Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2109

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“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The space vortex gradually dispersed from the horizon after the three ear-splitting drumming sound. 

Jiang Chen felt like his whole world was spinning as he was sucked into a mysterious space. He couldn’t stay calm while he was caught in the space vortex. He would’ve been shredded into pieces by the astral space wind if it weren’t for the Great Void Technique he had. 

“Monkey? Big Yellow?” Jiang Chen shouted, his voice reaching a thousand li. 

Nothing could be seen on his surrounding, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow had also disappeared. 

The space has changed, Jiang Chen had completely entered a new world. 

The surrounding light was greenish and glossy. A round fuzzy moon was hanging in the sky, giving him enough light to barely see this mysterious world. 

There were ancient trees towering up towards the skies, but it was black in colour. No matter the stones or trees, they were all black in colour, even the river was black. From afar, the clouds too were black in colour, which gave off a creepy vibe. 

“Is this the Divine Tomb?” Jiang Chen muttered. 

He reckoned a guess that Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow were transported to a  different location. According to the Divine World Messenger, the Divine Tomb is connected to countless of Immortal Worlds. 

One must walk towards the end of the Divine Tomb to reach the Divine World. One must go through the shore* of the Divine World to enter the Divine World. Whereas the Divine Tomb was like a bottomless pit that devours the likes of Immortal Sovereigns. Only a few that entered from the Immortal World would be able to enter the Divine World. 

Just like an elimination match, only those that had gone through blood soaking battles would be able to enter the Divine World. This place shouldn’t be called the Divine Tomb, but rather a burial place for Immortals. Because 90% of those that were left behind were Immortal Sovereigns that couldn’t enter the Divine World. 

A mysterious evil vibe and humid atmosphere enveloped the terrain, making the space eerie. As if this place was a big swamp, barren lands could be seen from the get-go and reached far towards the horizon. 

Jiang Chen couldn’t fly under the laws of this Heaven and Earth. But his strength wasn’t suppressed. 

Suddenly, Jiang Chen felt that he was spied upon by someone. That feeling was unbearable. 

Dark clouds approached, a small peak situated in front of him with jet black words written on top of the mountain, the Tomb of Heavenly God Mo Yan!

“Little boy, trying to run away after coming to this Heavenly God Mo Yan’s place? Hehehe.” A chilly voice vibrated across Jiang Chen’s ears. 

“Heavenly God?” 

Jiang Chen frowned, looks like the opponent was someone from the Heavenly World. Wrong! This was the Divine Tomb. Then the residents here are not true Gods but spirits, or rather, divine souls only. 

Sovereign Taixu said the gods that have died in the Divine World will have their Divine Soul exiled here. 

“Looks like you’re a smart one, this Heavenly God shall absorb your essence, Qi and soul to further increase my strength.”

A jet black figure appeared in front of Jiang Chen. His complexion was pale-white with an extremely arrogant demeanour, as if he was looking down upon an insect. 

“You’re just a divine soul, let’s stop the act. I may have been slightly scared of you if you’re really a Heavenly God. But why should I fear you now? No matter how powerful you were when you were still alive, you’re now something akin to a ghost, what is there to fear? You thought I’ll surrender from just a tinge of pressure from you? You’re rather naive.” Jiang Chen harrumphed and said with disdain. 

He had confirmed that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could be accessed and used in this space without being restricted by the laws of this space. He was sure that he will not lose even if he wasn’t a match against this soul. 

Most importantly, the gateway of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda automatically opened itself after leaving the Immortal World. 

Jiang Chen vaguely felt that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda closed itself because his strength has reached the peak in the previous world. Now that he has left the Immortal World the pagoda could once again be used. 

“Kid, interesting. But it’s more than enough to get rid of you with just a remnant of my soul. Hmph.” 

A black-light flashed through Heavenly God Mo Yan’s eyes, and dark fog appeared behind his body, aiming to engulf Jiang Chen whole. 

“Edifying Light!” Jiang Chen roared while his hand completed a seal. 

The Edifying Light was extremely useful against dark creatures. Hence, Jiang Chen did not hesitate to use it, and the result was satisfying. Mo Yan’s divine soul was in excruciating pain when he was struck by the Edifying Light. As if he was experiencing a suffering worthy of ten lifetimes. 

“Boy, what in the world are you?! It’s more than enough to have a divine soul of a late True God to get rid of a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. How can this be?! Fuck!” 

Fear started to seep into Mo Yan’s eyes. He had never dreamt that this tiny Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign human was THIS powerful, and was able to deliver a severe injury onto him. 

The divine soul of a Heavenly God could unleash the strength of an Early Void God even if they’re just a spirit. It had always been a one-sided massacre when they prey upon those people who entered the Divine Tomb from the lower realms. But this Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign was no simple foe, he’s now in big trouble. 

“Trying to devour me? Not if I can devour you first.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Once again the Edifying Light struck, this time stronger and much more vicious than before. ‘Under the light of Buddha, the three Thousand Great Worlds would be edified, beings that are still living shall find themselves hard to evade the Edifying Light.’ Especially since Mo Yan was severely wounded. 

“Extinguishing Divine Lone Dragon Strike!” Mo Yan roared, discontented that he’s going to be edified by Jiang Chen. 

He unleashed everything he had but Jiang Chen’s Edifying Light was much too powerful and completely countered him. He wasn’t a match against this Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign. Mo Yan was regretful, he initially thought that he had found a big fat lamb ready to be slaughtered but in the end, he’s the one who fell on the chopping board. 

“NO! I am a Heavenly God! I cannot die, I could still reincarnate, I can still go back to the Divine World!” 

Heavenly God Mo Yan shrieked, his voice reverberating throughout the hundred li radius, causing one’s ear to ring. His eyes were filled with shame and regret. He only needed to absorb a hundred more essence from Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, he would then be able to reincarnate and would be able to return to his godly position in no time!

Jiang Chen’s gaze was emotionless, as he looked at the Heavenly God that was completely edified by him, his mouth curved up into a cold smile. It’s your own fault for picking the wrong prey. 

The gaze of the current Mo Yan was soulless, a divine soul of a Heavenly God must be strong. 

“Mo Yan, good name. Tell me, what grades and levels does the Divine World have, what kind of space is this place?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“Yes, Master. This is the Divine Tomb with a surrounding area of trillions of li and continues on without end, it is connected to the Divine World and numerous Immortal Worlds. As for different grades of the Divine Word, the lowest grade is the Void God level. One would reach this level after going through the baptism of the Heavenly Lightning when one is passing through the Divine Tomb and reaches the Divine World. After that, it’s the True God, Heavenly God, Divine King, Hierarch, Divine Emperor and God Emperor. Each stage is separated into Early, Middle and Late Stage. I am categorised as a divine soul of a Late Heavenly God, my strength is on the level of an Early Void God. I could easily fight off Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns that has just entered this realm. But master’s talent knows no bounds as master is able to fight off a Void God Expert while you’re still a Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign, a truly rare existence. As for the divine souls of a True God, they are unqualified to be buried into the Divine Tomb.” Mo Yan said. 

“Why does a True God not qualified to be buried into the Divine Tomb? Isn’t this a graveyard for the Divine World?” Jiang Chen asked with a frown.

The shore mentioned above is the “Higan” of Japanese or Nirvana in Buddhism
The Journey to the West by 邓志辉 and 郑健和 mentioned the flower that is on the other side. 

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