Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2155

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The blaze was terrifying, it was able to sweep across the heavens and earth. The surrounding area of the Weapon Tomb was also engulfed by the blaze. The entire Refining God Palace had really become a place of refining as they all had been under the process of being ‘refined

“Why did it suddenly become like this? Is this because of the weapon of Heavenly God?” Moling Dongchen said in a low voice.

“I don't think so? Or is the weapon of the Heavenly God actually able to control the flames in this place?” 

Ling Tianba said, his facial expression changed. Suddenly, he was not as mad as before. He looked at the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade as if it was a demon.

“Have you seen it? Are these figures actually soldiers coming into life again from death?”

Bing Chan exclaimed in alarm as the twelve flaming figures were cruising towards them. 

“It’s the legendary Fire God Guards. Each of those Fire God Guards was refined by the body of Divine King masters, and contained their will. These Fire God Guards are of the lowest level amongst them, however, their strength had already reached the Middle Void God realm. If my guess is right, the spiritual fire of these Fire God Guard had already become weaker through the passage of time. Otherwise, all of us might die here today.”

Goddess Luo said, but her face looked extremely serious. Although she and Ao Feng were the strongest ones here, they started to treat the situation with an extremely careful attitude. 

“That’s right. When the Fire God Guards were at their heyday, they had the strength comparable to that of a Divine King. Unfortunately, time flew and a thousand years have passed. Not to mention the Fire God Guards, even this Divine Palace might be forgotten soon. These Fire God Guards must’ve been awakened by the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade.” Ao Feng said in a low voice.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes slightly while listening to Ao Feng. What the two of them know were much deeper compared to Moling Dongchen. Now, Jiang Chen suspected that they were not from the Immortal World, but from the Divine World! 

“We are now under the roasting of the fire of heart. In addition to the current illusion, this heavenly fire is currently burning the field and we are inside it. These Fire God Guards have the advantage. We must take action and overcome them as soon as possible, otherwise, we will only have a dead end,” Jiang Chen said.

“Lad, what you said is thoughtful, but you should take care of yourself. These Fire God Guards’ strength is around the Middle Void God realm. May God bless you guys.”

Ao Feng sneered. Although Jiang Chen was quite strong, Ao Feng still thought that Jiang Chen couldn’t pose any threat to him. On the other hand, it would not be difficult for the Fire God Guards to kill them. The more people died, the higher the chance to obtain the true treasures. At least both Ao Feng and Goddess Luo were well aware of the formidability of  the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade. That’s why their target was the  Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade instead of other divine weapons. The other divine weapons were incomparable to it. 

“Don’t worry, it might be a miracle if you could survive later.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Ao Feng’s facial expression looked even more terrible. How dare this guy be so relaxed? And how could he not be irritated? Everyone, including himself, was so nervous at this moment. However, Jiang Chen was so calm compared to them.

“Be careful, monkey. These Fire God Guards are quite formidable. Never play hardball with them. Their spiritual flame is getting weaker, so just attack their head. They are puppets that won’t pass away until their spiritual flame is extinguished.”

Jiang Chen transmitted the message to Dragon Shisan and reminded him. 

“Okay. Let me have a good fight. Gaga!”

Dragon Shisan was not afraid of the heavens and earth even though he was not the strongest among them. He had no fear at all when facing these Fire God Guards. 

The twelve Fire God Guards were crashing towards everyone directly. They held a flaming warblade in their hands in which they used to slash in every direction. 

Ao Feng and Goddess Luo began fighting two Fire God Guards each. Bing Chan, Ling Tianba as well as Dragon Shisan also fought two each. Lastly, Jiang Chen and Moling Dongchen confronted the remaining two.

Jiang Chen and Moling Dongchen’s strength was considered to be the weakest among them. That’s why no one said anything when each of them only confronted one Fire God Guard. Ao Feng and Goddess Lou were still able to handle the guards, but Ling Tianba and the other two found it a bit difficult to fight them. The combat strength and destructiveness of two Fire God Guards at the Middle Void God realm was imaginable. Moreover, they were still under the roasting of the fire of heart, it was by no means an easy feat to fight these Fire God Guards.

Dragon Shisan displayed his utmost strength with his Battle Saint Technique but only managed to fight the two Fire God Guards neck and neck. Ling Tianba was under suppression and kept being repelled, even though the divine spear in his hand was not weak at all. Facing the attack of the Fire God Guards, it was still hard for him to make any counterattack. To the Fire God Guards, the fiery flame had become their fuel, making their strength a little bit stronger.

Jiang Chen was wielding his Heavenly Dragon Sword. Although his sword was not comparable to a divine weapon yet, he was actually incomparably proud of his sword. He was actually very relaxed and at ease when dealing with a Fire God Guard. Everytime he made a move, he was able to attack the Fire God Guard’s weak point. This made the Fire God Guard have a difficult time approaching Jiang Chen as each of his steps was restrained by Jiang Chen.

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen fought fire with fire. Despite this, the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was devoured by the Fire God Guard instantly. At that moment, the Fire God Guard did not become weaker but became even more powerful than before. Even Jiang Chen was stunned, realizing that he casted the wrong skill to counterattack the Fire God Guard. It was not afraid of his Three Thousand Flames at all. The Fire God Guard that was refined by the body of a Divine King was really incomparably mystical but also full of strangeness. His Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal had unexpectedly become its nourishment. At this particular moment, the Fire God Guard’s strength seemed to gradually recover to Late Void God realm.

“ Oh no…”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. The three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal had not caused any damage to the Fire God Guard, but had strengthened its power.  

Everyone could not help turning around and look at Jiang Chen. The Fire God Guard that Jiang Chen confronted became the strongest Fire God Guard amongst them. 

“This boy is really digging his own grave,” Ao Feng said indifferently. 

“Little Chen?”

Dragon Shisan was shocked and worried that the Fire God Guard would defeat Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry. It’s basically impossible for the Fire God Guard to kill me.” 

Jiang Chen gave Dragon Shisan a glance, then cast out the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal again. This time, the Fire God Guard erupted instantly and its combat strength reached the Late Void God realm after devouring Jiang Chen’s Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. 

“Looking for death himself!”

Ling Tianba sneered and looked at Jiang Chen with indifference. 

Jiang Chen did not expect that his idea was correct. These Fire God Guards were really terrifying and his Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was unexpectedly their biggest nourishment that could help them to break through their current limitations. It was extraordinarily terrifying and incomparably mystical.  

“Devour it!”

Jiang Chen wielded his sword, and sent the Fire God Guard into his Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. No one noticed what had happened at this instant. Jiang Chen’s strength advanced as the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had devoured the Fire God Guard. Moreover, there was another killing weapon in his hand, the Divine Burying Flag!

The Divine Burying Flag in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was also in great tremor at this moment. There was actually another name for the Divine Burying Flag, which was the Flag of Bugle! It could give command to all of the Fire God Guards. The moment when Fire God Guard entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Jiang Chen actually casted the Divine Burying Flag immediately to efface the spiritual marks on its body. Right now, the Late Void God Fire God Guard has already been turned into Jiang Chen’s slave without any doubt. 

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