Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2124

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“To think Boss Jiang Chen is this terrifying… And I wanted to fight him not too long ago… Luckily, haih….”

“Preach. Boss Jiang Chen is amazing. Luckily, you didn’t challenge him. Otherwise, I don’t know what manner of death you’ll be experiencing.”

“This Heavenly Tribulation is scary, it could only be described as a catastrophe . Not even a speck of ash would be left from us if we were to be ‘baptised’ by  this tribulation."

“Amen to that. That’s the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation that a True God undergoes, it’s not something that an Immortal Sovereign like us could withstand.”

“This time, we’re finally clear from danger and survived through the crisis. Haha, I, Hu Hansan, live to see another day!”

The Heavenly Lightning billowed, the Lightning Punishment fell from the Heavens. The Myriad Valley Mountain crumbled, devoid of flora and fauna. The  Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation is indeed terrifyingly powerful! 

From afar, the Myriad Valley Mountain had become charred. Everything fell into nothingness under the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. Mountains crumbled, plants reduced to ash, tens of thousands of Heavenly God divine souls within the thousand liLi radius of the tribulation that had not joined in the battle were also caught in it. 

Jiang Chen looked as far as he could, the whole thousand li radius of the Myriad Valley Mountain was littered with 100,000 divine sparks. The scene was explosive, there were even hundreds of divine sparks from Divine Kings. It was a jackpot. Most importantly, there was an accidental reward, which was the two Hierarch divine sparks. 

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but have a lingering fear. Those two Hierarch divine souls had hidden themselves in the dark while they were preparing to deal a decisive blow onto him. But in the end, they couldn’t run away from the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation's area of effect. Even they could not run away from death. 

Jiang Chen too had reverted back to his human form. His strength has already climbed towards the next level, the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign Realm! Unrivalled supremacy! 

“Have I finally attained it?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

It would’ve taken much longer for him to reach this stage if this was in the Immortal World because there’s no pressure and motivation for him to reach it with such speed. However, the events he had caused in this area will surely reach the ears of many divine souls. He hoped that they won’t seek trouble with him anymore. 

The present Jiang Chen now had the ambition to fight for the highest seat in the Heavens. If there were another two hundred God King divine souls who will come for him now, they will all perish right there and then, and he doesn’t even need the help of the Lightning Tribulation to do so. 

Jiang Chen shook his body, he gripped both of his fists tightly, the 2.197 million dragon marks shone brightly with golden brilliance. 

The Peak Early Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm. This was the result before absorbing those 100,000 divine sparks. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was bound to level up once more after those divine sparks were absorbed.  

Jiang Chen couldn’t mask the excitement in his heart. However, he still needed to release all the Immortal Sovereigns from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Five hundred-ish Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns narrowly escaped death. Several Immortal Sovereigns had even broken through the Immortal Sovereign realm and reached the Void God realm! 

“Boss. I have broken through the Immortal Sovereign realm. Hahaha! This battle is truly fruitful!”

“Yeah! I too have broken through, boss. I feel like I could break through the horizon. We have reaped a great reward this time! I believe many have gained something in this battle.”

“Boss. I would like to test my mettle against you. Hahaha. What do you think? No matter if I win or lose, we’ll still follow your lead. At the very least, we won’t leave you when we’re in this Divine Tomb. Without you, we would’ve become deadmen.” 

Countless people raised their head with excitement, some eager to test their mettle. Jiang Chen too was feeling impulsive. At this moment, he needed to put them in their place. Otherwise, these fellows might actually do something over the top. But he could still see that these people were filled with admiration and worship towards, this was the unchangeable truth. 

After all, he had shocked everyone in this battle. He alone changed the whole situation around, exterminated 100,000 divine souls and saved countless Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. Jiang Chen wasn’t just their boss, he was also their benefactor that they would not dare to forget. 

“Since you guys are so confident with yourselves. Come.” Jiang Chen said with a slight smile. 

He confidently stepped forward, no change could be seen as he faced a dozen Void God grade experts. Even though these guys were filled with confidence and shouldn’t be underestimated, but in front of Jiang Chen, they will always be his underling. 

“Sovereign Lu Dong. I can see that you have the strongest combat strength, come and test it out.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Yeah, Sovereign Lu Dong, your aura is the strongest. Since you’re the one amongst us possessing the highest chance to breakthrough from the start. Looks like you did not let us down.” 

“Yeah! Sovereign Lu Dong. The boss is strong but you’re also talented. We’re all super Immortal Sovereigns in the lower worlds. Who here is willing to become an underling to others? Haha.” 

“Alright! Boss Jiang Chen. This Lu Dong is here to test his mettle.”

Lu Dong wore a white robe with an extraordinary imposing manner. With a longsword in his hand, the sleeves on his clothes fluttered, giving off an immortal chivalric vibe. 

“A’Mo Kehan would also like to test his mettle against Boss Jiang Chen. Brother Lu Dong alone won’t be your match.” A bearded middle-aged man said with a laugh, but he too wanted to test his strength. 

“Yesheng Yunwang, too would like to test his mettle,” said by a man with a black sword, with his elegant long hair, looking extremely handsome. 

“Lu Dong, Yesheng Yunwang, A’Mo Kehan, aren’t you three shameless? Three versus one. The boss is still a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign and you three have already reached the Early Void God Realm.” Jiang Zheren couldn’t help but complain. 

“No matter. I’ll still overpower all three of them with my Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign cultivation realm.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Come. I’ll give you guys a chance.”

“Boss Jiang. You better not drop your guard down.” A’Mo Kehan laughed.

He attacked first with lightning speed, letting out a roar, creating a terrifying wind pressure from his punch, as if it could destroy the void, causing the others to have a stabbing pain in their eardrums. Everyone quickly retreated, those below Void God realm gasped while they stepped back. Because the strength of a Void God was much more powerful than a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. 

“Boss, take this!” 

Yesheng Yunwang wore a tranquil expression, his longsword struck forward with countless blade-shadows. 

Jiang Chen was calm and unmoving as if he was in another realm. Lu Dong too joined in the fray, the three of them formed a triangle formation and attacked Jiang Chen. 

“Good.”  Jiang Chen smiled.

Jiang Chen advanced by going backwards, unleashing the Great Divination Art, he had foreseen their actions in advance. Their attacks instantly became useless. Jiang Chen fought while continuously dodging without dropping a sweat, while the three of them unleashed their best moves, no one wanting to show weakness. 

As a matter of fact, since the three of them had just broken through, they were filled with fighting intent. The strength of a Void God realm was enough to be unrivalled, yet Boss Jiang Chen was willing to fight them, he was already thinking highly of them. 

The three of them were certain towards an extent in the result of the battle. As it was possible to beat Jiang Chen who was only at the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm. The boss had a lot of powerful tricks up his sleeves but his cultivation realm was still too weak in comparison. 

“Hupp!” Jiang Chen roared. 

With a powerful aura, he forced the three of them to retreat backwards, and they could not do anything to prevent it. If it weren’t for Jiang Chen pulling his punches, the three of them would’ve been injured from that attack. 

The gap between the Immortal Hood and Godhood was as wide as the Heavens and Earth, it was extremely hard to contend between these two realms. 

“The eleven of you, come at me, together.”

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