Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2154

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“Look, divine weapons are everywhere!” 

“These are really divine weapons!”

It was even out of Jiang Chen’s expectation that there would be so many divine weapons here. Each of these divine weapons looked pretty unusual. At the centre of the Refining God Palace, there was a tomb full of divine weapons. The amount of weapons almost reached thousands of pieces, and all of them were sparkling. 

“Hahaha. So many divine weapons. I’m getting rich!”

Ling Tianba’s eyes blinked while looking at the numerous divine weapons in the Weapon Tomb.

Bing Chan also could not hide her excitement. Even the people of Divine World might not have seen so many divine weapons before, let alone Bing Chan and Ling Tianba.

“It’s rare to see so many divine weapons even in the Divine World.” 

Ao Feng murmured and his eyes were filled with excitement. 

“If we don’t take it now, when are we going to? Hahaha.”

Ao Feng suddenly jumped into the Weapon Tomb and started searching for divine weapons. Even Goddess Luo also joined the fray and started looking for divine weapons.

Jiang Chen was not eager to take the divine weapons because he did not have that much desire compared to them. He was really satisfied with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. Of course, if he could get a few extra pieces of divine weapons, he would be happy as well.

“Aren’t you moved? Dragon Shisan?

Moling Dongchen was also quite excited. However, since Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan did not budge, he didn’t move as well.

“It’s enough that I have my own iron staff.”

Dagon Shisan said calmly. He was quite confident in his unparalleled divine staff. He was not even afraid of the Nine Heaven Divine Weapons. That’s why he did not care about these divine weapons.

“How about you? Brother Jiang.”

“I don’t have any idea. I am already good with my own sword. If you like those weapons, you can go get them.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said.

Moling Dongchen hesitated for a while, but still jumped into the Weapon Tomb at the end and started searching for divine weapons.  

However, Jiang Chen’s eyesight once again stopped at the Bronze Throne from afar. It was another Bronze Throne. The mark on the Bronze Throne was very different from the previous ones that he had taken but it looked equally splendid as them. It was exquisite but also obscure at the same time. 

The surrounding flames had become stronger and stronger. Jiang Chen could not sense the heat much, but Dragon Shisan was sweating all over. He could see that Dragon Shisan was suffering from the roasting of the flame. It must be uncomfortable. 

Suddenly, Jiang Chen felt the dreadful flame seemingly flaring up from his own heart. 

“Things aren’t going well! It’s the Fire of Heart!”

Jiang Chen was more aware than others what the fire of heart signified. It was a kind of flame that could burn spiritual soul. It was even more terrifying than his flames. He understood very well that only those who had reached a certain realm could control the Fire of Heart. It was also impossible for him right now to control it. The fire of heart could burn people’s consciousness and even their strength. It can even kill someone without him noticing!  

“Such a terrifying fire of heart. Is the person who can control this fire of heart still inside this Refining God Palace?” 

Jiang Chen was thinking in his heart. At this moment, he heard someone exclaim behind him.

“Is this...this...the weapon of a Heavenly God?”

Ao Feng murmured. A long golden warblade was giving out light beams at the center of the Weapon Tomb. Meanwhile, the surrounding divine weapons were like bowing down to the warblade as if ministers submitting to the king. 

“Really? Are you sure that’s the weapon of a Heavenly God?”

Ling Tianba said in an uncaring way.

“You know nothing about it.”

“Possibly, this is a weapon of the Heavenly God. It’s even influencing our consciousness.”

Goddess Luo said in a serious manner. Staring at the golden warblade in the Weapon Tomb, her slender white hands moved slightly towards it.

“Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade?” Goddess Luo said in a low voice. Her eyes blossomed in radiant splendor. 

“Seems like you also came from there.” 

Ao Feng looked at Goddess Luo suddenly. 

“You too. This Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade is mine,” Goddess Luo said.

“You want this? Then you might need to go through me first.”

Ao Feng smiled and it seemed that he didn’t want to take a step back. Ao Feng took a step forward and tried to grab the divine warblade. However, he was drawn back by the glow of the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade and his countenance fell.

“Unexpectedly, Ao Feng’s also from that place.”

Moling Dongchen thought. If this was the case, it seemed like he had to take action now. The Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade was worth his effort. 

“The true treasure is finally here.”

Jiang Chen took the Bronze Throne and flew to the Weapon Tomb immediately. In an instant, everyone’s gaze fell on the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade. 

The surrounding flame had even become stronger at this moment, especially after Ao Feng touched the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade. Jiang Chen could sense the Fire of Heart almost making them boil.

All of their faces looked terrible right now even though they did not say their feelings out loud.  Everyone understood how strong the Fire of Heart was. From the perspective of others , it was the demon in the heart. It was more terrifying than the illusion, and almost no one could withstand it. 

“Even you couldn’t approach it. This Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade seemed like the real one.” Goddess Luo said faintly. 

She did not rush up immediately at this moment because she was also suffering the roasting of the fire of heart at this moment.

Jiang Chen was the exception. He could be considered to be the one who looked most relaxed here. His own flames were still able to withstand the fire of heart with his utmost effort. However, there was someone behind controlling this fire of heart obviously. If he wanted to destroy the fire of heart completely, his strength had to be stronger than the opponent who was controlling the fire of heart from the shadows. 

Although Ao Feng was embarrassed just now, he had become happier now because the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade was exactly what he had been craving for.

“This Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade is really terrifying!”

Jiang Chen could not help praising it. However, his eyes suddenly saw that the demon blade was like a giant flame starting to explode. It seemed like going to devour everything around. 

“Take my hand, I will help you to resist some of the heat from the fire of heart.”

Jiang Chen transmitted the message to Dragon Shisan. Dragon Shisan nodded. When the two of them held their hands together, Dragon Shisan immediately felt refreshed and cooler. At least, he felt much more comfortable right now

“It feels good.”

Thinking about this, Dragon Shisan grinned and gave Jiang Chen a glance.

“I don’t believe that I couldn’t take this weapon of Heavenly God.”

Ling Tianba was a bit agitated while being roasted by the fire of heart quite fiercely. If he still did not get any alleviation, he might suffer a severe injury. That’s why he was so anxious right now.

Ling Tianba held the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade with both hands directly, however, his face suddenly turned red. At this moment, the surrounding flames also gushed out. Twelve flaming figures that was hiding in the palace also suddenly appeared in a flash.

The Weapon Tomb suddenly became a sea of flame, devouring the entire Refining God Palace with its mightiness that could sweep across the heavens and earth. 

Everyone’s face looked extremely terrible at this moment. 

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