Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2151

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“Bastard! Why did these things suddenly come alive?”

Ling Tianba said in a deep voice, his countenance fell. He felt pretty terrible after being targeted by the War God. Moreover, he seemed like being constrained completely. The terrifying aura released by the War God had made him feel difficult to breathe. 

“How, why did it become like this?”

Niu Dalang was also a bit worried. He held on the Fang Tian Hua Halberd very tight because he knew that it was hard to obtain this divine weapon, and he did not want to lose it.

“Brother, let’s fight them. Aren’t we going to kill these four statues?” Niu Erlang said arrogantly.

“You might not be able to defeat them.”

Bing Chan said faintly and took her smile back because they knew that it was not easy to fight against these four War Gods. Moreover, these War Gods were targeting them right now. How could she continue smiling?

“I think they came alive because of the divine weapons in our hands. Otherwise, why are they only targeting us?” Niu Dalang said in a low voice. 

At this moment, they all realised the problem.

However, who would give up the roasted duck and let it fly away? Of course, none of them were willing to give up these supreme divine weapons. Divine weapons were peerless combat weapons even for those who had already entered the Divine World. Not everyone possessed the qualification and right to possess such weapons. How could they be willing to let their weapons go?

“Right now, let’s see whether they can manage to defeat these four War Gods.”

Jiang Chen smiled as he was happy to see how these guys were going to fight against each other. Moreover, the four War Gods’ strength was not weak at all. Everyone was able to identify this. 

“Sitting on the hill to watch how the tigers fight against each other. I love this the most.”

Dragon Shisan crossed his legs and sat where he was standing, looking forward to a good show. Even though they were in a difficult position right now, one could not see any sign of worry displayed on their faces. Instead, he was carrying the attitude that everything that happened here seemed not related to him. 

“Seems like it’s inevitable that these guys are going to have a fierce battle.”

Moling Dongchen’s face looked slightly serious because he was actually worried that these guys might not be able to fight against the War Gods and get them involved into the battle. 

“Let’s fight.”

Ling Tianba’ said while holding the divine spear tightly. Since he was not going to let his divine spear go, he was going to fight these guys at the cost of his life.

“Great. I won’t be able to stay alive if I don’t get mad and fight these War Gods. I don’t want to give up the divine weapon in my hands.”

Niu Dalang shouted with his deep voice.  The four of them gave each other a glance, then rushed into the four War Gods without any fear. Sand and pebbles rolled in the entire War God Palace. The atmosphere was extremely overbearing. The four War Gods were quite dreadful. Even though they didn't have divine weapons in their hands, they were not any weaker than Ling Tianba and the others. The four War Gods were in a steady condition as they fought against the humans.

“These War Gods are all at the Middle Void God realm. Who knows how dreadful they were when they were still alive,” Moling Dongchen commented.

“Yes, although they have already died, they still release such dreadful strength. No one should look down upon them.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“It’s not easy to be puppets.”

“Are they puppets? Is there someone controlling them?”

Moling Dongchen suddenly felt a sense of coldness on his backbone. Are there more terrifying existences in this divine treasury? However, since they had already come to this point, there was no any other way than to move forward.

“Exactly. However, those who are controlling them might have died already. But these four pieces of divine weapons are probably just gimmicks that triggered the War Gods to fight. People often have bigger eyes than their stomach. The master of this divine treasure had already expected that there would be people wanting to take possession of these divine weapons. This a scheme to trap those who are greedy. If no one touched those divine weapons, perhaps the War Gods wouldn’t have taken action.”

After saying those words, Jiang Chen looked at these people for a while in a helpless manner.

Greed is everyone’s original sin. Even he might have taken action to take these divine weapons if they were not taken by others earlier. However, it was lucky that he did not have the opportunity to take those divine weapons.

The four of them were completely constrained by the War Gods. They were in a crisis right now. Niu Erlang looked the most terrible because he was already exhausted. The most terrifying amongst them was Bing Chan. Although she was in a passive position in the battle right now, at least she was not beaten up by the War Gods completely.

When glancing around, Jiang Chen suddenly found out a palace located somewhere deep inside. It was the third floor of the palace - Refining God Palace!

However, the door of the Refining God Palace was locked. Above the huge door, there were four concave seals which looked exactly like a sword, a halberd, a staff and a spear! In other words, this meant that the four pieces of divine weapons were the keys to open the third floor. Only if they hand out the four pieces of divine weapons would they be able to open the third floor of the palace—the Refining God Palace. 

As a matter of fact, they must obtain the four pieces of the divine weapons in order to open the third floor. This was an inevitable battle as the four war gods definitely would fight them once the divine weapons were taken. 

However, why didn’t they see Ao Feng whom was mentioned by Moling Dongchen just now? Jiang Chen frowned as he felt that something was wrong.

“There’s another Bronze Throne!”

Jiang Chen focused his eyesight on the Bronze Throne. There must be something hiding in that Bronze Throne. This one looked similar to the one he had obtained in the first floor. But there were some dense ancient scriptures written on this one. 

“Whatever, I will keep it first.”

Jiang Chen kept the Bronze Throne immediately. Although Ling Tianba and the others did not realise this, Jiang Chen’s action had caught Moling Dongchen’s eye.

“This Bronze Throne might not be a simple thing.”

“I don’t know.”

Jiang Chen laughed but did not speak much. In fact, he really did not know much but Moling Dongchen did not say more as well. Since they were at the frontline of the battle right now, and the three of them had the weakest strength compared to the others, they could not afford any internal strife. Moling Dongchen did not put this trivial matter into his heart.

“Look! They can’t stand anymore. Gagaga. This is the consequence of being too greedy. I am so happy to see this!”

Dragon Shisan was not afraid of any danger that might befall them while watching the show. This had really provoked Ling Tianba and the others’ anger. On the other hand, the four War Gods continued to fight them with their irresistible divine might.

They already found that fighting the War Gods was extremely difficult. If the situation continued like this, Niu Erlang would face the greatest danger or even risk sacrificing himself. Even though they all had supreme divine weapons in their hands, they still could not make any damage to the four War Gods. Instead, they were really embarrassed by the War Gods.

“Mother f*cker! You’re rejoicing in others’ misfortune. I am going to put you in death.”

Niu Erlang’s eyes turned ruthless at this moment. He directed the War God whom he was fighting to the place where Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan was at. 

Bringing own misfortune for others to suffer! 

This was a great way! Niu Erlang smiled, thinking about why he was so smart.

At this moment, Dragon Shisan, Jiang Chen and Moling Dongchen had no choice but to fight with their utmost strength. This was because Niu Erlang was incompetent to fight and directed the War God to their side, making Jiang Chen and the others fall into a predicament. 

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