Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2179

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“Could Jiang Chen really be not afraid that these guys will not take action while he’s occupied? To attempt to break through in such a moment is far too ballsy.” Luo Wenhao was in awe and somewhat worried about Jiang Chen. 

The current Jiang Chen was their final hope, he clearly felt how powerful Jiang Chen’s strength was from his previous techniques. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was as strong as the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade that was in the Refining God Palace, possibly even stronger. 

“Jiang Chen never does things without confidence.” Big Yellow said while looking at Jiang Chen. The only one who wasn’t worried about Jiang Chen was probably him, only. 

Jiang Chen condensed his Qi into his Dantian, floating up above the air with both his eyes closed. At this moment, he finally released the surging energy that was accumulated within his body, which caused his strength to further spike instantly. 

The dragon marks in his body had gathered together, 100 thousand, 200 thousand, 300 thousand, 1 million … 2 million… 

This time, Jiang Chen finally understood what it meant by being well-prepared. The 2.4 million dragon marks have reached every corner of his body. The number had reached an unprecedented amount. 

Gongyang Juemu and Xianyu Hu looked at each other after seeing Jiang Chen’s aura spike, they were preparing to attack together. 

They must not allow Jiang Chen to succeed. Otherwise, they’ll face a much bigger threat. 

“Let’s go. We must hit him with our full strength.”

Gongyang Juemu rushed to the front, closing in on Jiang Chen. But at this moment, the thunder clouds in the sky had completed its form. A loud thunder rang through the skies. Both of them stopped at this exact moment. 

“This, this, how could this be?!” Xianyu Hu’s eyes were filled with shock. 

“This is the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning! Isn’t this Heavenly Thunder a Heavenly God would face?”

Gongyang Juemu was dumbfounded. This Dawn Sky Golden Lightning was exceptionally terrifying. Moreover, it wouldn’t even appear on those Void Gods and True Gods. It’ll only appear when one reached the Heavenly God realm, only then would a divine spark be formed. At that moment, the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning would appear. But now Jiang Chen was just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, could he really break through it? 

“We’ll become dust under this Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. Could the heavens be helping this ape?” Xianyu Hu said while gritting his teeth. 

Being divine soul entities, they dare not go near this kind of powerful Lightning Tribulation. Especially one that was this powerful… 

“Don’t forget that he’s just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning is not something we could withstand. Could he really get through it?” Gongyang Juemu’s words reminded Xianyu Hu. 

“Agreed. We cannot withstand it, the same goes for him. Serves that fellow right. Hahaha!” 

At this moment, Xianyu Hu and Gongyang Juemu became silent, crossing their arms in front of their chest, waiting to see what will unfold. 

“It’s the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, how could this be? It’s the Lightning Tribulation that only appears on Heavenly Gods. Could Jiang Chen survive through it?” Mo Ling Dongchen said worriedly. 

“His trump card is indeed  powerful, but this Dawn Sky Golden Lightning is too terrifying, it’s not something that can be compared against the average Lightning Tribulation. At least some of the Peak True Gods have perished in this Lightning Tribulation.” Luo Wenhao said quietly. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen was in the heart of the Lightning Tribulation.  

Thunder clouds billowed, dark clouds covered a thousand li, lightning struck, myriads of beings trembled. 

“This Lightning Tribulation could possibly kill off these 100,000 divine souls but they’re not easy foes. This time, they should know who is the true overlord. They’ve abused their power for so many years, I’ll let you guys know later that you all should have never existed in the Divine Tomb long ago.” Jiang Chen murmured with confidence. 

But the terrifying tribulation above his head was definitely scary. However Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid, with the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in his hands, his foundation would only solidify and certainly increase his strength by absorbing the energy of the Lightning Tribulation. 

The Void God realm was just a step away. But it has a tremendous difference. Jiang Chen knew that this step wouldn’t be easy to take, hence he didn’t take the step after so long, instead he suppressed the energy in his body for this very moment, for this explosive moment. 

Jiang Chen felt that this Lightning Tribulation was somewhat exceptional, it was filled with a savage flavour. But at this moment, he had unleashed all his cards, he did not need to fear it. On the other hand, these divine souls were fated to be doomed. 

“Everybody, stop struggling and I’ll send you all to a safe place. Otherwise, you’ll be killed by these divine souls. I am Jiang Chen, the leader of the Sword God Alliance. I have saved 50,000 brothers under Tianzhu Peak in the past.”

Jiang Chen’s voice reverberated around Mount Meru, causing everyone to be stunned. The people of the Sword God Alliance were the first to give up their resistance and were sucked into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Only 30,000 remained from the 50,000 Immortal Sovereigns. The remaining ones were shocked as they witnessed so many people instantly being sucked away by Jiang Chen, they all gasped in surprise. 

“F*ck. I don’t care anymore. It’s death either way. I’ll take the bet. The Sword God Alliance doesn’t seem to be a villainous organisation.” 

“It all depends on him now, whether we survive or not. ”

“I will not place my life in the hands of others. I'd rather die than leave, I’ll fight against these divine souls to the very last second.”

“Agreed. I, Zhang Tianshuo, will not become a subordinate of others, I will not give up. Never! I’ll fight until the very last moment!”

Some were happy, some were worried, some chose to believe, some chose to be scared!

Not everyone believed in Jiang Chen. Because, for the majority of them, he was still a mystery, and who would believe a stranger? 

Even though these Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign were facing certain death, they still stood firmly, and proudly on their ground, insisting on pursuing their dreams and goals. They chose not to believe in others even if it meant to fight till their last breath. 

Jiang Chen sucked in all the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda that had given up struggling. But in the end, there were still 13,000+ people that weren’t willing to enter. 

“That is all the help I can offer. Next, it’ll depend on your fortune, whether you survive through the next ordeal.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was like a death proclamation for the remaining people. 

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