Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2116

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“Young master Jiang Chen, even if I die, I will never give in!”

In despair, Jiang Xinxin raised her head to the sky. Three thousand great worlds with ten thousand Dao cultivation, yet once you die, everything will eventually become empty.

“Advancing one’s cultivation realm was not an easy path, how can you be so capricious to think of ending your own life? 

Jiang Chen’s voice was in a playful tone, reverberating around Jiang Xinxin’s ear. At this moment, the Jiang siblings were shocked as they knew that they would be saved! 

“Who’s that? Playing tricks around! Quickly come out and see the most handsome Immortal Sovereign!”

Li Shuai shouted in a deep voice. His face was extremely gloomy as he always liked to take control of other’s lives, and this was the first time he experienced people doing something incomprehensible. At this moment, there are some doubts in his heart. 

Jiang Xinxin was on cloud nine as Jiang Chen was still here at the end and showed himself at this critical moment. She had once fantasized that she would be saved by a prince wielding majestic wings from the enemy’s hand one day. That was really something to be proud of.  

Although Jiang Chen was not that capable, his arrival in front of her in the Divine Tomb, a place where divine kings and divine souls could not even fly, was the arrangement of the heavens.

In her heart, Jiang Chen was invincible and nothing could stop him. As long as he was present, everything seemed so asuring, so peaceful.

“What handsome guy? In comparison to me, you are still too green.”

Jiang Chen suddenly emerged from the void, like a phantom. Li Shuai’s facial expression had also become tensed. The guy who was standing in front of him seemed to be quite competent. However, it was quite amusing to see his cultivation realm.  

“Hahaha, an Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign? Are you kidding me? With your capability, you dare to fight me for a woman? I, the most handsome Immortal Sovereign, has been sailing through waves and wind with my sword, rushing towards the Divine World. I have been all-conquering and had never met any opponent who could fight me. Today, you probably don’t even deserve for me to take action. An Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Hehehe. How long do you think you can survive in this Divine Tomb? Trying to be a hero to rescue the beauty? I think you are only a panda.”

Li Shuai pridefully said. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was only a straw sack. An Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign who came to compete with the flower of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns was just courting death.

“Lad, since you are here trying to be heroic, I will fulfill your wish. At the same time, there’s a principle that you should know. Before your strength reach the level that you could despise the world, you should not overvalue yourself because you might not be able to bear its price.”

Li Shuai’s attitude was overbearing and arrogant. Indeed, no one deserved respect in his eyes because he had been conquering all the difficulties throughout his journey. He would not spare anyone, including the divine soul of a Heavenly God. 

“Few words are the best. I have been magnanimous and I can also bear those pretentious people. However, I just can’t tolerate those who are more pretentious than me.” 

Jiang Chen snorted. They looked at each other and their gazes erupted with  dazzling radiance.  Both of them were like tigers, not one was willing to step back. A dreadful battle was inevitable.  

“Young master Jiang Chen. Be careful! He’s really powerful.” 

Jiang Xinxin said with worry, and her beautiful face was filled with anxiety. As she was still tied by the Bundling Immortal Rope right now, she could not do anything for Jiang Chen.

“Lady Sovereign, you are such an elegant lady with unsurpassed beauty of a generation. Of course, you are compatible with me, the peerless hero. Hahaha. Bundling Immortal Rope, come!”

Li Shuai cast a skill and Jiang Xinxin came flying straight to him.


Jiang Chen snorted. Jiang Xinxin was immediately absorbed into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. At this moment, Jiang Xinxin was shocked as well as she did not know where she was, but she was able to see clearly what’s happening around, including Jiang Chen.

“You…you… What have you done to her and where is she?”

Li Shuai was looking at Jiang Chen in a state of shock, and shouted in a deep sinking tone.

“Someone who will die soon doesn’t need to know about these things.”

Jiang Chen laughed coldy while holding his sword. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was crossing across the void boldly, its imposing aura was unparalleled.

“Lad, if something happens to my Lady Sovereign, I will shatter you into pieces.”

Li Shuai did not hold anything back and immediately took action.Creating strong wind and moving thunderstorm, his movement managed to cleave Mount Hua. It was not gaudy, yet able to kill an average Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign within a second. However, how could he compare Jiang Chen to an ordinary person. Jiang Chen kept dodging Li Shuai’s attacks. The mountain range behind him was all cleaved and turned into ashes. The Jiang brothers were dumbfounded, staring intently at the scene.

“Seems like you do really have some competence. No wonder you’re so arrogant.”

As Jiang Chen pointed his sword to the sky, the sword shadows filled the air. The terrifying imposing manner released by the Heavenly Dragon Sword was overbearing, forcing Li Shuai to step back. It was impossible for Li Shuai to resist Jiang Chen’s pressure even if he mustered up his strength and fighting spirit. Jiang Chen’s terrifying imposing manner was spreading throughout the sky, completely irresistible. Since Li Shuai had underestimated his opponent as well, he was suddenly put in a disadvantaged position. 

Being shot by Jiang Chen’s sword, Li Shuai was pushed back and flinched. His countenance fell. Since he had become invincible in the Immortal World and irresistible in the Divine Tomb, he had never suffered a loss such as this before. How could Li Shuai be feeling good in this moment?

“You have completely infuriated me, lad. I must show you my true colour and kill you.” 

Li Shuai took out a golden spear slowly. The spear was sparkling as it pricked through the sky. Obviously, one could tell that it was truly a peerless and terrifying combat weapon. 

“Come at me. Let me see how strong you are.”

While Jiang Chen was wielding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, his steps were extremely keen and his movement was fast. Although flight was not possible here, his sword was boundless. Ordinary people would not be able to withstand the dreadfulness and sharpness of the Heavenly Dragon Sword.

“Storming Purplish Golden Spear! This is my natal divine weapon that was created through the essence of earth. You should be proud of dying under my Storming Purplish Golden Spear. I have always followed my own way of doing things my whole life, and is unparalleled under the heavens. In terms of being a genius, I have been the number one from the past until the present. You are doomed to die without a burial place the moment you decided to fight me. However, what a pity that you don’t have a divine spark. Once you die, then everything will end. Hahaha, come and suffer from my spear!”

Li Shuai waved his long spear, creating winds and clouds. Their figures were flashing, producing countless afterimages in an instant. Undeniably, Li Shuai was actually still very competent. Just now, if he had not underestimated his opponent, he would not have been forced back. Being a genius who could look down upon the Divine Tomb, he definitely possessed strength.

“Interesting! Your bragging skill is not bad, but I’m not sure how strong you could be actually. You are unlucky to meet me. Even though you are a genius of thousands of worlds, you could only lament your own misfortune because I am an expert in killing geniuses.”

Jiang Chen said in disdain. It’s time for him to showcase the mightiness of an Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Killing this bastard was exactly a battle of building his prestige!  

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