Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2212

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“Since I was young, grandpa has told me to behave righteously, didn’t you? Sister Ling is injured, that’s why we brought her back.” Yue Er said.

“Mischievous. If our young lady doesn’t mind this simple hut, she can stay here for a few days to rest.” 

Old Gang Tou sucked the pipe and breathed out some smoke.

Ling Yun nodded while her face looked calm as if telling that they should accommodate her.

“Let me bring you in to take a rest, Sister Ling.”

Yue Er was energetic and jumped around, her face carrying a pure smile that could make everything always seem good.

“This lady doesn’t seem simple. She doesn’t belong here.”

Old Gang Tou knocked his pipe and said with a low voice. 

“She is really injured. My Five Elemental True Fire was able to help her alleviate her condition but could not eradicate the poison.” Jiang Chen shook his head and said.

“Even your Five Elemental True Fire can’t eradicate the poison, she seems injured badly.”

Old Gang Tou said while closing his eyes while breathing out smoke.  

The next morning, while Jiang Chen was still sleeping, he was awakened by the noise outside.

“Old Gang Tou, where is he? Hand him over to me. Otherwise, I am going to ransack your place. Humph Humph.

Feng Manlou was well-dressed today. Standing in front of Old Gang Tou, he sneered and said in his usual arrogant manner.

“I have told you that he is my guest and he is not a slave to work for you. Get out of here. Otherwise, don’t blame me for the consequence. Didn’t your dad teach you to be respectful to the elderly?”

Old Gang Tou was fuming in rage. Although he was quite old, he seemed to not put Feng Manlou in his eyes at all.

“Then don’t blame me for taking action, Old Gang Tou.”

Feng Manlou snorted.

“Seems like Feng Xian, that old guy chose to be silent. Since he can’t even control his son, how will he be able to rule Peng Tou Village? This village chief is so disappointing, isn’t he?” Old Gang Tou said.

“You have no right to say that to my dad. Today, I must bring him back. And I am also going to runsack your place, only then will I be satisfied. Hahaha.” Feng Manlou said in a tyrannical manner and burst into mad laughter. 

He did not put Old Gang Tou in his eyes at all. Behind him, there were five experts at the Middle Void God Realm and above. These people obviously were disciples of Profound Feng Sect. 

“I am going to help your dad give you a lesson. Such an arrogant and ignorant kid. In this village, it’s not your turn to ransack my house yet. You are exactly like your cowardly dad who doesn't deserve people’s kindness.” 

Old Gang Tou snorted then rushed into Feng Manlou while wielding his long stemmed pipe. Feng Manlou trembled in fear suddenly while his facial expression looked stressed up. Old Gang Tou was indeed very strong as a Middle Void God who was one step away from Late Void God. His strength could not be underestimated at all. Feng Mantou was currently only a Middle Void God.

However, he was a disciple of Profound Feng Sect, and there were five senior brothers of his standing behind his back. Today, he was going to Old kick out Gang Tou of Peng Tou Village.

He actually wanted to take action against Old Gang Tou before but he never had the chance. This time, he caught the golden opportunity, how could he do nothing? Although his father was the village chief, he was always criticised by Old Gang Tou. That’s why he had been thinking of eradicating the old man. 

The battle between Old Gang Tou and Feng Manlou had drawn the villagers’ attention. However, only Feng Xian did not come out to watch the battle and this meant that Feng Xian had silently given the approval to his son for this battle.

“Get out of here.”

Feng Manlou shouted in rage while the long staff in his hand was pointed to the sky. With the direction of wind, he made a blow against Old Gang Tou. 

“That is...Divine Tool!”

Old Gang Tou’s countenance fell and hastily withdrew himself. The difference between their strength was not much but it changed with the addition of a piece of Divine Tool. 

“This is just a piece of a False Divine Tool but you have been terrified by it. Haha, this is so amusing.”

Feng Manlou despised Old Gang Tou.

“ Even if you have a Divine Tool, so what? You thought that I would be afraid of you?”

Old Gang Tou did not take a step back but took action against Feng Manlou. When the battle escalated into an intense level, two figures interlocked and the battle scene became a show to everyone in the Peng Tou Village. Since Feng Xian had not come out to stop the battle until this critical moment, this had shown that he allowed his son to kill Old Gang Tou. 

Old Gang Tou showed great determination in this battle, however, Feng Manlou was not ordinary as well. Although the weapon in his hand was not a true Divine Tool, the False Divine Tool’s mightiness was also invincible. At least, it was not something those under the True Void Realm could resist. 

“He won’t be able to stand this for too long.”

Ling Yun said faintly behind Jiang Chen because he knew that Jiang Chen was capable of defeating the opponent.

“Brother, how? Faster think of a way.”

Yue Er said anxiously while her face showed worry. 

“Don’t worry. As long as I am here, nothing will happen to grandpa.”

Jiang Chen touched Yue Er’s forehead and said calmly.

“I believe in you, brother.”

Yue Er’s unconditional trust had made Jiang Chen feel that the burden on his shoulder became heavier right now.

“Old man, go die!”

Feng Manlou shouted in rage. His staff technique was terrifying and he used his staff to sweep across in all directions. He managed to land a strike on Old Gang Tou as Old Gang Tou’s shoulder was hit heavily. He was sent flying while blood spurted out from his mouth. Old Gang Tou looked pale.

“I am a disciple of Profound Feng Sect. You will only die if you fight me!”

Feng Manlou disdained everyone, including the villagers who just watched the battle for entertainment. This was his dignity and also his father’s dignity. In the future, whoever dared to make trouble in the Peng Tou Village, the first person they should think of would be Feng Manlou.

Young and talented, Feng Manlou could be considered as turning into swam from a little duck as he had become a disciple of Profound Feng Sect. 

Sigh, seems like our Peng Tou Village is gonna suffer bad luck in the future.”

“Old Gang Tou is such a kind person but he is suffering today. Who would dare to say anything in Peng Tou Village in the future?”

“Who would disagree with them? Feng Xian, that bad old guy dares to be so ridiculous because his son is a Profound Feng Sect disciple. I never knew that there are grudges between Feng Xian and Old Gang Tou. He just wants to eradicate whoever has a different opinion from him.”

Many people felt unworthy for Old Gang Tou. The people of Peng Tou Village were normally very respectful to Old Gang Tou as he was a man with a big heart. He had been very kind to others and he had helped many people in the Ten Li Eight Village. However, since Feng Manlou had become a Profound Feng Sect disciple, who would dare to go against him? Even the strongest of Peng Tou Village, Old Gang Tou, was defeated by Feng Manlou, of course no one would dare to say something to help Old Gang Tou.


Yue Er ran towards her grandfather and held him up.

“Let me handle this, master.”

Jiang Chen said.

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