Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2091

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Everyone from the Mi Luo Immortal Court couldn’t help but sigh after they saw Jiang Chen had left. Most of them had thought of killing him at least once in the past, and they hadn’t given up that thought even before he showed up just minutes ago. 

But now, those grudges had disappeared without a trace. In the face of the catastrophe, personal grudges have become insignificant. Most importantly, they couldn’t take their revenge on him even if they wanted to! The disparity between them and Jiang Chen was already too big. 

“Sovereign Lord. We now owe Jiang Chen. If it weren’t for him, the Immortal Court may have fallen today,” an elder said. 

“Let bygones be bygones. In this catastrophe, no one could predict whether they’ll live to see another day. Not even I know whether I’ll live another day.” Mi Luo Sovereign Lord said while shaking his head. 

Everything had become insignificant in the face of this catastrophe, the most important thing was to stay alive. 

Just like the other battlefields, it became a one-sided massacre after those Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns had fallen, only death awaited for the remaining barbarians. 

Meanwhile, the other Immortal Courts also faced the intense onslaught of the Barbarian Race. But they were all solved at the crucial moments thanks to the help of Dragon Shisan, Han Yan and Tyrant. 

Jiang Chen then appeared in the Radiance Immortal Court after he left the Mi Luo Immortal Court, and the result was just the same as before. All his past grudges with the Radiance Immortal Court were wiped after he had killed five Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. 

Whereas for Jiang Chen, the dragon mark in his body had once again risen to 1.87 million after he had refined the energy gained from those Sixth Grade Barbaric Sovereigns. Only 30,000 dragon marks were needed for him to reach the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm. Another thing was that the sixty-ninth floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was already completed. Jiang Chen has once again become more powerful, and more terrifying. 

However, he only managed to increase a single level on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda after defeating numerous barbarian sovereigns and only 20,000 dragon marks had been condensed in his body. This indicated that the energy needed for him to increase his strength had become tremendous and a much stronger foe was needed; the process for him to increase his strength had become much harder compared to the past.  

But Jiang Chen did not feel disheartened, his growth was already shocking for others as it is. The others would’ve had their blood vessel popped if they found out that he’s still unsatisfied with his current speed of growth. 

He did not need to worry as the catastrophe had just started. The barbarians were his nourishment and could be absorbed unceasingly. Furthermore, those barbarians would send out even more powerful experts next time after facing such a loss. At that time, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to rise to the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm and exterminate a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign. 

The loss incurred by the Barbarian World was uncountable, especially the loss of their high-ranking experts, and this was just the first day after launching their attack on the Immortal World.  

For the Barbarian World, the reason they had laid low and built up their strength for so many years was all for the purpose of dealing a decisive blow to the Immortal World, not giving the Immortal World a chance to react, instantly crippling them. 

They had made the most thorough plan for the nine great Immortal Courts, White Dragon Temple and the Demonic Immortal Island in order to deal a decisive, crippling blow on them. 

Without a doubt, they should’ve taken over the Immortal World on the first day of the attack.

Yet, fate supersede their own, not even the twelve Great Ancestors of the Barbarian Race could anticipate that there would be so many powerful experts that would appear in the Immortal World. 

Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan, Han Yan, and Tyrant. The whole situation was reversed with just the four of them. Making the supposedly great start of the barbarians to fall into eternal damnation. 

However, although they had managed to gain temporary success, the Immortal World must not lower their guard as this was just the tip of the iceberg. 

This was just the first wave of the Barbarian Race’s attack. Even though they had suffered a great loss, it wasn’t enough to stop their track. The Barbarian World would surely change their tactics, and the next wave of attack will be fiercer and more savage than before. 

The battles on the nine Great Immortal Courts, White Dragon Temple and the Demonic Immortal Island had ended. But the battles around the Immortal World did not stop, many other domains were still in the midst of battle. 

Jiang Chen and the gang did not rest after they had solved the crisis of the Immortal Courts. They then dispersed to the other domains of the Immortal World, the things they must do and people they must save were innumerable. 

Jiang Chen saw the tragicness of the war during his journey around the Immortal World. He saw countless people die and their Dao extinguished by the hands of the barbarians. 

Jiang Chen took out the Gold Feather Fan and for the next seven days, his footprints could be seen in many different places of the Immortal World. Every enemy was wiped out whenever the Gold Feather Fan was seen. The fan’s lethality was thorough and powerful when it comes to dealing against the barbarians.  

On the eighth day, the barbarian army began to withdraw, they grouped up on the westernmost land of the Immortal World, and the Immortal World had gained a short and temporary peace. 

Too much death was seen in these seven days. The whole Immortal World was engulfed in a doomsday vibe. And even though they managed to fend off the barbarian army, nobody felt happy. Because they knew that this was just the start of the war, the catastrophe was far from over. 

Whereas within these seven days, Jiang Chen’s name had resounded throughout the whole Immortal World. He had become a divine figure in the eyes of others, the saviour of the Immortal World. Dominating the world with the Gold Feather Fan. 

Everyone knew that if it weren’t for Jiang Chen, the Immortal World would’ve been devastated and most of them wouldn’t have lived to see another day. 

In the Fengchi Immortal Court. 

The original tranquil skies were suddenly engulfed by an unparalleled pressure. Then, a fierce old man suddenly appeared in the sky. The sky of Fengchi Immortal Court was covered by a thick black smoke the instant the old man appeared. The people of the Immortal Court were pressured by the aura emitted by the old man. 

“Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign”

“A Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign has appeared. How do we deal with him? Jiang Chen is not back yet.” 

“Shit. Shouldn’t a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign only appear in Sovereign Domain? Why is he here?!”


The whole Immortal Court became restless and their expression was extremely ugly. 

Heaven Sovereign too, was the same. He knew that the opponent was here for the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. But he wasn’t afraid, not even a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign would find it easy to kill him if he used everything he had. 

But that old man was definitely powerful, possessing a peak Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign realm cultivation, just a step away from the Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign realm. Heaven Sovereign had just recovered his strength to his prime in his previous life. In terms of innate talent, he was inferior compared to Dragon Shisan and Han Yan. It would be hard for him to face a peak Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign alone. 

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