Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2148

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“Is the Divine Treasury at the end of the passage?” Jiang Chen said with a sinking tone. 

He had brave through layers of dangerous situations, where any average joe would’ve died tragically through the journey. Hence, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but be wary as each step they had taken could’ve literally took their very lives away. 

Jiang Chen looked at Mo Ling Dongchen. The latter doesn’t look like he’s lying, His background feels sketchy, or perhaps he had an unspeakable reason. But throughout their journey, he had never harmed both Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan. This slightly pleased Jiang Chen, otherwise, he would’ve eliminated him long ago. 

“Screw it. I too, want to have a look at this Divine Treasury. What sort of person created such a peerless Divine Treasury.” Dragon Shisan was the first to step forward and rushed towards the passage. 

“Let’s go.” Mo Ling Dongchen followed behind. 

Jiang Chen did not hesitate any longer and also followed suit. It was an ancient passage that was at least a thousand miles long. The side of the passage was extremely worn out, the pavement under their feet was full of holes, yet the passage was usable, connecting towards the goal of their journey.  

The place was covered with fog and it was eerily quiet. In such a passage, flowing water could be heard reverberating throughout their journey. 

The three of them walked for a full thirty minutes before reaching the end, it was an open space where one could see the moon and sun. 

“It’s an extremely huge palace.” Mo Ling Dongchen said. 

“Palace of Repose!” 

Jiang Chen’s eyesight was sharp and saw the three giant words that were endowed with dragons and phoenixes. One could even feel a terrifying pressure coming from those words alone. 

The palace was a hundred zhang big, extending to who knows where. On the outside of the palace, the nine children of the dragon could be seen guarding the palace, they were the Qiu Niu, Ya Zi, Pu Lao, Bi An, Tao Tie, Suan Ni, Chi Wen, Fu Xi and Chao Feng!* 

Nine Great Ferocious Beasts were placed on the surrounding area of the palace. They look extremely ferocious, causing people to instinctively feel a chill run down their spine. 

“Not many people would dare to use the nine children of the dragon as guardians of a palace. This Divine Emperor must have been a big shot when he was alive.” Mo Ling Dongchen murmured as if he was hesitating. 

“No matter how great he was when he was alive, isn’t he dead already? Becoming one with the earth, what is there for me to fear?” Dragon Shisan laughed without fear. 

“There’s a saying, a skinny camel is STILL bigger than a horse. Even a dead Divine Emperor’s prestige is not something that the likes of us could encroach. A Divine Emperor is the most influential individual in the Divine World. As for the God Emperor, it's just a legend… which very few people have managed to witness. According to rumors, the God Emperors have all perished since the immemorial battle. Hence, the Divine Emperors are the true rulers of the world.” Mo Ling Dongchen said with a sigh. 

“The Divine Treasures left behind by a Divine Emperor must be one of a kind, things that are even rarer in the Divine World, things that couldn’t even be found in the Divine Tomb.” 

“Then, in your opinion, who is this Divine Emperor?” Jiang Chen looked at Mo Ling Dongchen with an interested gaze. 

Mo Ling Dongchen gave an awkward smile and shook his head: “How would I know? These are just things that I’ve read from ancient literature and books. No matter who he was, he’s not an existence to be encroached. Luckily, he did not use dragons or phoenixes as his guardian.”

“Dragon and Phoenix?” 

Jiang Chen’s body trembled. Dragon Race, the true Divine Dragon Clan, where could they be? 

“Does the Divine Dragon Clan exist in the Divine World?” Jiang Chen continued asking. 

“This, I do not know. The texts did not mention anything about the Dragon Race.” Mo Ling Dong Chen smiled, obviously did not want to continue this topic. 

“Nine ferocious guardians. This meant that the identity of this Divine Emperor is unique. Let’s quickly enter and explore the palace.”

Seeing that Mo Ling Dongchen didn’t want to answer his question, Jiang Chen thought: Perhaps he’s genuinely clueless, or perhaps he’s intentionally hiding something. He no longer continued his question and the trio entered the palace.  

Although the palace was ancient and in tatters, the nine ferocious divine beasts were extremely imposing. One could even feel a terrifying pressure coming from them, causing Jiang Chen to feel extremely uncomfortable. As if somebody was staring at him behind his back. Truly uncomfortable! 

“Hahaha. I’ve never imagined a mere Early Void God could enter the Divine Treasury. Such a joke. Mo Ling Dongchen, it looks like your Unparalleled Charm Alliance has been annihilated?” 

The instant the trio entered the palace, a chilling voice taunted. The voice reverberated in their ears. 

“Ling Tianba! You’re here too.” Mo Ling Dongchen said solemnly while he subconsciously tightened his fist. 

“Don’t need to be so nervous. I will not embarrass you since you managed to enter this place. I wonder what kind of treasures are hidden in this Divine Treasury? At that moment, find one or two and hand it to me, and I might spare your life. Hahaha.”

The hawk-eyed man stood mid-air with a long spear in his hand. His figure was tall and slender, his strength reaching the terrifying Peak Early Void God realm. Both being the same grade but the difference between them was quite big. 

Ling Tianba’s body emitted an aura of dominance, especially his divine spear, its sharpness could be felt from afar. He was much stronger than Li Shuai. Void Gods had different strengths, some are stronger and some are weak. The talented experts could even fight a hundred opponents by themselves. 

“Ling Tianba, you can really scare someone. eh? Although the Lord of Unparalleled Charm Alliance is extremely charming, you don’t need to be jealous of him, right? Hehehe, I, Bing Chan, will not allow it.” 

At this moment, a foxy red-clothed lady appeared in front of them. Her appearance caused Ling Tianba and Mo Ling Dongchen to tremble. 

Her face was as flawless as a jade, her beauty could make kingdoms fall. The brilliance of the sun and moon paled in comparison to her beauty. Her figure was beautiful, foxy, and perfect. 

“Sister* Bing Chan, great technique, you’re not afraid of such a dangerous place. You have earned my respect.” Mo Ling Dongchen said. 

This person’s strength has also reached the terrifying level of Peak Early Void God, on-par with Ling Tianba. Now, Jiang Chen could finally see the top experts standing on the apex of the Divine Tomb. Not bad, Shisan would probably not be able to beat both of them. 

“Meddler. Anyone reaching this stage would’ve gone through many hardships. Why would I ruin the future of others? Hmph.” Ling Tianba harrumphed, his expression darkened. 

As a matter of fact, he was slightly afraid of Dragon Shisan. Shisan and Mo Ling Dongchen joining hands together might be able to defeat him. Moreover, even if he managed to kill Mo Ling Dongchen in battle, others might take that opportunity to give him a fatal blow. 

Ling Tianba would never do things that would ruin others and himself. This Bing Chan most likely wanted him and Mo Ling Dongchen to fight against each other, so that she could be the final winner. 

Hehe. Little Brother is truly courageous. It’s probably not easy to enter this Divine Treasury. Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign… such an eye-opener.”  

Bing Chan laughed slyly. Her eyes were sharp as she spotted Jiang Chen from a glance. The people on-site were the apex of the place, they may not have been the best in the world, but they are the strongest in this Divine Tomb as they could easily kill off a Void God expert. 

*Ancient mythical Chinese beasts; qiú niú, yázì, pú láo, bì àn, tāotiè, suān ní, chī wěn, fù xì, cháo fēng. 

*Sister: Elder Sister

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