Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2131

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Both Jiang Chen, and Moling Dongchen were in high fighting spirit, emitting their strength. At this moment, although they had not taken any action yet, their imposing stance had already deterred each of them from stepping forward.

After a while, Moling Dongchen’s face looked incomparably serious, looking at Jiang Chen. He smiled and said:

“You are seriously a genius who cause others’ jealousy. However, I still have to fight you. So many people from my Unparalleled Charm Alliance are looking at me now. If I don’t fight you, I can’t give them an explanation. B*llsh*t! B*llsh*t! That’s okay but I, the leader of Unparalleled Charm Alliance, can’t give in to anyone!”

“If you want to fight, let’s fight. I will fight you until the end.”

Jiang Chen smiled, looking incomparably free and easy. As Moling Dongchen was not a wily villain, having an uphill battle with him was actually a great thing for Jiang Chen to resolve their grudge. 

“Are you going against me purposely? It seems like you’re really too daring.”

Moling Dong Chen laughed but his face was turning colder and colder. Everything was covered with a layer of frost in his eyes. His reputation of being the most handsome was well-deserved, yet he was also well-known for his ruthlessness.

“As I’ve said before, those who want to kill my brother, I will kill them. This is very justified. If you stop me, I will also kill you.”

Jiang Chen said with confidence. Even though the opponent was very powerful, he knew that this battle was inevitable.

Dragon Shisan was a bit touched as Jiang Chen had become his shield, protecting him. Jiang Chen's arrival had not only saved him, but also put him in the limelight. How could a man ask for another brother like this?

“If you can overcome this attack of mine, then I will write off the debt with you once and for all.”

Moling Dongchen said faintly. In fact, he was trying to test the water. If Jiang Chen was not that powerful, it would not take him too much to kill him. However, if Jiang Chen's strength was really monstrous, it was not rational for him to fight him .

The entire Mount Maitreya was overcrowded right now and more and more people were flooding to this place. Who knew there might be another heaven-shocking battle soon.


Jiang Chen nodded. He did not want to continue fighting with this guy as he only wanted to kill Li Shuaia and save Dragon Shisan. Since he had already achieved his goal, why would he bring owls to Athens? Moreover, he believed that Dragon Shisan had something he couldn’t tell right now. Or else, why would he safeguard this place at the cost of his life?

Dragon Shisan was not a stubborn fool, so there must be something odd that made him guard this place with his life on the line. Right now, Dragon Shisan had been injured. If he was going to a life-and-death battle with Moling Dongche, both of them might fall into a very disadvantageous position and the consequence would surely not be good. 

“Great, courageous.” 

Moling Dongchen said and gave a compliment to Jiang Chen. At the same time, he did not slow down his action. His arms stirred the wind and cloud while his aura covered the earth. The air around solidified while gloomy clouds filled the sky with bleak sounds of winds. 

“Toppling Mountains Overthrowing Seas"

A low and deep voice sounded out and brough great shock to the entire Tian Zhu Peak. The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth lifted slightly because the Great Divination Art had already shown him the way how Moling Dongchen was going to attack. The aura of Toppling Mountains and Overthrowing Seas had been seen thoroughly by Jiang Chen. He did not take a step back and kept his calm despite the great danger. He lashed out with his sword right away, striking with his Slaughter Dragon Seal. A Dragon roared up to cloud with its pride towering into the sky!

Both of their attack tangled together. Jiang Chen had found the weakness of Moling Dongchen’s attack, countering it with his Slaughter Dragon Seal effortlessly. Jiang Chen had successfully overcome Moling Dongchen’s strike. 

The sky became silent while dusts are settled. The entire Tian Zhu Peak fell into silence.

“Not bad, it’s quite interesting. Let’s write off this debt today.”

Moling Dongchen said with a smile. It seemed like the death of Li Shuai did not matter to him at all. 

“Such a formidable attack. Their strength has already reached the peak, however they have managed to easily fend off each other’s attack. It’s impeccable! 

“He isn't any weaker than our leader at all. No wonder they are unwilling to fight anymore. If they really continue to fight, both of them would certainly be injured.”

“That’s undeniable. However, our leader has lost in this exchange, in fact. He just wanted to protect his face. That’s why he did not want to continue the battle. Our leader’s strength is already at the Void God realm, however, that monster is only a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Comparison is odious.”

“You’re right. I’ve forgotten about that. It’s not supposed to be like that. That guy is really heaven-defying.”

Although this battle was not as heaven-shaking and earth-moving as they had imagined, it was still a fascinating battle. They only had a single exchange and had managed to turn hostility into peace. Even if Moling Dongchen continued to fight with Jiang Chen, he would not gain any benefits. This was what Moling Dongchen understood clearer than others. 

“So long.”

Jiang Chen gave a faint smile and looked completely calm. As soon as Jiang Chen glanced down at hundreds of thousands of Immortal Sovereigns beneath the Tian Zhu Peak, he followed Dragon Shisan to enter the said peak 

“Leader, we have kept watching Tian Zhu Peak for many days, if we don’t enter right now, I’m afraid we wouldn’t gain any benefits.”

“Yea, leader. Amongst the twelve peaks of Tian Yin, Tian Zhu Peak was the only one that no one had dared to enter. Even there have been people entering into the Tian Lan Peak. I think this guy’s obviously thinking to lead the field and take over all the treasures by himself.”

“These two guys are too greedy. Those are treasures of Divine Emperor level. The treasures inside are definitely out of our imagination. Don’t hesitate anymore, leader.” 

More and more people started to convince Moling Dongchen. Moling Dongchen was also well-aware that there must be an absolutely appealing treasure above the Tian Zhu Peak. Or else, why would those two insist on safeguarding this peak at all cost? 

“Where have you been all this time? I have been looking for you for so long.”

Dragon Shisan gave Jiang Chen a light punch and taunted.

“The Divine Tomb is full of strange things. If we can, we should leave here as soon as possible and enter the Divine World. I have a sense that there’s an irresistible strength that we won’t be able to overcome in the Divine Tomb. Those dreadful divine souls definitely are not easy to deal with.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and said in a serious manner.    

“You’re right. However, I still can’t leave here right now.”

Dragon Shisan said in deep voice.

“Why? What’s in your mind? Even though your combat strength is appalling, you won’t be able to fight against so many of them. Why do you want to stay at Tian Zhu peak so much and not let it go?”

Jiang Chen knew that Dragon Shisan would not do insignificant things. He must have his own reason.

Dragon Shisan looked dignified and he did not want to say much.

“You come with me first.”

Dragon Shisan brought Jiang Chen in front of a temple. The temple was ten zhang tall and it looked like it was embedded into the mountain. It was in ruins, but filled with an overbearing atmosphere. Spider web covered the top of the temple and its color clearly had already seen times. Even the door of the temple could not be more broken. Dust was everywhere in the temple. The plaque had even fallen off of the temple.

“Where’s this?”

Jiang Chen said softly. As soon as he stepped into the temple, his entire body felt cold. 

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