Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2194

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“Did you have a hard time advancing your cultivation realm ?”

“In the Divine Tomb, no one can break through the Void God Realm. This is the rule in the Divine Tomb.”

“It must be hard work for you to safeguard the graveyard as you have even forgotten the years,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“One day, you might come back here as well.”

The tomb keeper’s words made Jiang Chen frown his forehead. Why would people curse others to death? Will I also end up here? Will I also pass away?

Jiang Chen asked himself: Will I also pass away? Will I? He didn’t know and he couldn’t understand. He hadn’t been to the Divine World yet, so he must go there at least once, and only then could he say something regarding this matter. Compared to the tomb keeper who was not eager to pursue fame, he had to work harder to achieve his goal.

“Are you only safeguarding this graveyard?”

“Yes, I only safeguard the tombstone in this graveyard.” The tomb keeper said with a smile.

“When the gods pass away, they will end up here. Tell me what’s the point for them to pursue all the interest and fame?”

Jiang Chen started feeling blurred. Whose tombs were the tomb keeper safeguarding? What kind of people were they?

“God passes away while the devil vanishes. Things fall again between heaven and earth. Some people are living but they have passed away forever. Some have passed away, but they have lived forever. I am only a tombkeeper. I am safeguarding the heroic souls of those who have passed away hoping that they will not be disturbed forever.” 

The tomb keeper touched the yellow big flag and said with a deep voice. 

“It’s not easy, not simple”

Jiang Chen agreed. 

Suddenly, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in his body gave off dazzling radiance. The entire graveyard was shaking at this moment. Both the inscription on the stone tombs and wooden tombs were shivering and sinking slowly.

Jiang Chen was frightened. What was happening?

“Take your steps back!” 

The tomb keeper roared in a deep voice while wielding the big yellow flag in his hand. The flag was torned but it seemed to carry incomparably terrifying mightiness that gave out great pressure. Evil breezes were blown out from all directions while the entire graveyard was sinking.

“Heaven collapses while earth shatters in hundreds of tribulations, I have the Profound Yellow Flag to suppress everything!” 

The tombkeeper looked serious while wielding the flag with his utmost effort.

His deafening voice was shaking the entire universe, and even Jiang Chen had felt the incomparably great pressure. 

“Old man, do you need help?” Jiang Chen said.

“Take out your pagoda, it might help to suppress this.”

Jiang Chen ook action immediately. He took out his Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to suppress the shaking. Dragon roars resounded while the wailing sound came out unceasingly from the pagoda. It sounded really miserable, like someone had gone through lots of suffering and difficulties. Following with the breeze of the flag, the entire graveyard had finally calmed down after shaking for half a minute.

Jiang Chen kept back his Ancestral Dragon Pagoda but he was still shivering. How did the tomb keeper know that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was in his body.

“Old man, who are you actually?”

Jiang Chen looked at the tomb keeper with doubt and he could not help being alert of who he was. 

“I am just a tomb keeper. These guys have been reckless and thought of going against heaven all these days. That’s why I have been here to suppress them. Safeguarding the graveyard is my duty.”

The tomb keeper smiled and remained calm and steady. He was not worried at all when dealing with Jiang Chen’s questioning. 

“Little Chen! Little Chen! Little Chen, where are you?”

“Little Chen? Are you seduced and taken away by a beauty? I am actually under your wife's commission to keep an eye on you.”

Big Yellow and Tyrants’ voices resounded in Jiang Chen’s ears. As Jiang Chen turned his back, he saw the two of them rushing towards him.

“Little Chen, why are you hiding here? We were looking for you everywhere.” 

Tyrant looked at Jiang Chen with a frown and said.

“I am only out for a while. You have come out from Little Leiyin Temple so soon. Is there nothing inside?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Brother, I have been inside there for seven days and seven nights. When I came out, Big Yellow had already had enough sleep.”

Tyrant looked at Jiang Chen in wonder as it was a bit unbelievable. 

“Yes. Don’t you really think of building up a harem of three thousand beauties? I think you can execute it and I can help choose the beauties.”

Big Yellow grinned and looked excited.

“I thought that I just came out for a while? It has been seven days and seven nights?”

Jiang Chen took a cold breath.

“I am only here to talk with the tomb keeper for a while and it has already been seven days?”

Jiang Chen was shocked.

“It’s only you here. Is there anyone else?”

Tyrant looked at Jiang Chen with confusion.

Jiang Chen turned his head back suddenly and realised that the tomb keeper had already disappeared. Even the peaceful graveyard had disappeared completely and he could not find it at all now.

“I was still talking with him just now. Why did it become like this……”

Jiang Chen murmured while feeling terribly shocked. However, he was sure that the tomb keeper did really exist. However, he had no idea why he disappeared so suddenly along with the graveyard.

“This place is really strange.” Jiang Chen said.

“Did you really see a tomb keeper?”

Big Yellow suddenly became serious as he believed that Jiang Chen would never lie.

“I really saw the tomb keeper as I even used Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to help him suppress those devils and evil spirits who tried to rebel.”

Jiang Chen said firmly. However, the fact still remained that the tomb keeper, graveyard and tombstones had all disappeared.

“Let it be. Let’s leave this place as soon as possible and depart to Yu Hua Boundary and enter the Divine World. That's the most important thing.”

Jiang Chen said and shook his head. Since it was a dreamy, mystical encounter, there was no need for him to worry about it.

“Then, let’s not delay and leave here quickly.” Tyrant said in a deep voice.

“Alright. I also missed my Little Luo a bit. Haha.”

“Is this dead dog always in heat?”

Tyrant looked at Jiang Chen.

“Seems like that. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen and the other two left the place immediately, heading to Yu Hua Boundary.

Yu Hua Boundary was the connection between the Divine Tomb and Divine World. It only opens once every thousand years. There would be a messenger to welcome people every time it opened.

In front of Yu Hua Boundary, there were hundreds and thousands of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns who went through difficulties in the Divine Tomb, walking towards the Divine World. Almost each of them knew that Jiang Chen was their savior. If it was not because of Jiang Chen, they would not have any chance to enter the Divine World.

“Why is Jiang Chen not here yet? Won’t he miss out on this?”

Luo Wenhao murmured.

“Shut your jinx mouth. Jiang Chen will definitely be here.”

Moling Dongchen stared at Luo Wenhao.

Jiang Xinxin was the most worried person among the group. At this moment, all the people of the Sword God Alliance were waiting for Jiang Chen’s arrival.

Yesheng Yunwang, Ah’Mo Kehan, Lu Dong, Jiang Zheren’s brothers and all the people of the Sword God Alliance were looking forward to Jiang Chen’s arrival. Each of them would go their own way once they enter the Divine World. None of them knew if they would see each other again after entering Divine World.

“Brother Jiang Chen is a person who values friendship over heaven. I really miss him. Hope to see him again.”

“That’s right. Brother Jiang Chen is the peerless under the heaven. Why hasn’t he appeared?”

“Shut up everyone. Brother Jiang Chen  always has good luck and a good life. He will definitely appear here. Perhaps he has something important to do right now.” 

Everyone was waiting and hoping that Jiang Chen would appear. 

“Yu Hua Boundary is opening soon.”

Someone shouted, then the glowing radiance shone on the earth and the entire Divine Tomb was not in dark anymore!

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