Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2087

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For the Profound Yin Cult, the Devil Mountain had only existed in the legends as no one had ever seen the actual mountain and knew of its location.

As the legend goes, only a remarkably talented genius could go into the Devil Mountain, and experience heavenly-defying transformation. 

Over the ages, there were many different geniuses and outstanding masters that come out of Profound Yin Cult, spending their whole lifetime to find the location of Devil Mountain, yet none of them had succeeded. 

Until Han Yan appeared, the legend became a possibility, then now became a truth. After Han Yan left, many people from Profound Yin Cult did not believe that he could find Devil Mountain because no one had ever done so in the past.

However, it seemed like Han Yan finally achieved success. He must have found Devil Mountain and experienced heavenly-defying transformation. That was the only reason to explain his advancement to the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm.

No one knew what Han Yan had obtained in the Demon Mountain, but obviously the Demon Mountain had brought up an unparalleled Great Sovereign.

At first, the people of the Barbarian Race was filled with towering killing intent, but now they were all trembling in fear under the dreadful mighty pressure.

“Mother fucker! Why would there be a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign all of a sudden? There shouldn’t be such formidable existence in Profound Yin Cult.”

The leader of the Barbarian Race scolded loudly. A Six Grade Great Sovereign created too much pressure to them. 

Han Yan’s eyes gave out a brilliant light as he glanced around the place. As soon as he identified the battlefield, he immediately stretched out his heavenly devil claw.

The black devil claw was like the Heaven Sovereign’s barrier, covering hundreds of masters of the Barbarian Race. With the devil claw, he had caught most of the higher-ups. 


Blood-curdling screams resounded from the group of barbarians. Under Han Yan’s claw, hundreds of barbarians died on the spot and became ashes, leaving no remains behind. 

Merely this strike had managed to kill so many people. Han Yan’s body then shook and disappeared in an instant as he was no longer needed on the battle-field anymore.

“Incredible. Where did the Chosen One go?”

“The Chosen One is too strong. The battle here is not suitable for him to train himself anymore. He needed a larger battle field.” 

“That’s right. Since the war between the Immortal World and Barbarian World has already erupted, battles must have spread to every place in the Immortal World. The Chosen One has already advanced to the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. So, he was no longer interested in our battle anymore. He pinched so many highers up to death just now and helped us, Profound Yin Cult, to solve our crisis. In the following days, we have to depend on ourselves.”


Han Yan was standing above the sky, and his devil eyes were looking at the smoke and battlefield around. As the catastrophe had already descended, he was thinking if he could do something for the Immortal World.

“I don’t know how Little Chen and the others are doing right now. I think they must be fighting at different places.”

After Han Yan said that, he looked at the direction of the Ethereal Immortal Court. 

“I can sense that there is a dreadful battle taking place at the Ethereal Immortal Court. It seems like they are facing a crisis. Although we had some grudges in the past, it’s necessary to put them aside at this critical moment because confronting the Barbarian Race is more important,” said Han Yan. 

Having such a high cultivation realm, he could sense a lot of things. As long as Han Yan wanted to know, he could find anything out in the Immortal Domain with just a simple thought. 

Battles were everywhere, however, the most suitable battlefield for him right now was only at the Immortal Court.

At this moment, the Ethereal Immortal Court is the one!

Exactly as Han Yan expected, the Immortal Court was currently facing an unprecedented crisis. Despite its powerful strength, it was still struggling with the stronger opponent. 

Undeniably, the Barbarian World had become incomparably terrifying after hundreds of years of recuperation and strength-building. Their combat strength was almost stronger than the Immortal World’s strength. There were twelve major families in the Barbarian World, and the masters in each family were countless. 

At the moment, there were five Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns attacking the Ethereal Immortal Court. On the other hand, there were only three Six Grade Great Sovereigns at the Immortal Court’s side. Obviously, the Immortal Court appeared to be on the disadvantageous position.  

The entire Immortal Court was covered with battles. All of the elders and disciples of the Immortal Court participated in the battle, and was having the most tragic war with the vicious Barbarian Race.

The cries of those before they died, tearing sounds and blood-curdling screams. 

Blood could be seen everywhere, the entire battlefield was tainted with blood. It was full of human and barbarian blood. Corpses were falling down from the sky one by one.

Great Sovereigns, or even Immortal Venerables, have unlimited lifespan and were immortal. However, immortality did not exist in a war like this. No one knew if you could still stay alive at the next second. The enemy was too brutal and most of them fought with the cost of their life.


A Sixth Grade Great Sovereign elder was defeated at the end and spurted out a mouthful of blood. Even the Ethereal Sovereign Lord was struggling very hard, and was using the combat sword in his hand to bring into play the most deadly attack. However, his resistance was of no avail as there were five Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns fighting with the three of them.

“Like the beast struggling in the trap. Hahaha”

The leader of the Barbarian Race laughed, his face showing the colour of despise. 


Suddenly, a dreadful sound suddenly slammed in the sky. A big hole emerged in the sky and a white haired young man suddenly came out of it. It was the arrival of a peerless Great Sovereign.

Han Yan was holding a black staff in his hand. After he arrived, he immediately aimed at one of the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. Waving his staff, he looked like a devil dragon. In a flash, he appeared near the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign.

With his guard down, the Sixth Grade Barbarian was smashed to death by the staff on the spot.

After coming back from Devil Mountain, Han Yan’s combat strength had achieved an incomparably terrifying level. With his supreme devil staff, he was almost an invincible existence in the world.

He might not be as monstrous as Dragon Shisan, but the destruction he could bring was not much different from what Dragon Shisan could do.When dealing with a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, they could simply kill their opponent with a strike.

“Who are you?”

The leader of the Barbarian Race gave a loud shout but his countenance had already fallen. They all looked at the white haired guy who had just arrived. As soon as he arrived, this guy killed one of their Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. It was not a minor loss to the Barbarian Race.

“He is Han Yan, Jiang Chen’s friend. It’s unexpected that he has become so powerful. I bet he must have gained some exceptional experience,” said an elder.

Ethereal Immortal Court had almost researched everything about Jiang Chen in the past. They even knew about the friends around Jiang Chen. That’s why it was not surprising that they could recognise Han Yan’s identity with a single glance.

“No one knew that he will be the one to save our Immortal Court.”

“It seems like we have to put our grudges aside.”

“Yes. This is a critical moment of confronting the Barbarian Race. How can we still talk about grudges when the catastrophe is here. Han Yan has disregarded the previous grudges we had and had come here to help us. I think our Immortal Court owed him a favor.

Including the Ethereal Sovereign Lord, the two Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns had the same thought regarding this matter. The arrival of Han Yan had put all the grudges to an end.

“Let me kill him!”

The leader of the Wufeng Family took action immediately, pouncing towards Han Yan. He did not believe that this Sixth Grade Great Sovereign was unbeatable. He was the most powerful one amongst them, so only he could take action in this situation. 

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