Family gasped in surprise. His eyes were filled with shock, looking at Wuke Shan like he was some sort of ghost. To think that Wuke Shan was able to kill a half-step Barbaric Sovereign expert in an instant, the shock it created was just too much to handle. 

Most importantly, Wuke Shan was also a half-step Barbaric Sovereign. His cultivation and combat strength should be on the same level as them. Plus, they had already clashed many times before in the past. Hence, his inability to accept Wuke Shan becoming so powerful suddenly grew so strong. 

“Hmph! Let’s die together.”

Jiang Chen didn’t stop. The terrifying qi wave locked onto the prodigy of the Wuzi Family, not giving him the chance to get away. Jiang Chen then pointed his finger out. His finger was like the sharpest blade in existence. *thrust* The opponent died miserably with a hole in his skull. 

Jiang Chen killed two half-step Barbaric Sovereigns in an instant, they couldn’t even defend against a single technique of his. The shock it created was too much to handle, causing the others to be extremely surprised with their mouths hanging wide open. The people of the Wuke Family were extremely surprised than their enemies, as they had never expected Wuke Shan to be stronger than them to such a degree. 

It was because the people of Wuke Family knew Wuke Shan’s strength very well. The opponents from the other family weren’t that weak, and he shouldn’t be that strong that he could kill them instantly. It was truly absurd! 

“What are you all standing there for?! Kill them!”

Jiang Chen shouted towards Wuke Hong and the others who were still in a daze. He then took a battle sword out of nowhere and filled it with barbaric force. 

The terrifying combat sword swept across the battlefield and blood-curdling screams could be heard continuously. At least seven or eight people died in a single swing of his. They weren’t on the same level, Jiang Chen’s strength could easily kill an Immortal Venerable like stomping an ant. 

“Kill!!!!” Wuke Hong shouted. 

He led the other four remaining survivors and attacked. It was not the time to be in a daze and think how Wuke Shan become so powerful. The most important thing to do for him was to kill the enemies and avenge the deaths of his clansmen. 


Unceasing screams were heard. In just a few moments, everyone from the Wuzi Family and Wuhuang Family were all slaughtered. 

Jiang Chen’s face did not have a shred of compassion after seeing the place filled with corpses. He wouldn’t feel a single thing, killing off all these barbarians. These people were enemies of the Immortal World. Having one dead meant that the burden of the Immortal World would be lessened by one. 

“Brother Shan. You… How did you become so powerful suddenly?” Wuke Hong looked at Wuke Shan with disbelief. 

“Wuke Hong. I’ve reached the level of the Barbaric Sovereign realm. Killing them is as easy as stomping ants.”

Jiang Chen glanced at Wuke Hong and said coldly. He got to know Wuke Hong’s name from the conversations earlier. Hence, he wouldn’t mistakenly call his name. 

After that, Jiang Chen’s hand grabbed and took the giant rock away. Jiang Chen could absorb the rock’s energy no matter how special the energy inside the rock. 

Wuke Hong and the others did not question when Jiang Chen took the rock away. Since Jiang Chen had just saved their lives and was also one of them. Plus, he had just rose to the realm of Barbaric Sovereign, he had become a different level of existence compared to them.

The ranks of the Barbarian Race was strict. The status of a Half-step Barbaric Sovereign and a full-fledged Barbaric Sovereign was entirely different. Wuke Shan now possess the qualification to become a high ranking official of the Wuke Family after attaining this realm, and could even attend the meetings of the high ranking officials. 

“Congratulations! Brother Shan on becoming a Barbaric Sovereign!”

“Brother Shan is truly powerful. You must’ve met some fortuitous encounter that allowed you to raise your cultivation. With your position and status in the family going up, we hope for Brother Shan to take care of us in the future.”

“Yeah, yeah! We’ll follow the lead of Brother Shan from now on!”


The others already started to flatter Wuke Shan crazily and did not suspect Jiang Chen’s identity whatsoever. 

It was only normal, as Jiang Chen’s disguise was almost perfect, whether be it his voice, appearance or aura, it was the same as Wuke Shan. No one would suspect him! 

“Easy. But tomorrow is going to be the end of the trial. The Wuzi Family and Wuhuang family dared to gang up on us today. Then, we’ll use the remaining time to kill the members of the Wuzi and Wuhuang Family. To avenge our clansmen!” Jiang Chen’s aura spiked and said. 

“Yes! Brother Shan is right! Motherfuc**rs! The Wuzi and Wuhuang Family shall pay! We need to let them know what we’re made of!” Wuke Hong said fiercely. 

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