Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2214

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Jiang Chen took out his sword and made a strike. The Heavenly Dragon Sword flew through the void and pierced Feng Manlou’s brain. Everyone took a cold breath and realized that Jiang Chen was too daring to kill Feng Manlou. Feng Manlou was the son of the village chief, Feng Xian, and he was even a disciple of Profound Feng Sect. If this incident was spreaded out, Profound Feng Sect would never forgive Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen’s sword broke through the void, returning to his hand with a towering momentum. No blood could be seen on the sword while the sword qi was blending well with Jiang Chen’s imposing manner. 

At this moment, Feng Manlou had already died but his eyes were still filled with fear and unwillingness. No matter how, he had already died.

“The lad has caused a lot of trouble.”

“Yes, Profound Feng Sect and some of the experts will definitely not let go of this incident.”

“And Feng Xian who always put his son first will definitely kill this lad here at all cost.”

Sigh. A life-and-death battle is going to happen here.”

Many people were quite sorry about the death of Feng Manlou, but there were also people applauding for his death. When Feng Manlou was still alive, he always bullied the villagers and irritated them. Unfortunately, his father was the village chief and he was talented, so no one in the village dared to go against him. Since he became part of Profound Feng Sect, he became even more arrogant and looked down upon everyone.

Today, he was killed by an outsider and it was quite exciting. 

“Well done, you did a great job!”

Guo Chendong looked at Jiang Chen and said while gritting his teeth. He could not believe that Jiang Chen still decided to kill Feng Manlou despite his opposition. Even though Feng Manlou was arrogant, it wasn’t Jiang Chen’s place to judge him because he was a disciple of Profound Feng Sect.

“Why do I need to seek advice from you when I am killing people?

Jiang Chen exchanged glances with Guo Chendong as they were opposing each other. Their eyes were filled with terrifying killing intent.

“Do you really think that we would compromise with you after you have killed Feng Manlou? In my eyes, he was only a dog. But of course, if you want to beat up a dog, you must see who’s its master. So, today you are going to compensate for his life.”

Guo Chendong smiled and said,

“B*stard. Whoever wants to stop me, I am going to kill them.”

Jiang Chen looked calm. Even if all of these people banded together, he actually still had strength to fight all of them.

“Senior Guo, this guy is really too arrogant. You must give him a lesson.”

“That's right, senior Guo. Let him know that it’s not fun to bully the disciples of Profound Feng Sect. He must pay the price with his blood.”

“Have you heard it? You have to pay the price with your blood. Even if I forgive you, my brothers would still not forgive you for killing Feng Manlou.”

Guo Chendong stared at Jiang Chen.

“You guys have talked so much nonsense. Do you really think that Profound Feng Sect is so peerless? Is Profound Feng Sect really the number-one sect under the heavens? How dare you guys talk to me like this? Since I can kill Feng Manlou, I can also kill more people like Feng Manlou.” Jiang Chen said ruthlessly.

“You’re despising the Profound Feng Sect. Seems like you’re bored of living.”

“What the hell. If you want to start a battle, let’s start. I don’t want to waste my time here listening to you bull-sh*tting.” 

Jiang Chen took the initiative and struck a blow with his sword. The sharpness of his sword was dreadful and made Guo Chendong take a cold breath. Such a formidable sword, such a terrifying strength! 

“This is definitely an unparalleled Divine Tool that is more powerful than a Heavenly Divine Tool.”

Ling Yun squinted her eyes, she was stunned. This was definitely a peerless Divine Tool, but Jiang Chen had been reserved and did not display its full power yet. However, it was already enough to suppress all kinds of Divine Tool. 

Old Gang Tou could not help giving Ling Yun a glance as he knew that this lady was not a simple person as well. She managed to discover that Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword was not a normal Divine Tool.

“Grandpa, so many people are confronting brother Jiang Chen. Will he be able to overcome this?”

Yue Er said with a weak voice as she was worried about Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your brother.” 

Ling Yun looked at Yue Er and said.

“If Yue Er is strong enough, I will be able to protect grandpa and brother Jiang Chen. Yue Er doesn’t want to see brother get injured.”

Yue Er bit her lips and said. Her little face showed some kind of toughness while she felt like crying as well.

“Hope that you don’t disappoint us.”

Ling Yun murmured and looked at Jiang Chen’s back.

Jiang Chen exchanged a few strikes with Guo Chendong yet Guo Chendong did not gain the upper hand at all. He had really underestimated Jiang Chen and realised that Jiang Chen’s strength was not weaker than his even though Jiang Chen was obviously injured right now. The Divine Tool in Jiang Chen’s hand seemed quite formidable as well.

“I am quite interested in the sword in your hands. If you’re willing to give me your sword, I might spare your life.”

Apparently, Guo Chendong was moved by Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword. Although he did not know the quality of the Heavenly Dragon Sword, it was undeniably a true Divine Tool. 

“You have been talking too much. Do you think that you can touch this sword? Do you really think that you’re unparalleled? Hehe, if you can take this away from me, I am going to give it to you willingly.”

Jiang Chen sneered.

“Alright, I am going to get this sword.”

Guo Chendong was holding a long spear which was apparently a False Divine Tool, hence it was hard for him to do anything. He was suppressed completely under Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword and lost the momentum he had when he was dealing with his juniors.

“I don’t believe that you can escape from my attack.”

“Profusion of Spear!”

Guo Chendong shouted and wielded his long spear. The surrounding seemed to be frozen at the moment. This was the spear technique that made him popular. Not many of the external disciples of Profound Feng Sect would be able to escape from this spear technique. 

“Sword that Broke Hundred Thousand Strikes!”

Jiang Chen did not use up all of his power but his strike was already enough to shake the earth and heaven. Heavenly Dragon Sword swept across the entire universe and Guo Chendong had no chance to escape Jiang Chen’s strike at all. His spear was torned apart by Jiang Chen directly.

“My Golden Spear! I am going to kill you, bastard.”

Guo Chendong was stunned at the moment as he was repulsed by Jiang Chen and his Golden Spear was cut off. How would he forget a humiliation like this? Particularly this happened in front of so many people, he definitely would not let Jiang Chen go.

Among the True Gods, not many of them could obtain a False Divine Tool. It was estimated that only Heavenly Gods or the top True Gods would get it. Although False Divine Toll was just a replacement of Divine Tool, its power was also irresistible. Guo Chendong actually obtained this False Divine Tool by chance, so it was his most significant Divine Tool. However, it was broken in Jiang Chen’s hand right now, the rage in his heart was imaginable.

Heavenly Dragon Sword’s imposing manner was irresistible. It flew through Guo Chendong’s shoulder fiercely. If Guo Chendong did not manage to dodge it, he would have been injured severely. 

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