Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2189


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Sure enough! 

Jiang Xinxin, A’Mo Kehan and Lu Dong were instantly frozen due to the water splatter. They became unmoving ice sculptures, they were locked in place by the ice. It’s tremendously terrifying!  

Jiang Chen frowned as he faced the powerful foe. This fella… kinda scary… the Heavenly Dragon Sword was even repelled by such a chilly Qi. Jiang Chen had to use the Five Elemental True Fire to dissolve the frost on the sword. 

“You’re the Ancestor of the Dark, Great Devil God Emperor, Yi Shuihan!” Goddess Luo said coldly, her pupils shrinking. She instinctively took two steps backwards. Her voluptuous chest moved erratically from her breathing, obviously shaken by the black-robed man. 

The prestige of a Great Emperor was exceptionally terrifying. Even if he had died ages ago and only a wisp of his soul was left, he was still a being that not anyone could oppose, nor even have the qualification to look at him. 

“To think that there are still people who remember my name.” Yi Shuihan murmured as he gave Goddess Luo another glance. 

“Looks like the people of the God Luo Clan are quite knowledgeable. But, today, no one could leave here with their lives intact.” 

“The legendary Ancestor of the Dark, Great Devil God Emperor Yi Shuihan. Looks like we’re not going to escape today.” Moling Dongchen said with a bitter smile while shaking his head, his face was filled with shock and dejection . 

“The Great Devil God Emperor is unrivalled, how could he have fallen? But they haven’t been any sightings of a God Emperor for the past 70 million years. Some even said that the God Emperors had gone into hermitage. There are also some who said that all the God Emperors had fallen after a great battle.” Luo Wenhao said quietly while looking at Yi Shuihan with a shaken heart. 

Jiang Chen looked at Yi Shuihan. The feeling he got from him wasn’t intense since he couldn’t understand how high the position of a God Emperor was without stepping foot into the Divine World. 

The number one Evil Emperor of the Divine World, the Great Devil God Emperor! He had fought against three God Emperors alone without losing the upper hand! 

Who hasn’t heard and is afraid of his mighty name? 

“Didn’t people say that there wasn’t any God Emperors in the Divine Tomb?” Luo Wenhao’s expression changed. 

His clan elder said that the Divine Tomb could not control the divine soul of a God Emperor. Because the divine soul of a God Emperor was beyond the three worlds. Even though the Divine Tomb was mysterious, God Emperors are just a level below the apex of the world, no entity could control nor change their will. 

“Everything had its own exception.” Jiang Chen said. 

His pressure was exceptionally heavy as he looked at the opponent. But nobody knew how terrifying a God Emperor was. Because all techniques and schemes were useless against a God Emperor. A God Emperor signifies omnipotence.  

“That little monk has some connection with me. Hence, I must kill him. Since you guys are here to save him, then why not accompany him in his grave.” Yi Shuihan said. For him, Jiang Chen and his party were but ants grouping together. 

“To think that a powerful God Emperor doesn’t even possess a shred of magnanimity, acting like those shameless divine souls, killing cultivators that have yet to enter the Divine World. Pitiful” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“Trying to rile me up? It’s useless. I have my own reason to kill that monk. Whereas, you guys are just accessories for his death. Nothing worthy to be spoken off.” Yi Shuihan said disdainfully and then continued: 

“As a God Emperor, is there any problem in killing all of you? In my eyes, I will never forgive those who dare to stand in my way. The prestige of a God Emperor is not something that people like you could talk about! A bunch of lowly ants, what difference does it make? Killing you all is just like killing a dog.” 

“Truly conceited. But you’ll probably not get what you want, because you’ve bumped into me.” Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up brilliantly as he looked at Yi Shuihan without a single shred of fear. 

God Emperor. So what?! Even if you really possess the complete prestige of a God Emperor, I may possibly be wary of you. But now you’re but a wisp of a soul. Why should I be respectful to you? Jiang Chen would never forgive him for capturing his brother Tyrant. This enmity was absolutely irreconcilable. 

“Surrender and I may consider leaving you all with a complete corpse.” Yi Shuihan said. 

“You really think we’re a bunch of weaklings? Defeating the enemy without a battle, aren’t you severely looking down on us?” Jiang Chen said with a cold laugh.

Jiang Chen would never do things like surrendering before taking any action. Even if the result would be death, he would rather die standing, and die an honourable death. 

“Very well. Daring to stand up against a God Emperor. Commendable. But you all will still die. Because I will never leave one of you alive. You guys should’ve prepared yourself to die before coming here.” Yi Shuihan said coldly. 

He would rather not fight if he can. Yet this fellow really wants to go against me, obviously not knowing what he is dealing with. 

“Everyone, follow me to battle. Let’s see how terrifying the prestige of a God Emperor really is.” Jiang Chen said without a shred of fear. 

“It’s death either way, this Master Dog will fight with you.” Big Yellow stood beside Jiang Chen without fear. 

“Yes. Since that fellow is dead set on killing us. Why not fight back and we may have a chance.” Moling Dongchen took out his folding fan and stood at the left side of Jiang Chen while looking at Yi Shuihan. 

“A battle before death, to be able to fight a divine soul of a peerless God Emperor, it’ll be a worthy death. Hahaha!” Luo Wenhao stepped forward without fear.  

“Even though I have never stepped foot into the Divine World, to be able to witness the emperor’s prestige. I have no regrets, let’s fight to the end.” Yesheng Yunwang’s battle intent was at its peak, he too was prepared to follow Jiang Chen and fight against this powerful opponent. 

“A bunch of ants dares to go against the heavens, presumptuous. Witness, the emperor’s prestige is not something you guys can stand up against.” Yi Shuihan sneered. 

A bunch of dark clouds shot forward. Every one of them was pushed back from that single blow, including Jiang Chen. But his condition was slightly better, only a bit of blood on the corner of his mouth could be seen. Not too bad. Jiang Chen smiled. 

Because he too could feel the emperor’s prestige emitting from the divine soul of the God Emperor, not inviolable. 

“I’ll be taking the woman of the God Luo Clan. Follow me and I’ll grant you splendour and glory for the rest of your life.” Yi Shuihan looked at Goddess Luo with fiery eyes. 

“Dream on. I will never permit it! Damned dead guy.” Big Yellow stood in front of Goddess Luo proudly. 

“A mere dog, overestimating its own abilities.” 

Big Yellow gritted his teeth as he looked at Yi Shuihan. Yi Shuihan struck out a palm strike. Big Yellow roared in anger and collided with the attack, his sturdy head was even damaged from that single attack. Causing him to fly backwards pitifully, his body was even gravely injured. 

“Big Yellow!” Goddess Luo caught Big Yellow with a slight change in her expression. 

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