Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2096

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The outer part of the battlefield was instantly demolished. The Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique versus the True Dragon Body. The Slaughter Dragon Seal’s prestige was boundless, it almost had the whole killing intent of the Great Dao Law. In addition to Jiang Chen’s unification of the Heavenly Dao, the full force of his attack was not something that Wuke Tianxiang could take effortlessly. 


Wuke Tianxiang, even with the Ancient Barbaric Combat Physique, could only stabilize his body after taking a dozen steps back. His hair had become disorderly and blood could be seen on the corner of his mouth. 

This scene was witnessed by everyone from both camps, and their reactions were different from one another. 

On the side of the Immortal World, Jiang Chen had finally gained the upper hand and this undoubtedly gave a gigantic boost to their morale. 

“Look! Jiang Chen has gained the upper hand. Wuke Tianxiang was forced to retreat from that powerful attack.”

“I’ve known that Jiang Chen would never disappoint us. He’s an unrivalled prodigy and is unimaginably powerful.”

“Let’s not get our hopes up, the battle has yet to end. Wuke Tianxiang was only forced to take a step back, his power was not affected. The number one prodigy of the Barbarian World must still have a trick up his sleeve.”


The people of the Immortal World was boiling in excitement. No matter what, Jiang Chen had finally gained the upper hand, breaking the status quo in the competition of strength. It was truly an extremely exciting moment for the people of the Immortal World. 

Being excited was one matter, and they knew that this happiness was temporary. They were clear of their situation. Even though Wuke Tianxiang looked like he had lost, he did not suffer any injury from that attack, however. His powerful Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique was not something to scoff at. No one would believe that the top prodigy of the Barbarian World didn’t have a trump card in his arsenal. 

On the battlefield, a hint of shock could be seen from Wuke Tianxiang’s eyes. He did not want to believe that he was pushed back after using the Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique and was even injured. This changed his  impression on Jiang Chen once again. He had no choice but to re-evaluate Jiang Chen’s strength once more. 

“Jiang Chen. Looks like I have to put in some real effort in order to kill you today,” Wuke Tianxiang said coldly. 

Even though he was forced to take a step back, his confidence in winning did not dwindle. Just like how many people were guessing, he had a powerful trump card up his sleeve. 

“Wuke Tianxiang, whatever ‘trump cards’ you have, throw it at me!”

Jiang Chen was filled with confidence. His fighting intent was through the roof while facing a powerful opponent like Wuke Tianxiang. Wuke Tianxiang has a trump card yet to be shown. I, Jiang Chen, also has yet to show my full strength.

“Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram!”

Wuke Tianxiang shouted. His giant hand grabbed into the void and a black chakram appeared in his hand. 

The width of the chakram was ten zhang and its blade was filled with teeth (like a saw). Complex marks could be seen engraved on the top of the chakram and the figure of the Barbarian God was also engraved on the front of the weapon. 

The colour of the sky changed when the chakram was summoned. The feeling of judgement day had filled the air. The appearance of the chakram felt like the God of Death had descended upon them, causing people’s soul to tremble in fear. 

“Motherfucker. To think that bugger managed to control the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram.”

Big Yellow exclaimed when he saw the chakram and his expression became slightly nervous. 

“What’s that? It looks powerful. Looks like a powerful weapon unique to their race.” Han Yan said. 

“Not just powerful. The Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram is the strongest barbarian weapon in existence. The Barbarian God is engraved on the weapon and only those with true Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique could handle that weapon. But the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram has disappeared for a long time, I’ve never thought that it would re-appear in this world once again and is controlled by Wuke Tianxiang nonetheless.”

Big Yellow said: “Rumour has it that if a person managed to completely merge with the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram, that person would become unmatched under the heavens. That chakram was said to be devastating, it could form a cage of Heaven and Earth, destroying everything in sight. I’m guessing that Wuke Tianxiang could not completely control it with his current cultivation level. However, Little Chen still has to be wary of it.”

After hearing Big Yellow’s explanation, the surrounding people began to feel nervous. Even though Jiang Chen managed to overpower Wuke Tiaxiang previously, the opponent looked extremely strong right now; the appearance of the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram has caused them to deeply tremble in fear. 

“Haha, with the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram out in action. Nothing could compete against it.”

“Jiang Chen will die without a doubt, dying under the blades of the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram.”


The barbarians were feeling excited. They worship the legendary Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram as if it was their totem, causing them to have a powerful belief on it. 

For countless barbarians, the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram signified invincibility. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, death by the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram still awaited him. 


The Heavenly Dragon Sword in his left arm and the Golden Feather Fan in his right arm vibrated, and a burning flame could be seen above him with the figure of a Heavenly Dragon and Golden Crow, looking extremely powerful. 

Jiang Chen did not look like he was any weaker than Wuke Tianxiang’s Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram. 

Wuke Tianxiang scowled after seeing the Golden Feather Fan. That fan was the greatest bane of the barbarians, they have an extremely poor resistance towards that weapon. 

“Jiang Chen, I shall destroy that damned Golden Feather Fan today and let the brilliance of the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram be shown throughout every corner of the Immortal World. ”

Wuke Tianxiang was filled with tyrannical Qi. He injected his soul and essence into the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram, merging himself with the weapon, becoming one. 

“Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram. Extinguishing the Heavens and Earth.”

Wuke Tianxiang’s voice echoed the heavens and the terrifying chakram was thrown. 

The instant that giant divine chakram left him, it began to enlarge. It became hundreds of fold bigger than it originally was, nearly covering the whole space, and was completely engulfing Jiang Chen into it. 

*Shu Shu Shu…… *

Immediately after, countless powerful black rays shot out from the chakram. Those rays of light formed a giant cage, locking down the whole battlefield, including Jiang Chen. 

This was the most terrifying part of the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram, once it has locked onto a person, that person could never escape from it. 

Currently, Jiang Chen was standing in the middle of the caged region, without a change in his expression. He looked up towards the sky and found that the surrounding area has completely changed.  

This looks like another world, the figure of the Barbarian God could be seen moving in between those swords and blades. 

Jiang Chen’s lips began to curve into a slight smile. This looks like an illusion. As long as I destroy this illusion, this lockdown created by the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram would be broken and Wuke Tianxiang’s attack would also automatically be dissolved. 

But now that Wuke Tianxiang has merged with the weapon, it won’t be easy to break through this illusion.  

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