Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2127

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Dragon Shisan’s eyes were filled with unprecedented battle intent, his lips curved into a cold, murderous smile. At this moment, he was heaven itself, no one could force him to leave Tian Zhu peak. 

“Since you’re trying so hard to die, I’ll grant it to you right now. Remember that you’re killed by the most charming Immortal Sovereign, Li Shuai. Otherwise, you may enter the gates of hell without knowing anything."

Li Shuai’s gaze became serious, he was ready to go into battle. 

“Those who dare enter this peak shall all be killed without mercy!” 

Dragon Shisan’s aura spiked. Perhaps, nobody from the 10,000 experts would dare to take another step if it weren’t for Li Shuai’s challenge.  A splendid feat indeed. 

“This is the Invincible Overlord Spear. Today, I shall have your life, to avenge my comrades that have fallen in your hands.” Li Shuai harrumphed. 

His spear waved against the void and shattered it, he then stood on the void and pointed at Dragon Shisan. 

“Single revolution, Wind, Clouds and the Supreme Heaven moves!” 

Li Shuai’s spearmanship was unrivalled, capable of piercing the heavens. In this dark Divine Tomb, a chilly glow sparked, followed by a piercing spear like a dragon, roaring and shaking the heavens. His spearmanship shook the heavens and earth, truly unrivalled under the heavens. Especially, now that his strength has reached the Early Void God realm, he could totally go toe-to-toe with Jiang Chen if they were to meet again. 

Li Shuai’s spearmanship was quite powerful. Now, it has reached another level. His whole body emitted a flowing brilliance, the tip of the spear was strikingly chilling as if it was prepared to wreak havoc onto this Heaven and Earth. 

Dragon Shisan’s pupil contracted. Although his strength is also comparable to a Void God expert, it was only at the level of an Early Void God. Even though he did not want to admit it, this fellow was powerful. Even if his name was extremely narcissistic, one had to admit that he’s truly terrifying! 

A single spear strike. Exhibiting his full strength and talent. Ten-thousand mountains trembled. 

“Such a powerful strike! It’s like the shriek and howls from ghosts and wolves. A truly powerful entity under the Heavens and Earth!” 

“Yeah. I’ve never seen the Vice Lord go all-out. I didn’t think it’s this terrifying. No wonder so many prodigies pledge their allegiance towards him willingly, truly shocking.” 

“The Vice Lord’s strength is unrivalled. I think that damned monkey has lost all hope of getting out alive. To think he wanted to swallow the whole peak for himself, truly mental, why don't he piss himself. Hahaha.” 

“A single spear strike has shadowed everyone here. Although I’m also at the Early Void God realm, I am nothing compared to him. Haih. He shall become a great being in the future. The Divine World shall know of his name.”

An increasing amount of people showed an expression of ridicule. The appearance of Li Shuai instantly changed the whole situation around. Even if Dragon Shisan’s combat strength was dreadful while holding the peerless iron stick in his hand, no one dared to physically go against him except for the fearless Li Shuai.  

“Eat my stick!” 

Dragon Shisan’s fighting intent was lit ablaze. The two clashed furiously, their weapons clashed against each other with sparks flying here and there. The overlord spear and the iron stick unleashed powerful shockwaves upon clashing. None showing any weaknesses. Li Shuai looked unflustered and Dragon Shisan looked solemn. Yet, Shisan’s eyes showed a hint of instability, clearly disturbed. 

Even Dragon Shisan was extremely shocked. Even though his cultivation realm was at the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign right now, he was only a step away from reaching Void God realm. Moreover, he was innately powerful, he was both naturally strong physically and mentally. He could even fight three Void God experts alone without an issue. Yet he found it hard to win against this opponent. 

He suffered a heavy injury from his previous battles after all. It was not an easy feat for him to defend against Li Shuai’s attack. 

“Never thought you possess such skills. Looks like I need to put in some effort in this battle. I’ll unleash 80% of my strength now.” Li Shuai laughed. 

If he got serious, an average Void God expert would find it hard to withstand his attacks. A single spear strike would often result in a horrifying result but that effect couldn’t be displayed on the damned monkey. Therefore, he may look unfazed, but he too was feeling shocked. 

This fellow must not be left alive! Otherwise, he’ll become one of his greatest enemies in the future. 

“Come and get it, enough trash-talking. Hahaha. Awesome. Great!”

Dragon Shisan danced with his iron stick, his wild laugh reverberating between the Heavens and Earth. His strength was already proven and was witnessed by many people. Hence, in such a situation, he still managed to bring up a powerful pressure, forcing others to instinctively fear him. 

“Your death is already imminent, stop acting! I’ll enforce justice for the Heavens today!” Li Shuai roared furiously. 

The spear tip flew once again, the void began to tremble. The long spear was like a dragon, causing the Heavens and Earth to tremble for him. 

“Second revolution, Ultimate Extinguishing Myriad Saint!”

This time, Dragon Shisan’s pupil contracted even more. This attack wasn’t something that the current him could take head-on. As such he quickly retreated with the iron stick pointing at the void, and recovered his stance. Dragon Shisan did not dare to attack, because that spear strike managed to use the power of the Void Law. The ear-splitting pressure it created was unrivalled. 

“Such terrifying spearmanship!” 

Dragon Shisan murmured. At this moment, he was forced to go all out. 

“Battle Saint Technique!”

Dragon Shisan unleashed his strongest trump card. Yet, his attack was in the passive, his injuries were too heavy, he couldn’t sustain such a long and tiring battle anymore. 

He couldn’t even unleash the proper Battle Saint Technique. Hence, he was pushed back by Li Shuai. 


Li Shuai forced his spear forward. Dragon Shisan’s body shook and a mouthful of blood was coughed out from his mouth. He was thrown backwards and rammed onto the mountain walls, causing pebbles and stones to fall onto him. 

“Unrivaled! Unrivaled! Unrivaled!”

“The Vice Lord is truly unrivalled under the Heavens. Hahaha.”

“The Vice Lord is an unparalleled hero. Who can even compare to him?”

“Kill him. Avenge the thousands of our comrades, we’ll offer a tribute to the Heavens and Earth with the blood drawing out from his severed head.” 

Waves of voices reverberated on Tian Zhu peak. At this moment, they were extremely excited. They’ll be able to enter the Tian Zhu peak and the treasures inside will be theirs to take, as long as this monkey died. Everyone will feel excited from such great news! 

“I’ve already said it. You’re nothing in the face of this great figure, Li Shuai. Blame it to fate that you’ve met me. Your only choice left is to die.”  

Li Shuai’s spear pointed at Dragon Shisan. At this moment, Dragon Shisan could feel a terrible chill and the scent of death closing onto him. 

“I could easily kill you off if I was unhurt! Bastard. Don’t be cocky. I, Dragon Shisan, will not forgive you even if I die!”

Dragon Shisan was full of regret. Honestly, if he was at his peak,  this man was nothing. But there was no such thing as what ifs. 

“Prepare to be judged. You’ve killed too many people, your hands are stained full of blood, it's time for you to meet Hades.” Li Shuai sneered. 

It’s time for the final blow, he will not give this damned monkey another opportunity. 

“Prepare to die! Third Revolution, Forbidden Wind Wave!” 

“This lord monkey is invincible, you’ll have to wait for another lifetime if you want to kill me!” 

Dragon Shisan’s eyes were filled with craziness. He could have easily killed Li Shuai with his strength if he wasn’t heavily injured right now. 

Even at this moment, Dragon Shisan did not show a shred of fear. He had the Life Symbol Art in his body, he might as well have an undying body. 

Dragon Shisan went mad, his Golden Fiery Pupils radiated intensely as he prepared to clash with Li Shuai. 

“Who dares to touch the brother of Jiang Chen!” 

At this moment, a loud voice came from the skies. 

A golden true dragon sword shone brightly and stabbed in front of Dragon Shisan, blocking Li Shuai’s third revolution overlord spear! 

A sword fell, the wind howled, its prestige dominating the Heavens! 


Dragon Shisan laughed, he knew that he could relax for the ensuing battle. 

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