Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2200

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“Little Chen. I’m useless. Heh heh.” Tyrant said. 

“Leave it to me. You enter the Divine World first, and I’ll follow suit.” Jiang Chen said, but his eyes were somewhat pale. 

“No. What would happen to you if I leave? We’re brothers.” Tyrant shook his head, insisting on not leaving. 

“You’ll only trouble me if you stay here. Relax, when I say I have an idea, it means that I can definitely do it. Since when did I ever lie to you? I will definitely go to the Divine World. But I can’t really do my best with you being here.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Really?” Tyrant was somewhat suspicious. However, it’s true that Jiang Chen had never lied to him. If he said he could do it, he definitely could do it, he will not lie to him. 

“Alright, I’ll wait for you in the Divine World! I, Tyrant, will flip the whole Divine World if you’re not there.” Tyrant looked straight at Jiang Chen, the latter smiled and nodded. 

“We shall meet again in the Divine World!” Tyrant entered the Divine World afterwards, Luo Ningtian wanted to stop him but was blocked by Jiang Chen. 

“Your opponent is me, the inheritance of the Craftsman God is in my hands.” Jiang Chen looked at Luo Ningtian. 

Tyrant’s injury was grave. Jiang Chen could not bear looking at Tyrant being gravely injured because of him. Entering the Divine World was Tyrant’s only chance, Jiang Chen will not allow him to be in a dangerous situation anymore. 

“Quite responsible aren’t you. Even so, you’ll still die here. How many more attacks can you take from me? Heheh, I could’ve killed you already if it wasn’t for that kid’s Buddha Light.” Luo Ningtian said arrogantly. Now, not even the supreme gods could save Jiang Chen. 

“Oh really? Then we shall see who will be the one laughing in the end.” Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a smile, making Luo Ningtian feel somewhat curious. 

Tyrant looked back towards the void. He did not know what cards Jiang Chen still had in his arsenal. But since he said he’ll be fine, then he’ll be fine. 

“We’ll meet again in the Divine World!” Tyrant turned, and determinedly took a step into the Divine World. 

Most of the people quickly entered the Divine World without care of what was happening at the side. After all, the Yu Hua Boundary was about to close soon, they had to quickly enter the Divine World. 

Even though some of them were saved by Jiang Chen before, none of them could offer him a hand at this moment, unfortunately. Jiang Chen must face this alone. Yet, he did not sigh from the coldness of the world. Because some things were not meant to be taken into heart. One would’ve to live their lives tiringly. Jiang Chen did not expect anything from them, if he did, he wouldn’t have saved them in the first place. 

“Still trying to boast even in this situation. Pitiful, I could’ve granted you a complete corpse if you had handed over the Craftsman God’s inheritance. But it looks like you don’t need it now. A bastard born from your dead father and widowed mom truly amazes me.” Luo Ningtian sneered. 

“You’re the one who forced me to do so. You’re the first one ever to dare insult my parents!” Jiang Chen’s expression became grim. 

He shook his body as he cast his Dragon Transformation. Jiang Chen’s strength instantly spiked, reaching the strength of a Peak Mid Void God. 

“An ant will always be an ant, forcefully increasing your strength? Heh heh, you’re a Void God trash.” Luo Ningtian said disdainfully. 

But when Jiang Chen rushed forward and pointed at him, he realised that the fellow has an overbearing aura, slightly startling him. How could a Void God have such an overbearing presence? 

While Luo Ningtian was still stunned, Jiang Chen swiftly closed the distance through the might of the Heavenly Dragon Sword coupled with Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation. His strength could easily beat down Peak Void Gods, however he did not dare look down on Luo Ningtian as the latter was a genuine True God. Luo Ningtian wasn’t someone that anyone below the true god realm could contend against. 

“Good lad. You’ll surely be a pest when you’re in the Divine World in the future with such abilities. You must die today. Being able to defeat everyone below the True God realm when you’re just an Early Void God. Such combat strength is truly heavenly defying.” Luo Ningtian murmured. 

“Stop wasting your time, we need to quickly return and report.” Luo Chentian said coldly.

“Alright!” This wasn’t said by Luo Ningtian but Jiang Chen. 

At the same time, Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time, because the Yu Hua Boundary was about to close. He would be stuck in the Divine Tomb for another thousand years. 

Hence, he had to fight with his full strength, whoever lives will be the one to leave the Yu Hua Boundary. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t confident. If he failed, then Tyrant would’ve died here. Hence, he must push him away. Then, there won’t be anything worrying him anymore, he could finally fight with full concentration. 

“Twelve Fire God Guards! Appear!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

At this moment, Luo Ningtian was stunned. Twelve Peak Void God Fire God Guards appeared in front of him, completely encircling him. Moreover, each Fire God Guard was powerful, because he felt a shred of danger on the flame emitting from their bodies. 

“Such terrifying Fire Puppets!” Luo Ningtian couldn’t help but think. 

However, the Twelve Fire God Guards had already closed up and surrounded him when he was still in a daze. Jiang Chen too did not hold back as the master of the Twelve Fire God Guards. 

The Twelve Fire God Guards instantly attacked. The flame was intense, giving Luo Ningtian zero chance in defending himself. Moreover, this flame was not something he could touch, otherwise, his body would be burnt to a crisp. 

“What a mysterious flame?!” 

Luo Chentian was shocked. The powerful Twelve Fire God Guards has forced him to become serious, these guys are not something Luo Ningtian could face alone. 

“Second Brother, be careful!” Luo Chentian shouted. 

However, it was already too late, the Twelve Fire God Guards have pushed Luo Ningtian to the corner. All of them that were at the Peak Void God realm pushed Luo Ningtian to be on the defensive. Adding Jiang Chen’s swift attacks, Luo Ningtian lost in but a short moment. Six Fire God Guards was enough to completely suppress Luo Ningtian, whereas twelve of them could easily fight him without losing. 

Not even Jiang Chen had anticipated that the Fire God Guards would be this powerful. This was his first time summoning them to battle. Twelve Flame Puppets that a Divine King could not even destroy. Moreover, their strength would only grow along with their master. Truly a peerless weapon! 

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