Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2167


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“Good Lad. Hahaha. I never thought you have such a hand. To possess five True Fires, you don’t even need the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus, unless its to refine an Origin God Tool and those above it. Plus, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus must not be revealed until you have sufficient strength to protect yourself. Once it is revealed, people from all over the place will come for it. At that moment, that person will certainly come.” 

“I understand,” Jiang Chen said. 

“Alright, I will now teach you to select the materials for refining, quenching and forging.” The Craftsman God said to Jiang Chen. 

“Don’t stop me. I must go and search for Jiang Chen!” 

Dragon Shisan’s eyes glowed, glaring at Mo Ling Dongchen. At this moment, not even a Divine King could stop him. 

“Dragon Shisan, calm down. If Jiang Chen was here, he wouldn’t want you to go and seek your own death.” Luo Wenhao said. 

“Dragon Shisan, you should know better how terrifying that place is. You’ll die for sure if you enter that place. The Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus is not something that a normal body could withstand.” Mo Ling Dongchen advised over and over. The two of them blocked his path, not wanting Dragon Shisan to act impulsively. 

“Even if I die, I will still look for him. If he’s alive I need to see him, his corpse must be found even if he’s dead. Because he is my brother!” Dragon Shisan’s words caused Mo Ling Dongchen and Luo Wenhao to go silent. 

That “He is my brother” has silenced everyone on-site. They felt happy for Jiang Chen to have such a brother, what else could a man wish for? 

The two of them stopped blocking Shisan because they knew that they could only stop him temporarily, and not forever. 

One will still proceed even though there’s danger up ahead! Even though it’s certain death, but one should proceed nonetheless! Such a brother, how could they not be impressed by it? 

“I don’t know whether to call him a fool or a just a ‘fake’ fool.” Luo Wenhao murmured. He had no words for Dragon Shisan because he cannot stop him. 

“Maybe, this is fate.” Goddess Luo said quietly while looking at the Refining God Palace. 

She felt a slight pity. Jiang Chen was peerlessly strong, but he shall forever be kept in the Refining God Palace. 

Dragon Shisan stubbornly rushed into the Refining God Palace. At this moment, a black-robed figure appeared beside Ao Tian, his expression was extremely cold. 

“Old Ancestor has gone inside. We must get the Myriad Qi Cauldron! Even though we may be found out, we must do it. This is the only chance for the Ao Clan to thrive.” The black-robed old man said. 

His words caused the people on-site to be moved. Even their old ancestor’s clone was caught in it. Moreover, he was infinitely near the realm of True God. Looks like it was true that the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus could burn everything. 

“Even the Old Ancestor of the Ao Clan… is caught in the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus and has been devoured?” Mo Ling Dongchen gasped. 

He thought that the Old Ancestor of the Ao Clan have escaped. It was just a clone, but even his clone was devoured by the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus. Plus, his true body may not even escape that fate. 

Everyone was filled with fear towards the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus. 

“This Dragon Shisan truly wants to plunge to his death. Not even the Heavens could hold him back.” At this moment, Ling Tianba who lost to him couldn’t help but sigh. 

“We could only say that he’s a person who greatly values brotherhood. As long as Jiang Chen’s corpse is not found, he’ll never believe it. Pity, this Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus is a True Fire of the Heavens and Earth that even a God Emperor must handle carefully.” Luo Wenhao murmured. 

Every one of them was waiting, waiting for the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus to die out. At that moment, they will all once again compete for the Myriad Qi Cauldron. At that moment, the Myriad Qi Cauldron and the Fire Spirit will not be much of a threat anymore. 

The Refining God Palace was a place truly meant to refine gods. All will become ash to those who enter. 

“Jiang Chen, you bastard, come out!” Shisan continuously roared. 

The moment he jumped into the Refining God Palace, he could feel his whole body being torched up. Even though it was painful, it did not completely ‘refine’ him. At this point, Shisan felt a bit weird. 

“Fuck. This is not a normal flame, how could I be okay?” Shisan murmured. 

He then started to search the whole palace for Jiang Chen’s trail. His voice was loud, but nobody replied. He refused to believe that Jiang Chen would just die in such a fashion. The corpse must be found if he’s really dead. As long as Jiang Chen was missing, he will not stop. 

Dragon Shisan felt a flame lit in his heart. Even though the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus did not burn him, he was still in extreme pain. Furthermore, as time goes on, the flame was roasting him to an extreme degree, in the end, he had a hard time walking. 

*Cough… cough…* 

Shisan had searched the whole palace, but Jiang Chen could not be found. At this moment, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus in his body exploded. 

The flame burst up to the sky, straight towards his eyes, the flame burned his eyes. At this moment, Shisan was in extreme pain. He’s thrashing on the ground, his eyes were scorched by the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus, causing it to become blurry. Gradually losing the ability to see. 

In the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus, Shisan had a hard time walking, but he still continued forward while he touched the stone walls and the surroundings to move forward. But Jiang Chen’s trail was still not found. 

“My eyes, my eyes!!” 

Dragon Shisan roared thunderously, waving his iron staff furiously. But the damage was done, his injury increasing by the second. His eyes were thoroughly injured by the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus, causing him to go blind. 

Dragon Shisan kept on rubbing his eyes. At this moment, he could feel the fire burning, it was extremely painful as if he was being devoured by the flame. The moment his eyes started to burn, it felt like his brain was going to explode. 

The Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus has scorched Shisan’s body heavily. His eyes were in a bad shape, causing him to become truly blind. 

“I refuse to believe! My eyes. I am a pure stone monkey. I cannot be harmed by water or fire, no one can touch me!” Shisan pointed to the sky and shouted in a loud voice. 

Immediately, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus in Dragon Shisan’s eyes burned much stronger. While he was roaring, Shisan’s eyes opened, at that moment, he regained his sight, but he saw nothing else, it was just flame, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus! 

Dragon Shisan’s footsteps became fast, he ran out from the Refining God Palace, naked, as his clothes were already burnt to a crisp from the flame. At that moment, everyone was stunned, to think someone managed to escape from the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus? 

Dragon Shisan covered his eyes with his dear life, everything was Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus in his eyes. 

“He, he unexpectedly survived?” Luo Wenhao murmured. 

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