Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2147

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“The spirit is causing trouble?”

Even though Jiang Chen was starting to doubt Mo Ling Dongchen, he did not openly express it. Some things are not meant to be expressed… 

“Yes. I’ve once read it on an ancient literature: the Divine Burying Flag is one a kind. Furthermore, the flag is a divine weapon forged by peerless materials. For the completion of the Divine Burying Flag, nine Hierarch bodies and their souls are needed. The evil thing about the flag is… it sacrifices the lives of Hierarch experts, a truly disgusting act. But after the weapon is forged, it becomes a very terrifying weapon… No one will be able to stand against it. This Divine Burying Flag is the core of the Divine Burying Altar and the eye of the killing formation. Truly devastating… nine Hierarch souls, it's enough to stand on top of the Supreme Heaven.” Mo Ling Dongchen quietly said. 

Jiang Chen silently sneered. Again with the ancient literature, makes you wonder whether he really does like to read, how much ancient books and literature did he actually read. 

“The Divine Burying Altar could only be opened after pulling out the Divine Burying Flag and the true Divine Treasury lies beyond it.” 

“Pull out the Divine Burying Flag?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

One could clearly see, however, that the howling winds surrounding the Divine Burying Flag could easily shred the corpses of the savage beast into pieces. Truly devastating. 

“The wind surrounding the Divine Burying Flag could easily shred the sturdiest stone into pieces.” Mo Ling Dongchen said with lingering fear. 

“Then, how do we even pull it out? You might as well not say a damn thing about it if that’s the case.” Dragon Shisan said with a frown.

“That’s the only choice we have. The three of us will need to simultaneously advance and withstand the wind-blades to pull out the flag. We can only live by pulling out the flag and enter the Divine Treasury. Otherwise, those that are below the True God realm could not withstand those sharp wind-blades.” Mo Ling Dongchen said with extreme worry, citing that this was the only choice they have. 

“Looks like… it’s going to be difficult to pull out the Divine Burying Flag.” Jiang Chen said. 

The three of them unleashed their full strength, creating a barrier with the three of their auras combined to withstand the wind-blade. But before they could take their twentieth step forward, cracks could be seen appearing on the barrier. 

“This wind-blade is too strong. I don’t think we could withstand it any longer.” Mo Ling Dongchen said seriously. 

“Motherf*cker. This one doesn’t believe it!” 

Dragon Shisan took a big step forward and withstood all the wind-blades while he rushed towards the Divine Burying Flag on top of the altar. 

“Be careful!” Jiang Chen frowned. 

He knew that Shisan would try to rely on his body’s sturdiness to withstand the wind-blades. But no matter how sturdy his body was, it may not be able to withstand such an intense wind. 

After evading several wind-blades, countless more wind-blades would still follow and in the end, fell onto Shisan’s body. Countless wounds appeared on his  body, yet he managed to soldier on. One of his arms managed to grab hold onto the Divine Burying Flag, causing a surge of wind and thunder to raise intensely on the altar. Dragon Shisan used every inch of his muscle to pull out the flag yet it wouldn’t budge. 

“I refuse to believe that I can’t pull it out!” Dragon Shisan furiously shouted. 

Strength of thousands of men was used! He could feel that the resisting force coming from the Divine Burying Flag was immense. 

Nevertheless, the Divine Burying Flag still did not budge, not even the slightest. 

“No. Monkey is going to be cut to death if this continues.” Jiang Chen frowned.

He raised his sword and cut down the wind-blades that stood in his way while he slowly advances. He then transformed into his draconic form, instantly boosting the strength and sturdiness of his flesh, allowing him to withstand the wind-blades. 

“Such a terrifying pair of brothers.” Mo Ling Dongchen murmured. 

These two fellows could withstand such a terrifying wind-blade with just their abilities alone. He knew how terrifying the Divine Burying Flag was. In the Divine Tomb, only those that have the sturdiness of the True God could withstand the wind-blade without dying. At least, he did not have the courage to advance.  

“My turn!” Jiang Chen said. 

The howling wind was extremely ear-piercing. Dragon Shisan took a glance at Jiang Chen and did not retreat, instead he assisted Jiang Chen by sharing the pressure of the wind-blade. 


The Divine Burying Flag did not budge at all. Moreover, the wind-blades became much more intense with Jiang Chen taking most of the brunt of it. 

“Edifying Light! Extinguish!” 

Jiang Chen unleashed the Edifying Light. The wind caused by the Divine Burying Flag gradually became weaker, but it was still threatening. 

“Rise up!” 

Jiang Chen shouted and single-handedly pull out the Divine Burying Flag. At this moment, both Dragon Shisan and Mo Ling Dongchen were shaken. Jiang Chen has made it, he managed to pull out the Divine Burying Flag. This meant that the resistance of the Divine Burying Flag towards Jiang Chen was comparatively weaker. 

“Looks like this Edifying Light is truly mysterious. To be able to have such an effect on such a terrifying evil item.” 

Jiang Chen never thought that the Edifying Light could suppress the Divine Burying Flag. Yet unexpectedly it managed to reduce the power of the Divine Burying Flag, implicating that the Edifying Light played a considerably large role. 

The Divine Burying Flag could even move in the absence of wind, it doesn’t even need any energy from Jiang Chen to unleash its power. 

“Such a wild demonic item. Quiet down!” Jiang Chen furiously roared.  

He then unleashed the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. At this moment, the Divine Burying Flag instantly quieted down, without a shred of resistance. 

The prestige of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda completely suppressed the Divine Burying Flag. Jiang Chen gave out a loud laugh and waved the flag around, the flag flapped, showcasing its unparalleled divine prestige. It was truly a supreme treasure, a Divine Weapon. 

“This Divine Burying Flag seriously gives people the chills.” Mo Ling Dongchen said with lingering fear. 

This fellow is truly terrifying. To think he could tame the Divine Burying Flag, a true Heavenly Divine Weapon. It has become a tool with spirit. 

It wouldn’t have been easy for Jiang Chen to tame the Divine Burying Flag if it wasn’t for the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and the Edifying Light. Now, looks like Jiang Chen had taken full control of the Divine Burying Flag. 

“Damn. Little Chen. You’ve become much stronger. Hahaha. Looks like the Divine Burying Flag is yours to take.” 

Dragon Shisan’s eye gave out a glimpse flash. He had fully experienced the might of the Divine Burying Flag. 

“I’m just lucky. Haha.” Jiang Chen gave out a smile. 

Even though he said he was lucky, the factor of luck did not have anything to do in this situation. The most important factor was the advice of Mo Ling Dongchen. 

“Brother Jiang is truly courageous. This Divine Burying Flag is a genuine divine item of Heaven and Earth. You must keep it safe if people from the Divine World were to see it… not even a Divine King could stay still about it.” 

Mo Ling Dongchen’s expression gave out slight envy. But he was clear that such an item was not his to keep.  

“Thanks for the reminder.” Jiang Chen said.

Instantly, the howling of the wind stopped and the surrounding area began to tremble.  


At this moment, the Divine Burying Altar gradually crack open with a loud sound, and an underground passage could be seen appearing in front of Jiang Chen and the others. 

“Divine Treasury. It’s the Divine Treasury! We can finally enter the Divine Treasury. Hahaha.” Mo Ling Dongchen said with extreme excitement, his eyes were filled with pure excitement while he looks at the deep underground passage! 

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