Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2150

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“What do you mean?” Mo Ling Dongchen looked at Jiang Chen and quietly asked. 

“Yeah. There are so many divine weapons here, not one fancy your taste? ” Dragon Shisan too felt that Jiang Chen was implicating something. 

“A shape without a soul. These divine weapons have been corroded by the passing of time. Their spirits are long gone.” Jiang Chen said while shaking his head. 

Sure enough, after Jiang Chen’s explanation, Niu Erlang picked up three divine weapons and it all dispersed into the air after touching it. 

“How could this be? I genuinely felt the energy coming from those weapons. The prestige of the divine weapon! How can it be?” 

Niu Erlang found it hard to accept. But the truth was there, thousands of perfect divine weapons laying on the ground… yet it’ll all become one with the earth with just a simple touch. 

Niu Erlang still couldn’t believe it. 

One, two, three, a hundred, two hundred… all with the same result. 

“Idiot. Heh Heh.” 

Jiang Chen sneered at Niu Erlang. Niu Erlang furiously roared, he then attempted to attack but was once again blocked by Niu Dalang. Jiang Chen had truly become a thorn in his eye. 

“How did you know?” Mo Ling Dongchen looked at Jiang Chen with a shred of doubt. 

“The bones of a god is akin to a divine weapon. When the bones of a god cracks, the divine weapon too shall shatter. Something I’ve read from an ancient literature.” 

Jiang Chen’s words shook Mo Ling Dongchen with a glimpse of awkwardness in his eyes. 

Jiang Chen was obviously bullshitting. He too did not know why he could see that those divine weapons have already all fallen into nothingness. Perhaps it was thanks to the Great Soul Derivation Technique that enabled him to detect that these divine weapons had no spirit. 

“Such a pity, so many divine weapons but they have been corroded by the passage of time. How long has it been… the bones of a god have shattered, these divine weapons have all become ash, its likely more than thousands of years.” Bing Chan said with a sigh. One could see that she was slightly sad, as time could even corrode the most beautiful of them all. 

“So what. Since this place is useless…. You guys, look. There’s the second palace, the War God Palace.” Niu Dalang said. 

In front of them, twelve stone pillars surrounded and guarded the second palace, the War God Palace! 

An extremely large Bronze Throne was situated in front of the War God Palace. The throne was one zhang tall and half a zhang wide with a rectangular shape, that darkish yellow bronze throne was slightly covered by patches of green impurities. 

A skeleton could be seen sitting on top of the Bronze Throne, emitting a powerful pressure.  

“That skeleton looked like it could come alive any second.” 

Jiang Chen looked at the skeleton for half a second. At this moment, everyone entered the War God Palace, leaving the trio behind. 

“It’s already dead, without a soul, how could a skeleton suddenly be alive?” Mo Ling Dongchen said. 

Suddenly, an eerie green-ray burst out from the skeleton, shooting into Jiang Chen’s brain. This scene was not spotted by anyone, not even Dragon Shisan, and not Mo Ling Dongchen, even Jiang Chen had only felt a shiver ran through his body, his brain slightly vibrated, but no traces of anything could be found. 

“What happened? What happened to me?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

“Let’s go, let’s enter the War God Palace.” Mo Ling Dongchen said. 


Jiang Chen followed them into the War God Palace. But as they walked, his hand coincidentally touched the bronze throne. At this moment, Jiang Chen halted.  

“Thousands of years have passed, divine weapons or the bones of gods have all become ash. Why does this bronze throne looked okay? With the exception of some rust on its surface.” 

Jiang Chen took out his finger and raised the bronze throne. At this moment, he felt the bronze throne was somewhat unique and heavy. Looks unique, let’s keep it. 

After retrieving the bronze throne, Jiang Chen followed everyone into the War God Palace. The interior of the palace was filled with divine weapons of various kinds. 

This time, the divine weapons here did not become ash or dust, but it had already lost their divine power. They’re now just normal weapons, with rust covering their surface. 

“The passage of time is truly a powerful weapon, even an exceptionally rare divine weapon nor a Divine King couldn’t escape its claws.” Bing Chan said with sadness lingering in it. Causing others to sigh in agreement. 

“Look! There are a few war god statues!” Mo Ling Dongchen said, his eyes lit up brightly. 

Everyone’s gaze fell onto the four war-god statues. Each war god was nine foot tall and looked extremely formidable. Moreover, it doesn’t feel like they’re just statues. 

The eyes of each war god statue were glaring furiously, exhibiting dominating prestige, emitting valorous aura. Its as if they were from the Heaven that granted them divine prestige that dominates over everything under the Heavens. 

The four war gods held four different types of weapons;the sword, halberd, spear, and pike. Each of these weapons was without any embroidery. Although, the four war god statues just stood still, they gave off extreme pressure as if they were alive. 

“That spear on the hands of the war god, its tip still shone brightly?! It looks like a real divine weapon!” Ling Tianba murmured quietly.

He was the first to rush forward and then yanked out that peerless spear from the war god statue. The tip of the spear reflected the light of the surrounding, its sharpness unmatched, exhibiting extreme dominance. Ling Tianba waved around the long spear, its Qi trembled the air and the dominance in his body felt unmatched. 

“Great spear!” 

Ling Tianba’s eyes shone brightly. This divine spear was much stronger and better by many folds compared to his spear. Truly, a one-of-a-kind spear.  

Hehe. This sword is mine.”

Bing Chan moved forward to take the white-jade long sword. The Niu brothers too did not want to lose out and took the halberd and pike. Only Mo Ling Dongchen did not again anything, and could only laugh bitterly. Looks like he’s not fated to have these divine weapons. 

Dragon Shisan wanted to move but he saw that Jiang Chen was unfazed by the scene. He then chose to stay silent. Moreover, he too has a peerless staff in his possession. He does not need to have so many divine weapons, it was enough to have one divine weapon that suited him. 



Followed by the rumbling sound, the four war-gods simultaneously moved. Four dominating qi filled the space, causing everyone’s expression to change drastically. These four war gods then rushed towards the four who took the weapons. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen and the others escaped the fate of being pursued. 

“These War Gods are all alive? Unbelievable.” Dragon Shisan said. 

He then added, “But it’s great to have them deal with these greedy fellows. Kakaka. Enjoyable!”

Dragon Shisan’s words were heard by Niu Erlang. It was extremely sarcastic. Yet the four of them were indeed being pursued by the four war-gods. 

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