Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2082

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“What Little Chen said is right. The reason why the Barbarian World deployed such a large army must be because of the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. The Ancient Elephant Blood within my body is the symbol of the Barbarian Divine and it’s very important to their race. When Little Chen was in the Miniature Fengchi World, he encountered an expert from the Barbarian World who purposely came to fight for the bloodline. Even though the war has just begun, they’ve already sent such an army here, this only showed that they are here for the bloodline,” said Heaven Sovereign.

The barbarian army flooded into the sky, and boundless black gales were rolling here and there. It is imaginable that the Immoral Court would become a hellish warzone once the great war started. 

The eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were standing in front of Jiang Chen. From their yellow clothes, Jiang Chen could recognise that they were the people of Wu Huang Family.

The leader was a fit elder who has a pair of glittering but sunken eyes. His eyes were searching for something in the crowd and finally, he fixed his gaze on Heaven Sovereign.

“The Ancient Elephant Bloodline is in his body.”

The elder pointed at Heaven Sovereign and said.

The other seven Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns’ gaze fell on Heaven Sovereign as well at the same time. Their eyes were filled with blaze. They were here today for a mission, they must bring the Ancient Elephant Bloodline back to their world. Once they obtained the bloodline, the Barbarian World would be close to the existence of the divine spirit, and that time would be truly the Judgement Day of the Immortal World.

“You, take the Ancient Elephant Bloodline out from your body and you will become our honored guest. If you do so, you can enjoy endless glory and prosperity.”The elder spoke to Heaven Sovereign.

“From the beginning of time, the people of the Barbarian Race has been fond of killing, they are no different from savages. Unexpectedly, their intelligence is so low. How could they say something like this without using their brain?”

Heaven Sovereign snorted and turned up his nose at the elder’s words. He really did not know why the old man threatened him to hand out the bloodline and surrender to the Barbarian Race. 

“Don't refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! Since our army is here confronting against you guys right now, your world will struggle with death and defeat in our hands anytime. If you choose to surrender now, we will spare you a life and you can still live well in the future. If you reject this offer, we will take action immediately and eradicate everything here. With your current strength, you are not our match. You better think twice!”

The elder continued to say.

“You’ve thought too much about invading our world. If I were you, I would escape back to Barbarian World as soon as possible. If we really start fighting, I am afraid none of you would be left alive,” Heaven Sovereign said loudly. 

It’s indeed stressful to face eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns, yet Jiang Chen was on their side, and most probably he could kill all of these Barbarian Sovereigns by himself.

One should know that Jiang Chen had a way to suppress the Barbarian Race. When he was just a Second Grade Great Sovereign, he had already managed to kill a Six Grade Great Sovereign, not to say he’s a Third Grade Great Sovereign now. Killing a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was a piece of cake for him.

Based on Nangong Wentian’s understanding of Jiang Chen, he can say with confidence that even if more Sixth Grade Barbaran Sovereigns appeared here, that would still be of no avail.

“Elder, let’s save our time and take action immediately and kill everyone here, then take the Ancient Elephant Bloodline away. There’s no need to talk too much with the people of the Immortal World,” one of the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign said. His killing intent was towering, which revealed the Barbarian Race’s bloodthirsty disposition.

“Everyone, listen up! Get ready for a fight.”

Heaven Sovereign shouted out loud to the people of the Immortal Court.

“Yes, Lord Sovereign.”

The people of the Immortal Court shouted in unison with their powerful imposing manner. Since Jiang Chen and Heaven Sovereign were with them, they had no reason to fear the Barbarian Race.


On the other side, the elder of Barbarian Race gave a loud shout, then hundreds and thousands of them rushed out in their battle mode. In a flash, they were in a fierce fight and a bloody war finally broke out.

At the same time, the eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns had also taken action to attack the Immortal Court. Feng Jingyang was confronting one of them while Ling Liqun was also blocking one of them. The other six were all targeting Heaven Sovereign as they were here for the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. There was no morality or justice in their mind and nothing could negatively affect their dignity as they only lived for their own interest.

Their only goal here was to kill Heaven Sovereign to get his bloodline. That’s all.

They did not care about using what kind of method in order to achieve their goal.

“Little Chen, it seems that they don’t put you in their eyes at all.”

Heaven Sovereign smiled at Jiang Chen.

“That’s their loss.” 

As soon as Jiang Chen finished his words, he casted the dragon transformation technique and the valorous Heavenly Dragon Sword appeared in his hand. Jiang Chen then waved the sword, and released thousands of layers of sword Qi, slashing one of the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns.

“A Third Grade Great Sovereign is courting death.”

The Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign snorted and tried to lay Jiang Chen out. 

Jiang Chen did not respond with words, but immediately counterattacked with his sword. It was an extremely aggressive strike filled with all of his strength. The first ever sword Qi was strong enough to exterminate all of the opponent’s attacks. 

In the next moment, Jiang Chen’s long sword destroyed everything and fell on the head of the Barbarian Sovereign.


That barbarian shouted in fear as he knew that he had terribly underestimated his enemy. Jiang Chen’s sword strike had brought him a sense of danger and the threat of death. At the same time, he learnt that the most terrifying one wasn’t the three Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns, but the Third Grade Great Sovereign whom they had severely underestimated.


However, it was already too late. Jiang Chen’s long sword carried a boundless fire wave. The enormous sword Qi was interwoven with fire, creating a web that instantly besieged the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. The Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign failed to resist it. He was torn up by Jiang Chen’s sword and died on the spot.

Needless to say, Jiang Chen did not forget to absorb all the divine Qi released by the death of the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was opened up, devouring the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign completely.

These barbarians were nourishment to Jiang Chen. He needed all of them as nourishments to advance his cultivation realm. This was the only way to help him to fight until the final confrontation.


Just a moment ago, the other five Barbarian Sovereigns had just besieged Heaven Sovereign, but they were soon alarmed by what had happened at Jiang Chen’s side. Each of them cried out in alarm. They looked at Jiang Chen like they were seeing a ghost. Their eyes were filled with astonishment because they had never expected that the strength of a Third Grade Great Sovereign of the Immortal World could be so formidable. 

“Hahaha. I have already warned you. As you did not leave earlier, I am afraid that none of you can’t escape anymore.”

Heaven Sovereign laughed.

“I am going to restrain this guy, the four of you join hands to kill that dragonman.”

The elder of Wu Huang Family changed their battle strategy immediately as there was an unexpected lapse of judgement just now. They had neglected the biggest threat, that’s why they must focus on eradicating this threat first, and that was Jiang Chen. 

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