Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2221

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“Whoever managed to survive here are experts. In Profound Feng Sect, there is a Book Collection Pavilion. It only opens once every three months and you are allowed to enter the Book Collection Pavilion to select a cultivation technique that you want. Of course, you only have a single chance to do so. If you want to obtain more cultivation techniques, then you need to contribute more treasures like monster crystals from monsters or elixirs to exchange for the Divine Feng Value of our sect. The more Divine Feng points you have, the better cultivation technique you can obtain.

“My name is Bai Yunfei and I am the fourth senior. I am in charge of supervising the rules for the exterior disciples. Whoever violates the rule will be punished according to the sect’s law without exception,” Bai Feiyun said. 

He was almost at the Late Void God Realm and his strength could be considered as one of the top amongst the external disciples.

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left. In a flash, he disappeared in the void.

Behind Bai Yunfei, around one hundred external disciples were there to show the new disciples the way.

“Seniors, thank you for your guidance.”

Jiang Chen gave fifty Low-grade Divine Origin Stones to the seniors who guided them. The eyes of the seniors sparkled at the moment and they gave a satisfying glance to Jiang Chen. However, at the same time, they were startled by the lady beside Jiang Chen. She displayed a sense of gracefulness and has a gorgeous aura that made people stun.

“My name is Zhou Yunpeng, you can call me Senior Zhou. The sect is around three thousand miles big and there are more than a hundred thousand disciples cultivating in this mountain. However, three thousand miles is really big, so there are still a lot of places for you guys to cultivate. The area in the South Eastern part of the mountain near Feng Qi Mountain is filled with the most intense Divine Origin Qi. That’s why you guys should choose to stay near there,” Zhou Yunpeng smiled and said.

“I am Jiang Chen and both of them are my sisters. Zhou senior, what kind of place is Feng Qi Mountain?” Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

“Don’t ask anything about that place as it’s an ominous place. It's been a forbidden place of our sect for hundreds of thousands of years. Feng Qi Mountain is a place where the old ancestor passed away while cultivating. No one is allowed to enter there. Moreover, that mountain is very strange. It’s said that an expert of our sect disappeared after he went to the mountain seven thousand years ago. His sect spiritual tablet was smashed completely at the same time. That meant that he had encountered misfortune in Feng Qi Mountain. That senior had already reached the peak of the True God Realm and no one was his match except for our sect master. However, he still died on that mountain. Since then, no one had dared to step into Feng Qi Mountain.” Zhou Yun Peng said in a low voice while he seemed to fall into contemplation. 

“Don’t ever step into the area of Feng Qi Mountain, otherwise, the consequences will definitely be out of your imagination. Remember, we as the disciples of Profound Feng Sect must be hardworking in cultivating. Once every three months, we will have a sect contest. Every Time, there are some outer disciples that were able to enter the Hundred Battle Ranking which is quite honourable. Moreover, your stipend will also be raised to eighty Divine Origin stones. As new disciples, you will only receive fifty Divine Origin stones for your yearly stipend. Once you enter the Hundred Battle Ranking, you will also be considered as a celebrity amongst the external disciples.”

“Hundred Battle Ranking. Battle for a hundred times. Although it is risky, one never regrets dying in battle. Seems like Profound Feng Sect is really a place of battle.” Jiang Chen said seriously.

“That’s right. The weakest cultivator who managed to enter the Hundred Battle Ranking was at the peak of Middle Void God Realm. The top fifty of, meanwhile, are all the experts at the Late Void God Realm. All of them are formidable. There are more than a hundred thousand external disciples. It is not easy to ascend the first hundred.”

Zhou Yunpeng smiled bitterly.

“I have been cultivating for more than twenty years but I am still only an Early Void God. Although I’m only a step away from the Middle Void God realm, breaking through that gap is not as easy as I had imagined. There are more than three hundred thousand disciples like me who are struggling in breaking through. Sometimes, aptitude is not that important, the most important thing is luck. When you’re still under Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, it is easy to break through. But once you reach the Void God Realm, breaking through is not that easy anymore.”

“Twenty years!”

Jiang Chen murmured. It’s quite regrettable for Zhou Yunpeng to not be able to break through after twenty years. Moreover, he did not look like an ordinary person who could not achieve anything. 

“Battle for a hundred times. Although it is risky, one never regrets dying in battle.”

Ling Yun murmured and gave Jiang Chen a glance. This man really gave her a mysterious feeling. Her master once told her that those who entered the Divine World from the Immortal World were people with great determination. They were also talented cultivators. 

However, Jiang Chen was definitely the outstanding one amongst the talented cultivators. 

“You are also a Void God, so you can give the contest a try. The contest for the Hundred Battle Ranking will start half a month from now. I estimate that there will be many people challenging the experts who are on the Hundred Battle Ranking. There are also many experts among the outer sect disciples. Except for the first ten experts in the ranking, it’s hard for the others to stay at the Hundred Battle Ranking for a long time.”

Zhou Yunpeng said with a smile. He said this to encourage Jiang Chen because Jiang Chen was only a new disciple. He was only a newbie, how could it be possible for him to compete for the Hundred Battle Ranking. It was definitely a fairy tale.

“Senior Zhou, do you know someone called Xiong Yan?”

“Xiong Yan? Are you saying the Xiong Yan who is the eighty-seventh on the Hundred Battle Ranking? That man is as robust as a tiger and he is truly an expert. Although he is only at the peak of Middle Void God Realm, he had defeated some Late Void God experts. However, he is only one of the weakest among those in the Hundred Battle Ranking. But, a person like him is already very formidable to us. Hehe.”

“Why? Do you know him?”

Zhou Yunpeng’s tone sounded serious obviously. If Jiang Chen really knew Xiong Yan, then he would definitely not take the fifty Lower-grade Divine Origin Stones offered by Jiang Chen. To him, it would be a great opportunity to befriend someone who knew Xiong Yan. 

On the Hundred Battle Ranking, each of them are experts that aroused envy! Most of them would start a battle if you go against them. Who would dare to go against them?

“I don't know him. I just heard of his name once but I have already forgotten who mentioned it.” 

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Then I will leave first. Take this chance to cultivate here. This is a spiritual talisman that could summon people. If you need any help from me, cast the talisman then I will come to give you a hand. However, this talisman only works in the sect.” 

Zhou Yunpeng laughed and said, he then bid goodbye to Jiang Chen and the others. The talisman cost him three Low-grade Divine Origin Stones. He only did that to befriend Jiang Chen as he felt that Jiang Chen was definitely a wealthy person, for being able to easily give fifty Low-grade Divine Origin Stones. To Zhou Yunpeng, it was only a kind of investment. 

“That place is full of mountains and old trees with the chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers. It will be a good place to set up our mansion. Let’s make it there. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen looked at the area near Feng Qi Mountain in the South Eastern direction, then immediately flew over. 

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