Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2125

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Jiang Chen’s eyes were burning with battle intent. He too was eager to fight, to test his mettle against this bunch of people. Void God Realm? I can still wipe the floor against them while still being a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign!

“It’s your order, Boss. Don’t blame us for being too harsh on you.” 

The remaining eight Void God experts were also eager to try. They also wanted to show their worth since all of them were extremely powerful entities in their own respective worlds, looking down from above and revered by thousands. 

Even in this Divine Tomb, they were unwilling to be lesser than the other, they strive to survive and become stronger with their lives on the line. All of them were talented individuals, a one-in-a-million prodigy. 

Jiang Xinxin, unexpectedly, was within the group. She too was one of the experts that managed to break through the Void God realm. This was proof that her talent was the best among the bunch. 

“I will not be left behind by you, Young Master Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Xinxin silently decided in her heart that she will follow Jiang Chen's footsteps and must not be any lesser than him. One day, she hoped that she could stand in front of him and protect him, keeping him out of danger, taking off some burden from him. 

“Eleven people, so? Come.” 

Eleven Early Void God experts rushed in simultaneously after Jiang Chen’s announcement, each unleashing their own special technique. 

Yesheng Yunwang, A'Mo Kehan, Lu Dong and Jiang Xinxin stood in the front and clashed with Jiang Chen, the other seven behind them too did not dare to dawdle and encircled Jiang Chen.  

Jiang Chen took out the Heavenly Dragon Sword and clashed with the group. 

Golden sparks flew out from these clashes, for the hundreds of spectators, these were valuable  materials, as it could possibly help them in their road towards the Void God realm. 

Jiang Chen gained the upper hand in less than a hundred moves thanks to the Great Divination Art. He stood undefeated. Furthermore, he had the confidence to fight on par with a Late Void God expert when he was still an Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign; now, this would be an easy feat for him. 

Jiang Chen’s moves were ruthlessly precise, but those weren’t meant for killing. In an instant, the eleven of them were forced to retreat. He stood proudly in the middle with a longsword in his hand, the imposing manner he unleashed was peerless. 

“Boss is the best!”

Every one of them willingly nodded. Sometimes, it wasn’t a disgraceful thing to bow down to someone. 

Jiang Chen’s strength was unparalleled, he was able to make everyone follow him willingly while just being a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. In addition to his feat in saving everyone else. 

“It should be possible to fight against God King divine souls with the strength of a Void God cultivation realm. In this Divine Tomb, it is said that a Late Heavenly God divine soul possesses the strength of an Early Void God. However, they’re still lacking when it is compared with a true Void God. The eleven of you are no longer what you guys previously were anymore.” Jiang Chen said with a solemn expression. 

The eleven of them were proud even though they lost the fight as they received Jiang Chen’s acknowledgement. 

“Then, so long as one reach the Void God realm, those God King divine souls will no longer become very terrifying anymore?” Lu Dong asked. 

“Yes. But a Peak God King divine soul would give you guys a hard time, but it shouldn’t be a problem to defend yourselves against them. It’ll take a Hierarch divine soul to kill you guys.” Jiang Chen nodded in reply. 

“Boss Jiang Chen, today’s grace shall never be forgotten. In this Divine Tomb, we all pledge to follow you with our lives!” 

Yesheng Yunwang, A'Mo Kehan and the others knelt down with one knee. At this moment, they did not think it was a disgraceful act. Because the leader of the Sword God Alliance  has the ability to lead them. 

“Stand up. The Divine Tomb is filled with dangers, we should support each other. After all, none could walk away unscathed if anyone were left behind. We also help ourselves by helping others.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

This was within his expectation. Moreover, he too understood that this was only applicable in the Divine Tomb. Each and every one of them will go with their own separate ways after they walk out of this place. 

But at least for this moment, he shouldered a responsibility. A responsibility where he would lead them to cut down a bloody road out from this Tomb, cutting down various groups of divine souls. Those who stood in his way shall die! 

Jiang Chen led hundreds of experts and continued their journey towards the exit on the extreme north. Many human experts joined the Sword God Alliance during their journey. The Sword God Alliance had grown powerful, a force to be reckoned with in the Divine Tomb. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen was filled with excitement. After all, a hundred thousand divine sparks were more than enough to allow the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to level up and get a great boost. 

“It’s up to you, old pal.”

Jiang Chen entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in a single thought. He then started his crazy road of refinement. One hundred thousand divine sparks caused the whole Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to lit up brilliantly as if it was extremely excited. Jiang Chen too did not expect such a haul. Since he also benefited when the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda absorbed all those divine sparks, the divine sense within his body also had a slight improvement. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t exactly clear. But he knew how powerful this divine sense was, it was several times more powerful than his divine consciousness. Moreover, once the divine sense was formed, then it was possible for him to reach the Void God realm. 

In fact, Jiang Chen was clueless. The divine sense wouldn’t have formed at such an early stage if it weren’t for the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda absorbing a grand amount of divine sparks. The divine sense was a part of the divine spark, only a peak True God could form the divine sense and when the divine sense gathered, the divine spark will then be formed. Once the divine spark was formed, the expert's strength will advance by leaps and bounds, his battle efficiency will also be increased by several folds. 

Moreover, once the divine spark was formed, one will gain great position in the Divine World. A Heavenly God expert will be given favoured treatment wherever he goes. But this was something that will be discussed in the future. 

Jiang Chen wiped all the distracting thoughts and started to cultivate wholeheartedly. An increasing amount of divine sense that was within the divine sparks were gathered into Jiang Chen’s mind, forming a complicated clutter. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda too was extremely excited. The 100,000 divine sparks allowed the pagoda to jump from the 75th floor to reach the 78th floor. It was a miracle that not even Jiang Chen could believe. Yet, undeniably, that amount of divine sparks was filled with Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering energy after all.

The 78th floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was formed in a single go, the flow of time became much slower. Moreover, the sturdiness of the Pagoda had gained a certain boost. Jiang Chen could feel that it had once again become stronger and that fuzzy feeling could once again be felt. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda shone brilliantly, and an image of a grand dragon appeared around the pagoda, it was a truly shocking and mystical sight to behold! 

At this moment, the dragon marks within Jiang Chen's body has reached the peak of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, only a step away on becoming a Void God expert! 

For each increase in the realms of the Immortal World, it required an increase of 50,000 dragon mark per level. Whereas, to reach godhood from the Immortal Sovereign realm, it requires 100,000 dragon marks to do so. (100,000 dragon marks for each godhood realm)

But at this moment, he obtained a piece of news. A monkey fought against a peerless god and was heavily injured in Mount Maitreya.

“Are you sure it's a monkey? ”

Jiang Chen opened up both of his eyes. His expression became extremely solemn. His eyes were filled with angry killing intent while he looked at the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign in front of him. Causing the said Ninth Grade to shudder. 

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