Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2138

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Xiong Batian’s face was bright red in anger thanks to Dragon Shisan. Unfortunately, he still needed to deal with those four long-tailed beasts at the moment, it was truly devastating for him. 

Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun could only laugh bitterly. Obviously, Dragon Shisan was not going to help them. Xiong Batian’s previous treatment wasn’t obviously great, the man capable of helping them at the moment was the very person he slandered just a little while ago. His head must be full of dog-sh*t. 

“Looks like this Xiong Batian hasn’t realised how dire his situation is.” Jiang Chen smiled and looked at Dragon Shisan. 

He’ll never have peace after offending my brother here. Of course, Jiang Chen would stand beside his brother. Whether Xiong Batian lives or dies, why the f*ck would he care? 

“Fellow brothers. I plead thee as fellow comrades from the Immortal World to eliminate these four giant beasts together. Otherwise, you guys will be also stuck here. These beasts are nimble and fierce. It is difficult to eliminate them with just the strength of either party alone.” Zhan Lingyun said with a bitter expression. 

At this moment, the four long-tailed giant beasts came crashing onto them one after another, causing the trio to be further pressured, just like stray dogs beaten to a pulp by the whole neighbourhood. 

“Screw your Immortal comrades. If you don’t help ME, you guys will also never be able to get past this place. I’ll curse you guys even if I’ve become a ghost!!” Xiong Batian said without reservations. 

“I can see that you’re on your last leg there. I’m not even afraid of you when you’re alive, what is there to fear when you’re dead?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

In an instant, Xiong Batian was left speechless. He knew that it was impossible for him to request the help of these two bosses. 

“What are you guys gawking over there? Sun Yang, Guan Ze, Li Shi, Feng Kuan come down and help us! Are you guys waiting for me to skin you all?!” Xiong Batian looked at the four people standing behind Jiang Chen, his four ex-subordinates. 

“You’re the treacherous one who left us on the foot of Tian Zhu peak. On what basis do you think you could give us any order? If it weren’t for Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan, our benefactors, fending off those divine souls, our army would’ve been buried under the foot of Tian Zhu peak.” Feng Kuan said while gritting his teeth as he bore extreme hatred towards Xiong Batian. 

“Yeah! None of us will feel sad for a piece of sh*t like you if you die! I would’ve liked to have a piece of him, myself!” Sun Yang followed. 

This time, Xiong Batian was utterly dumbfounded. Because he’s now the ‘public enemy no.1’ and no one would give him a helping hand. Furthermore, he was the weakest amongst the trio. Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun could still stand their ground for a little longer, but he’s on his last leg. 

“Roar…” A long-tailed giant beast roared thunderously. 

A chilling blast was shot out from the beast’s mouth, completely freezing Xiong Batian. It then proceeded to slash forward with both of its claws, destroying the ice and one of Xiong Batian’s arms, blood was spilled all over the place as a result. 

However, no one batted an eye for such a scene, as the people on-site were at least Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns who had created mountains of corpses under their belt before entering the Divine Tomb!  

Xiong Batian roared in pain. The blood-coloured giant axe in his hand was thrown away by the long-tailed beast, leaving him to fend off the beast’s attacks with a wobbly body.

Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun tried their best to avoid the encirclement but they too suffered injury as time passed. 

“An utter fool.” Zhan Lingyun said while gritting his teeth towards Xiong Batian whose guts he hated to the core. 

He originally thought he could persuade Jiang Chen to help them since this was a fair game. If Jiang Chen doesn’t want to help, then, their group will also become a part of these beasts food. 

Yet the fool was hell-bent on enraging Jiang Chen and the monkey. Isn’t that digging his own grave? Plus, their ex-subordinates had betrayed them. Or rather than betray, their ex-subordinates had changed after Jiang Chen and the Monkey gave them a new chance in life. Zhan Lingyun was clear on how dangerous his situation was, and to make matters worse, these people would never listen to his command again. 

Xiong Batian shouted and cried for help. His previous unyielding attitude had vanished without a trace. 

“Save me, Help!!” Xiong Batian’s scream reverberated along the Profound Ancient Ice Path.

Another long-tailed giant beast pounded on him, creating a deep crack in the ice path. 

“Save me…. Please, I beg you. Lord Monkey, save me. I, Xiong Batian, was unequalled throughout my life, none could rival against me in the Immortal World. I cannot accept this, I cannot die here. Not like this. I don’t even know where the front door leading to the Divine World is. Save me…… Please… I’ll even become your slave.”  

Xiong Batian lost all his past demeanour after realizing that Jiang Chen and the others were not planning to help him. His only end would undoubtedly be death. 

After cultivating for thousands of years, will my body die and Dao disappear right here? 

How could he accept such end?  

“No! No! I cannot accept this!!!”  Xiong Batian roared furiously while brandishing his giant axe. 

However, he knew that the time he had left was limited, one long-tailed beast was more than enough to end his life. The blood-coloured giant axe chopped on the beast’s body, yet not a single scratch could be seen. Instead, he was thrown a hundred meters backwards by the giant beast. His expression became extremely ugly as he coughed out litres of blood, his breathing had become extremely weak. 

“Have you ever thought about the feelings of your subordinates when you cold-heartedly abandoned them? How helpless, and furious had they felt? An army of ten thousand! Where half were either lost or injured in less than an hour. Haven’t they also bitterly cultivated for tens of thousands of years just to enter the Divine Tomb? How much hate do they bear? Have you ever thought about it? A selfish person like you will never understand what it means to be grateful.” Jiang Chen smiled filled with sarcasm.  

It was a pity that Xiong Batian couldn’t hear him anymore, as he had already become a pile of meat patty by the long-tailed beast’s heavy strike, where his blood splattered on the floor of the Profound Ancient Ice Path. 

Xiong Batian. Died. 

The death of Xiong Batian. From the perspective of Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan, was purely his own undoing. As for Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun, they had zero sympathy towards him. Their only concern was whether Jiang Chen would willingly assist them. 

At this moment, Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun saw a sliver of hope. At least they did not have any bad blood with Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan. 

“Brother Jiang, Brother Dragon! We hope for your assistance, otherwise, it’ll be hard for any of us to fight these beasts.” Mo Ling Dongchen finally said. 

He knew it was useless to say anything earlier because Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan were the kind of people who repays animosities directed towards them. Xiong Batian, that narcissistic fool, was bound to die. 

Dragon Shisan wanted to say something but was stopped by Jiang Chen. Dragon Shisan knew that he and Jiang Chen could at least stay undefeated against those beasts but could never kill them either. But Jiang Chen did not want to show all of his cards in such a place, as it may prove fatal to him. At least, for this moment, he felt something off about Mo Ling Dongchen, as if he had not unleashed his true strength.  

“Alright!” Jiang Chen said indifferently. He unsheathed his sword and pointed his sharp blade towards those long-tailed giant beasts as he directed a surge of immeasurable killing intent towards them!

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