Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2137

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TL: God Stash > Divine Treasure

Dragon Shisan’s lips twitched slightly. He could feel Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal materializing. Moreover, that extremely terrifying killing intent felt as if it could pierce a person’s heart, causing the Heavens to bow down in respect and all living beings to prostrate in awe. Extremely terrifying. 

“This monster.” Dragon Shisan breathed out a long sigh of relief. 

I probably wouldn’t even know how I died if Jiang Chen was an enemy even if I’m now a Void God and possessed a Divine Weapon. Yet this fellow still has some tricks up his sleeve. 

“Looks like I’ll have to accept it no matter what.” Dragon Shisan sighed. 

However, his expression showed extreme delight. He was happy that Jiang Chen was becoming strong because he’s a brother of his. 

Jiang Chen toned down his aura and retrieved the Slaughter Dragon Seal. At this moment, he too had an urge to test how far he had grown. But he knew how devastating the Slaughter Dragon Seal was. A Late Void God expert may not even have the guts to take it head-on if he were to unleash its full strength. This was one of his sure-kill trump cards, after all. 

It was beyond his expectation that the Slaughter Dragon Seal could absorb divine souls and 40,000 heroic souls of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. In other words, divine soul experts would be heavily suppressed once the Slaughter Dragon Seal was unleashed. 

The entrance towards the Divine Treasure was a path towards the bottom of the mountain range. A ghastly and chilling path that extend downward without an end, with various curves throughout the path that was spooky. 

“This place seriously gives me chills all over. Could this treasury of God actually be a sinister place?” Someone said solemnly. 

“Agreed. This must be a place of Great Evil. This place may even have monsters and demons… That bunch of divine souls earlier were seriously strong, it was hard for us to defend against them.” 

“F*ck off if you’re scared to go in. Bunch of cowards who desires Divine Treasures yet dares not to take another step. Does the bunch of you even qualify to enter the Divine World? Even if you guys managed to enter the Divine World, you’ll just end up becoming a stepping stone for the strong.” Dragon Shisan said with disdain. 

This bunch of people were truly shameful. His words caused them to become silent, they more or less felt ashamed of themselves. They wanted to enter the Divine Treasury but now they appear to be wishy-washy. 

Jiang Chen didn’t utter a word, maintaining his composure. Even though he too felt that the place was strange, he still needed to enter it nonetheless. It won’t be easy to obtain the peerless treasure of a Divine Emperor expert. Nobody would’ve been able to enter a Peak Divine Emperor’s treasury. It was a pity that a Divine Emperor’s expert divine soul fell into the Divine Tomb, which gave birth to the Divine Treasury. 

A genuine Divine Emperor was someone up above the Supreme Heavens that people would avoid offending. 

“Let’s enter. Mo Ling Dongchen and the others have already entered. We cannot fall behind.” Jiang Chen said while he and Dragon Shisan walked in the front of the group. 

The deep and cold underground cave was quite narrow and could only fit four people at most at the same time. Jiang Chen was feeling much more pressured with the pathing of the cave and the hidden danger that may devour them. 

“Be careful, be vigilant.”  Jiang Chen urged Dragon Shisan and the others. 

A dozen or so people followed behind Jiang Chen carefully. At this moment, Jiang Chen could faintly sense a chilling air coming from the unseeable end, a dangerous vibe that caused people to tremble in fear. 

The surrounding walls of the tunnel were blood-red in colour, the place was gloomy, cold and dark.They could barely see what was in front of them even if they relied on their extremely powerful vision. 

The world of Divine Tomb was already gloomy and dim without light, but this underground path was frighteningly dark in comparison. 

Water droplets fell from the dyke like “tick tock tick tock” with a stable rhythm. Jiang Chen walked for another two hours only to reach a dead end. 

This was an icy underground world. Everywhere was covered with ice and snow. The place was brightly lit up and the space was much bigger. A giant frozen open area could be seen from afar. This underground world was extremely mysterious. Truly shocking. 

On the distant icy plain, four blue giant long-tailed beasts were standing tall, they were at least ten zhang tall. They were standing on two feet with a pair of savagely brutal claws, like a savage hungry beast. Their blue-ish body was clear and reflective, exhibiting peerless dominance. 

“Look, quickly, looks like the three of them is surrounded by a bunch of giant beasts.” Shisan said smirkingly. 

“Those giant beasts are quite strong. They are at the Mid Void God realm, plus, they’re not divine souls. But a genuine giant beast that exists in this world. A true Mid Vod God being, one that could utilise the surrounding environment to their advantage, they could even reach the strength of a Late Void God if they were to use their momentary explosiveness.” Jiang Chen said quietly. 

This group of giant beast were obviously not divine souls, but a true organism. Furthermore, they breathe out chilling cold air from their mouth. It was a frightful sight to behold. If one was struck by the chilling air, one would instantly become frozen down to the bone. 

From afar, an extremely ancient bronze gateway could be seen on the other end. Even though the gateway was covered with snow and ice, the Suan Ni and Ya Zi* were extremely imposing and life-like. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. The real Divine Treasury could probably be right behind that bronze gateway. 

“These bastards are disgusting. We couldn’t beat them with our three combined efforts. It’s like they don’t have any weakness.” Xiong Batian furiously said.  

He was shivering and shaking with scars and injuries covering his body. One could see that he was cut by an ice-blade, and was frozen solid for four times. He would’ve died then and there if weren’t for his strong body. 

Even then, Xiong Batian trembled with a fearful expression. He would totally die if these big fellas couldn’t be beaten in a short time. 

On the other side, Zhan Lingyun and Moling Dongchen weren’t any better. Their injuries were even worse, and the previous high-spirited and disdainful attitude that they had back then was now gone. 

“We need to think of something. Otherwise, we’ll lose everything here. We haven’t seen any divine souls that are as strong as a Late Void God but these big fellas are as strong as them.” Mo Ling Dongchen said quietly with a solemn expression. 

Feeling desperate under such a crisis, they thought of Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan. If the two of them were here, they wouldn’t have fallen in such a bad situation. 

“Guys, look, it’s that damned monkey.” 

Zhan Lingyun’s eyes lit up. 

“Brother Jiang, Brother Monkey, what are you guys waiting for?!”  Zhan Lingyun said loudly. 

Mo Ling Dongchen and Xiong Batian followed his gaze and looked in the said direction. Certainly, Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan were standing at the forefront with a dozen or so people behind them. Their strength was at the Early Void God realm. 

“Yeah. What are you guys waiting for, come!” Xiong Batian said furiously. 

“Who the f*ck do you think you are? Big guy! This one would still be able to pass even if you all died. You can’t even beat four mere guard dogs, and you want ME to help you? Who was it that said he wanted to kill me? Which bastard was it? How could I forget it? Hahaha. You want me to help? *Spits* Keep dreaming.” Dragon Shisan sneered. 

Dragon Shisan bore quite a bit of a grudge. This Xiong Batian thought he was some hot-shit, thinking he’s better even than the Heavens. Dragon Shisan hated this kind of people the most. Now that the guy was in deep shit, he would definitely not help him out. 

Suan Ni & Ya Zi are Ancient Chinese Divine Beasts 

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