Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2114

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Meanwhile, countless snake-like spears could be seen piercing through the air. It managed to block half of Jiang Chen’s attack. Truly, a fatal attack created by the soul of a divine king was something to be reckoned. As Jiang Chen was forced a hundred meters back by the snake spears even though he was prepared. 

“No……. !!!” 

Divine King Li Jun’s unwilling roar reverberated throughout the black space. His soul was unable to withstand Jiang Chen’s attack, causing him to instantly perish. A jet-black divine spark fell onto Jiang Chen’s hand and his lips curved up into a smile. He wiped away the bloodstain from his lips, satisfaction could be seen on his face. 

“Master is truly amazing, able to create such a shocking feat. As Divine King Li Jun possessed the strength of a Mid Void God realm. ” Mo Yan felt impressed and said solemnly. 

Only Mo Yan understood how big the gap was. The soul of a divine king had a big gap when compared to an average Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. But this time, Li Jun did not get what he wanted and perished, even his divine spark was retrieved by Jiang Chen. 

“Such talent, truly a prodigy amongst the thousands of worlds. We’re truly shameful.” 

Jiang Zheren said as he looked upon Jiang Chen. 

“His brilliance is too dazzling. Even in this Divine Tomb where living things are regarded as dogs, he is still unparalleled and can sweep away every obstacle in his way.” 

Jiang Zheren too, was filled with admiration towards Jiang Chen. Following Jiang Chen was the wisest decision they had made after entering the Divine Tomb.

As for Jiang Xinxin, her eyes were glued on Jiang Chen, as if he was an unparalleled war god!

“This time, I must break through to the Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm.” Jiang Chen murmured. 

“I could feel myself about to break through, stay here and wait for me.”

Jiang Chen entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda immediately after he finished speaking, changing into a speck of dust in an instant. Witnessing this phenomenon, the Jiang siblings and Mo Yan were utterly shocked.  Because it was impossible for anyone to teleport nor fly in this land. But at this moment, Jiang Chen had disappeared without a trace, not a single trace could be found from him. 

“Master is truly powerful.” Mo Yan said with a sigh. 

Within the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Jiang Chen’s expression was serious. With the divine sparks in his hand, the energy they emitted was enough to make him suffocate. This time, the 75th floor of the pagoda should be opened and he could advance to the Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm. 

Since Jiang Chen’s body was connected with the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, as long as the pagoda absorbs the energy from the divine spark, the dragon marks on his body will automatically increase. As the pagoda violently devours the divine spark, Jiang Chen sat down in a lotus position and meditated. The dragon marks within his body increased at a tremendous rate. 

A thousand, two thousand, three thousand…. Five thousand, twenty thousand! It finally stopped at 2.083 million! 

2.085 million dragon mark was needed to advance to the Eighth Grade Great Sovereign realm. Jiang Chen’s strength has now reached the level of Peak Eighth Grade Great Sovereign realm. 

Time was slowly moving within the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

“Finally breaking through?”

Jiang Chen revolved the Dragon Transformation Art within him and the dragon marks within his body continuously increased. At this moment, he finally stepped into the Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm. 

Even though it was not a qualitative change, it still gave Jiang Chen a great benefit. Not just the increase in the dragon marks inside his body, but the perception towards the law of the Heavens and Earth has increased.

However, even though all the divine sparks were expended, the 75th floor has n’t been opened yet. 

“Looks like it’s going to be hard to open up the next level.”

Jiang Chen understood that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was his greatest trump card. It will take tremendous effort to open up the next floor. Maybe, he could prepare himself to ‘harvest’ the whole Divine Tomb. 

Then, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda will become truly powerful after it devoured more divine sparks. His strength is also connected to the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Even though his combat strength was great, his cultivation was still lacking, he needed to reach the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm or even advance to the Void God stage in the Divine Tomb. 

“Roar!” Jiang Chen roared, his voice pierced the heavens, the increase in dragon marks caused him to feel that his strength had once again taken a major leap. 

Jiang Chen struck a single sword strike. This strike could shake the heavens, cut the horizon, as if it could break out from the pagoda itself. 

Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign! 

A dozen Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns appeared outside of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

“You guys dare to group with a divine soul. Truly foolish. We’re getting hunted by this bunch of divine souls day and night. Today we must kill this thing, all of you must die!”

“Yeah, kill them. We’ve been repeatedly harassed by these divine souls and our honour has been tarnished. Back when I was still in Tong You Immortal World, I’m one of the best. Now, I’m like a f*cking dog here getting chased by these bunch of wandering ghosts, this is preposterous!” 

“Kill them all, to stand together with a divine soul. They must be jackals of the same tribe.” 

The dozen Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns said, the middle-aged man standing at the front looked at Jiang Xinxin with a fiery gaze. 

“This fellow empress. I see that you’re extraordinary, you probably had your own circumstances. As long as you’re willing to sign a master and servant contract with me, I’ll forgive all three of you. As for that divine soul, today we must kill it no matter what!” Li Shuai said with a sinking voice. 

As a matter of fact, he was just lusting for Jiang Xinxin, such a beautiful empress was one of a kind. She was the only one he saw in this Divine Tomb. Such a beauty could be deemed unrivalled. 

“Do not go too far! Do you think we don’t know what scheme you guys are thinking about?! Come and get it if you think you’re worthy enough!”

Jiang Xinxin was fearless. But her brothers carried a serious expression. The opponent numbered 17 people, and all of them were Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. Their strength was nothing to scoff at either; the three of them could not last against them. Not even Mo Yan could fight against all 17 of them. 

“Fellow Emperor. We hail from the Immortal World below, why not we form an alliance? This Heavenly God Mo Yan possessed great strength and he’s not an evil man. Otherwise, how are we still alive now? We should join hands together and fight against those evil divine souls. That is the correct path.” Jiang Zheren said. 

“Hahaha, hilarious, truly hilarious! You three had grouped up with a divine soul and spout such bullshit. Such a joke. Today, every one of you must die, as for that empress, she gets to live.” Li Shuai said with a smile, the killing intent in his eyes burning up passionately. 

“The three of you leave, I’ll stay back and fend them off. It’ll be their end once master came back. They harbour unfathomable motives, don’t waste any more time talking to them.” Mo Yan said. 

“Fucking bastards, I will not let you all get what you want even if I die! You guys who possessed wicked intentions dared to smear our names!” Jiang Zhejun furiously roared. 

These bastards were aiming for his sister, and he wasn’t blind to not see that. 

“Then, don’t blame us for being impolite. You guys wanted to stand with the devils. Only death awaits you all.”

Li Shuai said in a strict tone. As if he was the agent of justice, looking down upon everything. 

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