Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2225

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Huang Tianba’s facial expression became terrible again. Even after exploiting the other disciples for twenty years, he only managed to save up around ten thousand. He had also spent some Divine Origin Stones in cultivation. But right now, he really had no way to take out thirty thousand Divine Origin Stones.

“Each one of you, give me three thousand Divine Origin Stones. I will return it next time.”

Huang Tianba looked at the people around him.

The deacons could only smile bitterly as they had never expected Huang Tianba to involve them into the debt. However, due to their dignity, they did not dare to refuse him. Although Huang Tianba promised to payback, no one knew if that day would really come.

After collecting thirty thousand Divine Origin Stones, Huang Tianba waved his hands and tossed it over to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen nodded with satisfaction.

“Exactly thirty thousands. If Senior Huang has Divine Origin Stones again in the future, you are welcome to challenge me again. At that time, we can beat more than these.”

Jiang Chen’s words made Huang Tianba who had already left almost fell down to the void. How can this guy be so despicable?

Most of the people had left the place with disappointment. Jiang Chen did not bother them at all as the Divine Origin Stones were in his hands now. He had nineteen hundred thousand Divine Origin Stones now and he was going to close up himself to focus on cultivation.

“Brother, you’re awesome!” Yue Er clapped her hands and said.

“I have fifty thousand Divine Origin Stones for you, Yue Er. Take it and make use of your time to cultivate and advance to the Void God Realm,” Jiang Chen said.

“Cultivators below the Void God Realm couldn’t absorb the energy in the Divine Origin Stone, otherwise, their foundation will be affected,” Ling Yun said.

Jiang Chen felt a bit awkward and gave an innocent glance to Yue Er.

“I didn’t know about that. Hope that you don’t mind.”

“It’s okay. I know that brother wants the best for me.”

Yue Er smiled in a playful way. Jiang Chen really liked Yue Er’s pure and naive temperament.

“Make the best use of your time to cultivate. In the future, Yue Er’s achievement won’t be lower than you.  Ten thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones should be enough for you to break through to the Middle Void God Realm. But you might need ten times that amount to break through the Late Void God Realm in the future,” Ling Yun said faintly.


Jiang Chen did not say too much and started to focus on his cultivation. He had absorbed a large amount of Divine Origin Stones within three days.

Ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand, fifty thousand…...one hundred thousand, one hundred fifty thousand, one hundred ninety thousand……

Jiang Chen had absorbed all the Divine Origin Stones, but he still hadn’t grasped the opportunity to break through to the Middle Void God Realm.  

“It’s strange, why would it be like this? Why does he need so much energy in culvation.” 

Ling Yun furrowed her forehead as she had never heard of someone who needed so much energy. The amount of Divine Origin Stones and Divine Qi she absorbed to break through to the Middle Void God Realm was not this much in the past. Now, Jiang Chen had already absorbed one hundred ninety thousand Divine Origin Stones, but nothing happened. His body was like a bottomless pit as it was not full yet no matter how much he filled it.

“Since this is the case, I am going to give you some help. It’s also considered as paying back your kindness for saving me.”

Ling Yun thought in her heart. At this moment, she waved her graceful hands lightly. More than three hundred thousand Divine Origin Stones appeared in front of Jiang Chen all of a sudden. He just found out that such a rich lady was actually staying beside him.

“Three hundred thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones!”

Jiang Chen took in a cold breath but he did not dare hesitate at all. He knew that he should not be distracted at this moment. Ling Yun’s gift for him made him really touched and excited. 

With the three hundred thousand Divine Origin Stones, Jiang Chen’ body finally experienced some changes. The dragon marks on his body had increased to 2.51 million from 2.43. He has finally advanced to the Middle Void God Realm at this moment. He had consumed a total of five hundred thousand Divine Origin Stones! Ling Yun’s gift had helped him achieve this, so Jiang Chen was really thankful to her.

The strength was surging vigorously in his body and the 2.51 million dragon marks were spreading across his body. Jiang Chen’s strength once again hit another level and he was now a Middle Void God!


Jiang Chen took a long breath while he looked incomparably dignified. He was thankful to Ling Yun for this.

“Thank you.”

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun sincerely.

“Those Low-grade Divine Origin Stones are actually useless to me,” Ling Yun said.

“Then you should give all of them to me,” Jing Chen said.

Ling Yun frowned her forehead.

“Just joking. Hahaha!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. Those three hundred thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones were already a huge gift from her and he was quite moved by her action. They were equal to three thousand Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones or thirty High-grade Divine Origin Stones. Of course, no one would be willing to exchange High-grade Divine Origin Stones to Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones.

“It’s unexpected that you have consumed up to five hundred thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones just to break through. However, your strength doesn’t seem to be experiencing an enormous transformation.?

“I never thought of this as well. It won’t be wasted, will it?”  Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Only he knew that those divine origin stones had been turned into dragon marks and was blended into his veins and organs. Only when fighting in a true battle will his true strength be displayed! 

“Today is the opening day of the Book Collection Pavilion.”

Jiang Chen almost forgot what day today was.  

“Let’s go there and have a look. I guess there will be many disciples entering the pavilion to look for cultivation methods they wanted.”

Jiang Chen, Ling Yun and Yue Er followed all the other new disciples from Feng Xi Mountain to Feng Yuan Mountain where the Book Collection Pavilion was located. The journey to the Book Collection Pavilion was more than thousands of miles and seemed endless. There was an eldery man in shabby clothing guarding in front of the entrance of the Book Collection Pavilion. He seemed to be very bored, lazy and even kept on yawning. 

“The Book Collection Pavilion is a huge place. There are nine floors in total. From the first to the third floor, you could choose a cultivation method, however you have to exchange them with Divine Feng Points for the next opening of the Book Collection Pavilion. You could earn Divine Feng Points by hunting monster crystals or execute missions at Deer Mourn Mountain. Let’s go inside the pavilion but remember you only have an hour to stay inside. After one hour, the Book Collection Pavilion will close up automatically. It’s not my business if you’re suffocated inside. *yawn*”

The elder yawned again and said with his blurry face.

However, the moment Ling Yun passed him by, the elder’s blurry eyes suddenly became sharp. 

“Tut-tut, such a beautiful young lady.”

Jiang Chen gave the blurry elder an unsatisfied glance as his lewd look irritated him. 

“His strength is formidable but I can’t feel it right now. I think he is not any weaker than me when I was still in my peak,” Ling Yun said in a low voice.

“Did he notice you?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“No. He might only find my spiritual strength different from others.”

As soon as Ling Yun finished speaking, a blue figure appeared in front of Jiang Chen. 

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