Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2120

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“A mantis raised its forelegs, trying to stop the oncoming cart. The Heavenly Dragon Sword, a sword that terrifies everything!”

A strike with Jiang Chen’s sword swept away hundreds and thousands of troops. Suddenly, the Heavenly Dragon Sword displayed its greatest brilliance, wrestling with True Aqua Sword. In an instant, the True Aqua Sword was broken. Jiang Chen’s roaring was like a thunderstorm. As the imposing manner of the sword was irresistible, the places it went through became barren, whereas True Aqua Sword was broken into two pieces.

“Oh no…..”

Before True Aqua Divine King’s voice disappeared, he was exterminated by Jiang Chen. His divine soul vanished when the Heavenly Dragon Sword fell on him. A piece of divine spark dropped into Jiang Chen’s hand silently.

Jiang Chen looked at all the people there with pride. He looked calm but his imposing manner was overbearing.

“Sword God! Sword God! Sword God!”

The deafening voices were like mountains and seas whistling, surrounding the entire Myriad Valley Mountain. How Jiang Chen had exterminated the divine soul of True Aqua Divine King had put everyone in a state of great shock. This was indeed a piece of cake for Jiang Chen. The divine soul of True Aqua Divine King did not have any chance to withstand the attack, and was immediately killed by Jiang Chen. His divine spark had also fallen into Jiang Chen’s hand.

Exterminating with a single strike of the sword, truly horrifying!

This was the impression all of the divine souls had on Jiang Chen because this guy had completely stood above the rest. Many divine souls did not even have a chance to see clearly how Jiang Chen took action. Although the divine soul of True Aqua Divine King was not the most powerful amongst all the divine souls here, he was still one of the most outstanding masters among them. The fact that he had been killed by Jiang Chen effortlessly struck fear into their hearts.

“Hahaha, as I said, our leader Jiang Chen will definitely not lose easily. How? What I said has been verified.”

“The peerless Sword King, no one can defeat him in the world. Leader, let’s kill all these freaks.”

“Although they were dreadful in their previous life, right now they are all only divine souls. Why should we be worried about it? Hahaha, if they are truly Divine Kings or even Heavenly Kings, then we might not be able to escape from death. However, they are all actually just divine souls. They are neither human nor ghost. Why are we afraid of them? Our leader Jiang Chen is mighty.”

Jiang Chen’s sword strike had completely strengthened the Sword God Alliance’s fighting spirit. Now, they were not worried about the divine souls anymore as Jiang Chen’s strength had scared all of them. An Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign had managed to kill a pinnacle divine soul of early Void Divine level within a second. Such a terrifying thing in the world.

Currently, there were also doubtful voices rising up amongst the alliance of divine souls because the strength Jiang Chen had displayed was overly formidable. Many divine souls started thinking about withdrawing, but it’s impossible to hold back as they were already here. If they ran away at this time, it would really be humiliating.

“No matter how strong he is, he is still alone. The other Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns are nothing. If hundreds of us attack him at the same time, how could he overcome us?”

“That’s right! Hundreds of thousands of ants could still kill an elephant. I don’t believe that he could withstand our human wave attack. Why are we afraid of him? If other people in the Divine Tomb know about this, how are we going to stand in Divine Tomb with dignity?”

“Let’s fight until the end! Let’s fight until the end!”

Although Jiang Chen’s strength was really powerful, it was almost impossible for him to handle all of the divine souls here. The number of divine souls who came to take revenge on him were so many. Jiang Chen actually did not have full confidence. The sword strike just now was only for him to build up his might in front of the crowd. Unexpectedly, it did really achieve the effect that Jiang Chen wanted to create, however, it did not extinguish the divine souls’ killing intent.

Jiang Chen had become the target for their attack right now, and everyone wanted to kill him. If he did not succeed in this battle of Myriad Valley Mountain, he would be sacrificed. Moreover, there were numerous Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns behind him. Since Jiang Chen had gathered them as a team to withstand the divine souls, he couldn’t just sacrifice these Immortal sovereigns and let them become cannon fodders. This went against his original intention and made him no different from a killer.

“Let’s fight. I, Jiang Chen, have never been afraid of anyone. I will kill all of you divine souls in today’s battle.”

Jiang Chen pointed his sword into the void. Being fearless, he shouted to everyone and ordered them. Who could be equipped with this dreadful imposing manner? A man alone stands in front of millions of troops. 

“Biting off more than one can chew. Let’s take action together and leave no chance for him”

“Yeah, let’s kill him or else we will face danger.”

More than two hundred divine souls with Divine King level, whose strength had already reached the middle Void Divine level, besieged Jiang Chen in the middle. Eight immortals cross the sea, each demonstrating one’s special skills.

“Come on!”

Jiang Chen shouted in rage and he couldn’t stop laughing madly, whilst holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword. The sword called fort wind and rain, sweeping in all directions.

“Edifying Light! Suppress!”

Jiang Chen’s voice was like the sacred words of sanskrit. The Edifying Light shone on the earth, the light was flashing and dazzling. Despite the high number of people, he managed to edify everyone with the formidable Edifying Light and forced many divine souls to shrink back. Jiang Chen did not dare to be reckless as there were two hundred divine souls besieging them. If he made a mistake, he could die anytime.

At the same time, the other seventy to eighty Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns were also besieged by thousands of divine souls of Heavenly God level. The situation was intense. Although they were all formidable Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, none of them were as powerful as Jiang Chen.

It was extraordinarily difficult for Jiang Chen alone to fight with hundreds of divine souls. The surrounding divine souls had their own specific skills and tricks which had put Jiang Chen in difficulty. Compared to those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, Jiang Chen found it more difficult to handle as each of the opponent’s strength was not weaker than the middle Void Divine level.

If there were only ten or twenty of them, Jiang Chen would not be stressed up like this. Two hundred masters joined hands to attack him, who could understand the pressure that Jiang Chen’s bearing right now?

“Fusion of Dragon and Sword!”

Jiang Chen did not delay, immediately casting the Fusion of Dragon and Sword, and turned his body into a sword. However, two hundred masters were indeed too many. Even if he killed all of them, his hand would be tired of killing. The Fusion of Dragon and Sword was besieged by two hundred divine souls and could not sour up to the sky and made a great coup. Instead, the Fusion of Dragon and Sword was restrained and Jiang Chen was pushed back for a hundred miles. Immediately, Jiang Chen roared madly and made a blow to the sky with the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. 

At this moment, the sky began shaking and terrifying echoes surrounded the sky, creating deafening sounds that could break through a human's heart. 

The Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal combined five kinds of elements that were metal, wood, water, fire and earth. It was filled with the dreadful qi of the Heaven and Earth Laws. The combination of these five elements was absolutely invincible!

The dreadfulness of the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal killed eight divine souls in a flash. However, Jiang Chen also suffered from a terrifying attack. He was hit by someone’s warblade and was severely injured.

“The Flaming Fire Dragon Warblade did not taste well, right?”

The divine soul of Flaming Divine King beamed and said while his eyes looked ruthless. A strike of the Fire Dragon Warbladed fell on Jiang Chen just now made Jiang Chen feel like burning in fire. However, the feeling only lasted for a while because he had the five types of flames within him. How could he be burned by the Flaming Fire Dragon Warblade? 

“Since you like to play with fire, I will send you to the West!”

Jiang Chen snorted. As soon as he clenched his fist, the Fire of Sun and Fire of Thunder appeared in his fist. Jiang Chen wanted him to know who’s the ancestor playing with fire.

“How possible is this? You have two of the supreme flames at the same time.”

Flaming Divine King showed a shocked expression and was having a hard time believing what had happened. 

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